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Everything you need to know about a switchboard



un standard telephonique

In the past, a switchboard was a central point for telephone calls. Telephone calls were received at the switchboard and answered by an operator. The answer point was the terminal device, that is, a telephone system. Today things are a little different.

Calls are also received by a switchboard but are taken using a PC and a headset, for example. There are internal switchboards in large companies and external switchboards, also known as call centres, where customers can outsource their switchboards. The service of a switchboard is also called telephone service.

What is a switchboard used for?

At that time, the switchboard was used to connect calls. Today the main task is to answer the phone. The connection of calls is still ensured by the switchboards, but this is no longer the main task. There are many different tasks that a switchboard can accomplish. Use a switchboard will help you:

  • Answer calls
  • Taking orders and appointments
  • Call transfer
  • Respond to FAQs

Switchboard operator: switchboard staff

The primary responsibility of a switchboard operator is to answer telephone calls and inquiries, including directing them to the appropriate people.

The switchboard operator uses call centre software to answer incoming phone calls. He responds quickly, courteously and professionally, sometimes respecting the telephone etiquette prescribed by the company. The switchboard specialist quickly identifies and assesses the nature of the call, provides the information requested and routes the call to the appropriate person or department.

If the recipient of the call cannot be immediately identified, the attendant asks the caller questions to get more information and transfer the call to the right person. For example, for a customer who wants information about a product they ordered but did not receive, the operator asks more questions to understand whether the call should be routed to the shipping department or customer service. If necessary, the attendant creates brief call notes and forwards them internally or communicates them directly to the appropriate contacts.

Another job of the switchboard operator is to hold incoming and outgoing telephone calls and, if necessary, to update the company telephone contacts and the telephone books of departments, internal offices and individual employees. Recording voice messages for the company’s telephone system may also be part of its functions.

What is the advantage of a switchboard?

The biggest advantage of a switchboard is the increased availability. By outsourcing call taking, you can be available to your customers whenever you want and, at the same time, focus on your core skills.

This factor is very important to increase customer satisfaction on the one hand and sales on the other hand. In addition, you do not need an internal employee for this task. This allows you to save on salary and non-salary costs!

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