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Finding The Right Kind of Sweepstakes For Your Business – Why It’s Necessary For Startups

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Finding The Right Kind of Sweepstakes For Your Business

Incentives are a great way to attract customers to your business and what is better than giving them a chance to win cash or gift prizes? Sweepstakes have become quite popular in this regard as they give an equal chance to all participants and are relatively easy to avail.

Sweepstakes can give your online or physical business the boost it needs for widespread marketing. However, there are different types of sweepstakes and you need to choose the kind you need after careful analysis.

Did You Know?

More than 500 large-scale companies around the US use sweepstakes to increase brand awareness and expand customer reach.

Why have they made this decision? Why should you choose it for your business and most importantly, which one should you go for? Let’s discuss all of these points below.

Why Should You Choose Sweepstakes To Attract Customers?

The first and the foremost advantage is that it lets customers have a genuine experience with the brand and increases their exposure to relational social platforms such as Twitter or Facebook.

Secondly, they are a sure way to enhance traffic flow to a company’s website. If your online platform is not very popular, you can promote its services and products by offering customers a chance to enter attractive sweepstakes every time they purchase or even visit the site.

Moreover, such contests can be used to bring out the creative side of the customers and use it for your own brand awareness. For example, a number of clothing brands now encourage buyers to post funny videos or images wearing their product and the best one gets to take the big prize home. This is quite smart since ad agencies charge thousands to provide such content.

How Many Types of Sweepstakes Are There?

One of the most popular types of sweepstakes entry is the one that just requires basic information or sometimes a purchase from the brand to enter your name in a lucky draw. The winner is then chosen randomly once all the participants are complete. If you are just starting out with sweepstakes I will suggest you take Tellhappystar Hardee’s Survey to win $1000, which I think is really easy to fill out for beginners.

In contrast to this, social media sweepstakes have become high in demand. This is a type of giveaway in which users can participate simply by liking or commenting on a post. Some brands also request them to share the post to spread brand awareness further. This is a fun way to expose new and potential customers to your services.

If your company already has a good profit ratio, you could think of doing promotional sweepstakes events as well. This involves arranging game shows or concerts in which free products are distributed among participants.

What Are The Possible Prizes or Giveaways?

Cash will always be a customer’s favorite giveaway and the best approach to attract new buyers, but it is not the only scheme that could be used.

Product samples are a new and interesting method to keep your customers hooked on your brand. You can also offer a gift prize such as event tickets or free tours but then again, these are the types of investments that not all new businesses can cater to.

If you are the lucky one to win the sweepstakes. Then you can easily receive the money in PayPal or receive it in your card if you want. One time I won a sweepstakes, it was a pretty lucky day for me. I attached my greendot card and transferred money to my bank account later after receiving it.

More recently, the concept of a single winner in sweepstakes has been replaced with multiple lucky winners with each of them taking home a prize of equal value. This encourages more people to participate because they are hopeful that they have more chances of winning.


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