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Flipmine Review: Don’t Buy Until You Read This



Flipmine alternative

When it comes to online arbitrage tools, Amazon sellers know that the choice between platforms can significantly affect their profit margins.

Two key players in this market are and Flipmine. Both aim to identify underpriced products on eBay for potential resale on Amazon and Walmart Marketplace.

TLDR; outperforms Flipmine in several crucial areas.


1. Robust Platform and Integrated Tools:

One of the top reasons trumps Flipmine is its robust platform that integrates with other important tools like Keepa charts and Selleramp. These integrations are critical in the eCommerce industry as they provide better visibility into market trends and facilitate the decision-making process.

Keepa charts provide comprehensive price history graphs for more than 900 million products on Amazon. This tool helps sellers make informed purchasing decisions by providing data on price drops, deals, and much more. Integration with Selleramp, a tool that helps manage Amazon accounts, further streamlines the process by simplifying the management of inventory and ensuring compliance with Amazon’s policies.

On the other hand, Flipmine lacks these essential integrations, putting it at a distinct disadvantage.

2. User-friendliness: stands out in terms of its user-friendliness and mobile responsiveness. The platform’s seamless and intuitive interface has been designed to save time while scouting for flip opportunities. This allows users to focus on what matters most – finding profitable products to resell.

One of the key features that set Flipl apart is its excellent mobile compatibility. In an increasingly mobile world, the ability to work on the go is a necessity for most online sellers. Flipl understands this need and has a highly responsive design that is easy to navigate on any mobile device, be it a smartphone or a tablet. So, whether you’re on a break, commuting, or just away from your desktop, you can continue to scour the market for deals and never miss out on a hot opportunity.

This mobile-friendliness is a stark contrast to Flipmine, which struggles with compatibility issues on mobile devices. Flipmine’s interface does not translate well to smaller screens, making it challenging to navigate and operate from a smartphone. This lack of mobile optimization can hamper the user experience and potentially lead to missed opportunities, which could be critical in the fast-paced world of online reselling.

3. International Market Coverage:

While both and Flipmine are useful tools for identifying underpriced products on eBay, Flipmine primarily operates in the USA. However, Flipl is working to expand its features to all international eBay and Amazon marketplaces. This is a massive advantage for sellers operating in different geographical locations as they can leverage the tool regardless of their location.

4. Detailed Analytics:

Both platforms offer detailed analytics, but Flipl’s comprehensive approach gives it an edge. Its software not only identifies potential products but also provides in-depth analysis, including seller’s reputation, shipping costs, and potential profit margins. This provides users with all the necessary information to make informed decisions.

5. Flipmine Pricing:

While Flipmine offers a single pricing plan at $49 per month, Flipl offers more value for your money with its integrated tools and features at just $47/month.

In conclusion, while both Flipl and Flipmine are online arbitrage tools designed to help resellers find underpriced items on eBay for flipping on Amazon, offers more advanced features and integrations, making it the better choice. It’s this integration, coupled with a user-friendly interface and international market coverage, that makes Flipl a superior tool for online arbitrage.

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The Flipmine Chrome Extension: An Overview

Flipmine offers a complementary Chrome extension that enhances the functionality of the primary tool by providing additional features. This extension is designed to automate the process of checking product gating status for available opportunities.

Checking Gating Status Automatically:

Product gating is a common practice on Amazon where certain products or brands are restricted to certain sellers. This restriction can be due to a variety of reasons including brand protection and quality control. If you’re not approved to sell a gated product, your listing can be removed or your selling privileges can be suspended.

To mitigate this risk, the Flipmine Chrome extension comes equipped with an automatic gating status checking feature. This feature scans your search results feed and identifies any gated products. This effectively filters out products that you’re not allowed to sell, saving you precious time and potential headaches.

However, for this feature to function, users must have the extension installed and be logged into their Amazon account. A Standalone Solution

While Flipmine relies on a Chrome extension to provide these additional features, has a different approach. incorporates these features directly into their platform, eliminating the need for a separate browser extension.

Integrated Gating Status Check: incorporates the functionality of checking gating status directly into its primary tool. This means you don’t need to install a separate extension or toggle between different tools to check whether a product is gated or not. This integrated approach makes the process of identifying profitable flip opportunities faster and more streamlined.

One-Stop Solution:

By integrating these essential features, positions itself as a one-stop solution for online arbitrage. It provides all the necessary tools and features under one roof, making it more user-friendly and efficient.

Key Takeaway:

While the Flipmine Chrome extension does offer added features like automatic gate-checking, it requires users to install and manage an additional tool. In contrast, provides these features directly within their platform, offering a more seamless and efficient user experience.’s integrated approach provides an all-in-one solution that simplifies the process of finding profitable flip opportunities.

In conclusion, for sellers seeking an efficient, comprehensive, and user-friendly online arbitrage tool, clearly stands out.

Flipmine Reviews: A Detailed Examination

Online arbitrage platforms like Flipmine often come under scrutiny from users. The reviews available on, a consumer review website, provide valuable insights into the experiences of Flipmine’s users.

One user described an unfavorable experience with Flipmine, calling it a “complete RIPOFF.” The user’s primary complaints revolve around perceived unprofessionalism from the company’s owner and dissatisfaction with the platform’s functionality. The user also expressed dissatisfaction with the company’s refund policy, alleging a delayed refund request made less than a day after the trial was denied.

Furthermore, the reviewer criticized Flipmine for denigrating other arbitrage apps in their YouTube videos. They argued that this behavior was intended to inflate the value of Flipmine while offering commissions to these other apps, a claim the company’s founder firmly denies.

In response to this review, David, the founder of Flipmine, addressed each point of contention. He expressed regret for the customer’s dissatisfaction and reiterated the company’s policy of a 7-day free trial, emphasizing that customers can cancel at any time without being billed. He clarified that, as a courtesy, Flipmine often provides partial refunds if requested shortly after being billed, despite their explicit ‘no refunds’ policy.

David also refuted the allegation of being disrespectful and unprofessional in the chat, stating that his communication was “direct and humorless.” He denied the claim of laughing at the customer over chat, stating the impossibility of conveying such sentiment through text.

As for the videos on YouTube, David clarified that Flipmine only has two tutorial videos on their channel. He stressed that the videos the user referred to, which were critical of other arbitrage apps, did not belong to Flipmine’s channel.

These reviews highlight the importance of clear communication between platform providers and their users, as well as the need for comprehensive understanding of the terms of use and refund policies by the users. The reviews also emphasize the significance of maintaining professionalism in all interactions to foster positive customer relationships.

While this is just one review, it’s essential to consider multiple reviews to get a holistic understanding of the platform’s performance, advantages, and areas of improvement.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, while Flipmine offers good services for online arbitrage, the overall comparison reveals as a more comprehensive, user-friendly, and efficient tool for online sellers. The integration with Keepa charts and Selleramp, along with built-in features to check gating status, gives a significant edge over Flipmine. Moreover,’s commitment to expand its features to international markets promises a wider reach, making it a future-ready choice for sellers operating in multiple geographies.

The Flipmine Chrome extension, albeit useful, requires additional installation and management, which can be a bother for some users. In contrast,’s integrated approach provides an all-in-one solution, simplifying the process and saving time.

In the dynamic world of online arbitrage, having a robust, efficient, and comprehensive tool is paramount. For sellers seeking to maximize their profits while minimizing their efforts, emerges as the clear choice. The platform offers a powerful combination of extensive features, user-friendliness, and integration with critical tools, making it the go-to choice for savvy online sellers.

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