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Forgot iPad Passcode? How to Unlock Disabled iPad with/without iTunes



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Getting locked out of your iPad due to a forgotten passcode can be frustrating, but don’t panic! There are solutions! 

When your iPad becomes disabled after multiple failed attempts, regaining access is possible with the right approach. Therefore, to help you get your iPad up and running again, we have rounded up 5 foolproof methods how to unlock disabled iPad. So, let’s get right to it!

Why Is Your iPad Disabled?

The most common reason for your iPad to get disabled is entering the wrong passcode several times. 

Let us explain how the passcode system works on iPads. You see, when you enter the wrong passcode multiple times, it triggers the iPad’s security feature, which disables the device for a specific period or until the correct passcode is entered. The number of times you can enter the wrong passcode before your iPad is disabled depends on your iPad model. 

For iPads With a Home Button

Entering the wrong passcode up to 10 times disables your iPad. 

For iPads Without a Home Button

Entering the wrong passcode up to 5 times disables your iPad.

Once your iPad is disabled, you will see an “iPad is Unavailable.” message. The number of minutes you have to wait before you can try again will increase each time you enter the wrong passcode.

However, you can unlock your disabled iPad using the methods discussed below.

How to Unlock Disabled iPad without iTunes

If you don’t have access to iTunes and are looking for quick ways how to unlock disabled iPad, the following method are sure to help you out:

Method 1: Unlock iPad without Password without iTunes

If you are locked out of your iPad due to a forgotten password and disabled iPad, you can unlock it instantly with the help of AnyUnlock – iPhone Password Unlocker

AnyUnlock’s “Unlock Screen Passcode” feature enables you to get your disabled iPad out of its locked situation by resetting the passcode without the need for iTunes or iCloud. 

  • Supports All iPhone Locks 

Whether you have a 4-digit or 6-digit numeric code, custom numeric code, custom alphanumeric code, Touch ID, or Face ID, AnyUnlock is capable of unlocking all kinds of screen locks.

  • High Success Rate 

AnyUnlock is known for having a high success rate as long as the locked iPhone runs a supported iOS version (iOS 5 and later). 

  • iPhone 14/iOS 16 Supported

And lastly, if you have the latest iPhone 14 with iOS 16, AnyUnlock can help you unlock its screen too!

  • Additional Features 

While AnyUnlock is most famous for removing iPhone screen locks, it is also a good option for removing Apple ID, bypassing activation lock and MDM lock, and resetting the Screen Time passcode.

Unlock Disabled iPad /iPhone using AnyUnlock

Here are the simple and easy steps on how to unlock disabled iPad/iPhone in just a few clicks:

Step 1. Download and launch AnyUnlock on your PC and select the “Unlock Screen Passcode” mode.

Sans titre 71

Click on Unlock Screen Passcode

Step 2. Connect your iPad to your PC using a USB-to-Lightning cable, and click “Start Now” to remove the screen lock.

Sans titre 72

Click Start Now to Continue

Step 3. Click “Download” to start downloading the firmware for your iPad’s model. After which click “Unlock Now” to remove your iPad’s screen lock. 

Sans titre 73

Click Unlock Now to Unlock iPad Screen

Step 4. AnyUnlock will start the screen unlocking process. Once the screen lock passcode is successfully removed, your iPad will restart, and you can access it without a password.

Sans titre 74

Screen Passcode Removal Successful

While unlocking your disabled iPad using AnyUnlock is the easiest and quickest method, we have mentioned some alternative ways too.

Method 2: Unlock Disabled iPad without iTunes via iCloud

Another way how to unlock disabled iPad is by using iCloud’s Find My iPhone feature. 

The main purpose of the Find My feature is to track lost iPhones/iPads; however, you can also use it to unlock your iPad screen. Here are the steps on how to unlock disabled iPad using Find My iPhone. 

However, this method only works if you have the Find My feature activated on your iPad. 

  • Go to the iCloud website from your PC and sign in using your Apple ID and password.
  • Click on “Find Devices” to locate your iPad.
  • Select your iPad, click “Erase iPad,” and enter your Apple ID and password to continue.

This will erase your iPad and reset it without a lock screen passcode. You can now access it without passcode and set it up as new.

Method 3: Unlock Disabled iPad without Computer via Erase iPad

Another quick and easy way to unlock a disabled iPad without a computer is by using the “Erase iPad” option that appears on the screen when it is disabled.

Here’s how to go about it:

  • When you get the “iPad is Unavailable.” notification on your screen, click on the “Erase iPad” option at the bottom of your device.

Sans titre 77

Tap Erase iPad

  • You will get a message asking whether you want to “Erase All Content & Settings.” Click “Erase iPad” again to confirm your selection.
  • Enter your Apple ID and password to sign out of your account. 

This will erase your iPad; you can set it up as new when it restarts.

Method 4: How to Unlock Disabled iPad without iTunes via Siri

Siri is an AI assistant by Apple to help users carry out various tasks on their iPads, like texting, calling, etc. However, it can also come in handy in unlocking your disabled iPad.

However, this method only works if on iPadOS 11 or earlier.

Steps to Unlock Disabled iPad with Siri

Unlocking your iPad using Siri is a bit tricky; however, there’s no harm in giving it a try if it gets the job done!

Here’s what to do:

  • Activate Siri by pressing the Home button and asking it for the time.
  • Siri will display the clock for you. Tap on the clock icon.
  • Tap on “+” at the top-right corner of the screen to add a clock, and type anything in the search bar.
  • Next, tap on the text to highlight it > Select All > Share > Message.
  • Type anything in the “To” section.
  • Paste the text you copied earlier, and after a few seconds, press the home button.
  • This will take you to the home screen without asking you to enter the passcode.

This method may or may not unlock a disabled iPad. However, if it does, you’re in luck; otherwise, you can use iTunes to unlock your device.

How to Unlock Disabled iPad with iTunes

The previous section was all about unlocking your disabled iPad using different ways, including AnyUnlock, iCloud, Erase iPad feature, and Siri. However, you can also use iTunes to unlock your disabled device. For this method, you must have a PC with the latest version of iTunes, and your iPad must be synced with iTunes.

Steps to Unlock Disabled iPad via iTunes

  • Power off your iPad and put it in Recovery Mode. 

iPad without Home Button

Press and release the volume down button, and do the same with the power button. Now press the power button until the device boots in Recovery Mode.

iPad with Home Button

Press and hold the home and power buttons simultaneously until you see the Recovery Mode screen.

  • Now connect your iPad to your PC, and launch iTunes. You will see a pop-up box with the options to “Restore” and “Update.” Click on “Restore.”

This will reset your iPad, erasing all passwords and locks. You can access it without a password and set it up as a new device.

Now that we have discussed all 5 methods on how to unlock disabled iPad let’s answer some questions regarding this topic.


Q. How to Reset Disabled iPad with iTunes?

Resetting a disabled iPad using iTunes is the go-to method for all Apple users. It is an easy method; however, you must have your iPad synced with iTunes for it to work.

To reset a disabled iPad with iTunes, put it in Recovery Mode, connect it to your PC with a USB cable, and select the “Restore iPhone” option from the iTunes Device tab.

Q. How to Connect to iTunes When the iPad Is Disabled?

If your iPad is disabled, you can put it in Recovery Mode and connect it to your PC. iTunes will automatically detect the iPad and ask you to restore or update it. 


Unlocking a disabled iPad can be challenging, especially when you don’t have access to iTunes. However, there are several methods that can help you regain access to your iPad. Among them, the most convenient way is via AnyUnlock. Therefore, if you ever get locked out of your iOS device or need any sort of help managing its data, AnyUnlock provides the necessary tools to get the job done effectively!

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