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FusionGrid: The Simplicity of Charts Now in Grids

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Over the years, developers and companies have been using FusionCharts to transform their data into interactive dashboards. The JavaScript charting library offers over 100 charts and 2,000 maps to support web and mobile applications.

Chats are important because they enable users to compare several sets of data visually. In fact, it’s easier to understand and remember information displayed on charts or in the form of a picture than when it’s written in blocks of text.

FusionCharts provides data visualization products like JavaScript Charts, Widgets, Maps, and Dashboards. The company has been creating market-leading charting solutions for more than 15 years. It understands that a compelling chart helps brands make their point more convincing and add credibility to their presentation.

Recently FusionCharts rolled out a new product in the market known as FusionGrid. The company users have received it well like its other products.

Here are the details of the latest product.


FusionGrid – The Simplicity of Charts Now in Grids

The reason for developing FusionGrid is to help users build data grids in their dashboards with a lot more simplicity and elegance like it is with its other charting products.

What is FusionGrid?

It’s a customizable JavaScript data grid component perfect for web and mobile applications. FusionGrid is indeed an enterprise-class, JavaScript based data grid component created to deliver a fast and feature-rich data visualization experience.  As a result, you can build data grids in dashboards with FusionGrid the same way you would do with FusionCharts.

According to FusionCharts website, “FusionGrid offers fast, responsive, and customizable grids and data tables in JavaScript.”  These JavaScript grids are customization rich and work well across desktops, tablets, browsers, and mobile devices. There you should use FusionGrid to fuel your app and website with the power of a Java Script data grid component.

Two of FusionGrid’s core value propositions are; powerful features and easy implementation with FusionCharts Dashboards.

1. Powerful Features That Help You Explore FusionGrid in a Better Manner

FusionGrid is rich in powerful features. These include:

Support for Column Filter in Grid

The feature makes it easy to filter grids when using FusionGrid. This is helpful because you can discover the information you’re searching for in your data based on the context.

Support for Data Export in FusionGrid

You can export your data in XLS, JSON, and CSV formats.

Support for Row Selection in Grid

This feature has made it easy to select rows to perform secondary actions such as fetching data or updating the content on the web pages.

Support for Column Grouping/Nested Columns in Grid

You can group information on relevant columns using this feature, thus improving data experience and providing better data context.

Support for Real-time Data Update in Grid

There is a real-time application and dashboard update with FusionGrid, which leads to an automatic update in the grid.

Support for Row Sorting in Grid

The feature allows you to sort information on relevant columns to discover what you’re looking for easily and quickly.

Support for Row Animation upon Data Operation Interaction

This feature enhances your user experience when you sort, filter, search, etc.

Support for Search/Quick Filter in Grid

You can search for any information in any column using these features. It enables you to filter the data no matter its size quickly.

Based on these features, you can perform various actions on FusionGrid, including:

  • Filter, sort, and search
  • Performance for large datasets
  • Pagination
  • Integration
  • Selection
  • Export
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly

2. Integrations and Compatibility

It’s easy to integrate FusionGrid with angular, react, and vue.

It is mobile-friendly and responsive, thus providing a consistent experience across different devices.

FusionGrid is compatible with modern browsers such as:

  • Internet Explorer versions 11.0+
  • Firefox version 26.0+
  • Chrome version 31.0+
  • Safari version 7.0+
  • Opera version 18.0+
  • iOS (safari) version 7.1+
  • Android Browser version 4.4+

Additionally, you can use it on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.


Integration with FusionCharts Dashboard

FusionGrid offers simplicity and elegance that enables users to build data grids in the dashboards just like other FusionCharts’ charting products.

Over the years, FusionCharts has helped users make charts, maps and Dashboards, but now with the launch of FusionGrid will definitely change the way you work with your dashboards or anywhere you need a data grid. This new product enables users to have “a powerful grid that harnesses the power of FusionCharts.” This will definitely improve productivity and still enable users to leverage the power of grids in their applications.

FusionGrid Helps You Take Your Dashboards To The Next Level !

Integrated charting: FusionCharts provides visual presentation and organizational capabilities. That means that the new product enables you to present your grid data not only in charts but with an external UI, build charts and maps into one-page dashboards, and much more.

Same Data Source: It helps you create compelling grids and generate various reports from the same data source or store of FusionCharts.

Same Development Time: The built-in chart options reduce development costs and save time on code.

3. What Can You DO with FusionGrid?

Filter, Sort & Search: You can filter, sort and search for information on columns in order to find the data quickly

Performance for Large Datasets: The grid provides users with a richly featured component. As a result large data sets can be displayed without overloading the browser.

Export: You can export your data to CSV, JSON, Excel, etc.

Responsiveness or Mobile Friendliness: It offers a consistent experience across devices.

Integrations: Angular, React and Vue are 3 core front end frameworks introduces the FusionGrid’s integration components.

Selection: Users have multiple options when selecting rows and cells with the help of Selection API.

Pagination: Helps you control the page size and every aspect of pagination with a few flags.

4. Pricing

FusionCharts Suite products promises to automate the entire process of converting Charts,  Maps and Grids into an amazing dashboard.

FusionGrid – You can choose any of the four plans that’s right for your Data Grid needs:

Capture décran 2022 06 10 à 19.32.06

Basic: At $499 per year. Up to 1 developer and perfect for a small internal app or dashboard.

Pro: At $1,299 per year. Up to 5 developers and perfect for SaaS apps with small teams.

Enterprise: At $2,499. Up to 10 developers and perfect for SaaS apps with large teams & require on-prem.

Enterprise+: Request a quote. For 11+ developers and perfect for unifying your charts across your organization.

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You will enjoy working with FusionGrid, and you can get started by downloading a fully-functional trial version here. The difference between the trial version and the licensed one is that you can see a small watermark below each exported grid. So don’t use the trial version for production or commercial deployments because it’s for testing purposes. Instead, get the licensed version by speaking to our sales team.

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Powerful Grid Made for Data Apps with Integrated Charts

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