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6 Great Jobs You Can Get When You Earn Your MBA

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When it comes to a career in the world of business, one of the best things that you can do is set yourself apart from the competition. For some people, this means participating in professional development opportunities while others take the initiative to earn a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) degree.

There was once a time when an MBA was a bit of a novelty in the business world and was seen as only necessary if you were looking to be promoted to the highest levels within a company or corporation. However, these days an MBA is practically a necessity if you are looking to set yourself apart from others in your field and prepare yourself for a successful career in any of a variety of areas in the world of business.

In fact, earning your MBA might very well be your ticket into an entirely new career that is perfectly suited to your talents and personal aspirations. Bear in mind, however, that earning an MBA isn’t the easiest task in the world. Even though so many colleges and universities now offer some sort of MBA or online mba, the courses themselves will be challenging. You will need to make an investment both financially and of your time to earn yours.

This is why so many people opt to earn an online MBA instead of enrolling in a more traditional program where you would be required to attend classes and lectures on campus. Moreover, earning your online MBA can allow you to continue to work without having to miss a beat in your job. This is an appealing prospect for many people who already have a job in business in that they can continue to develop their career and connections while earning their online MBA.

Whatever format you choose to go with for your degree, whether to attend classes in person or if you opt for an online MBA, you will have multiple doors open to you once you have completed the program.

With that in mind, here are six great jobs that you will be eligible to pursue once you have earned your MBA.

1. Information Systems Manager

It is no secret that one of the industries on the rise is that of computer sciences and technology. Practically every business under the sun, whether it is a public business, a private company, or some other entity, utilizes technology in some way, shape, or for. For this reason, multiple organizations and companies seek to hire individuals with experience in the computer sciences. One such role that falls into this category is that of an information systems manager.

An information systems manager helps a business or organization to ascertain their specific needs in terms of IT and computer systems. They then help to implement and oversee those systems to ensure that all is going according to plan and to help make any improvements along the way.

In order to qualify for such a position, you would need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in a relevant area of computer science. You might choose to work in cybersecurity or on the front end of software development, and your degree and initial experience should reflect that. However, in order to become a fully qualified information systems manager, an MBA or online MBA is preferred.

This is because, through your MBA program, you develop the necessary communication and managerial skills that will help you oversee major projects that involve multiple workers. Thinking critically and managing employees properly is essential to finding success as an information systems manager

2.  Management Analyst

Often referred to as a management consultant, a management analyst is an individual who is brought into a company to help analyze and discover areas where improvement is necessary in order to increase profits. A management analyst must be able to critically evaluate a company that is seeking assistance and propose realistic and positive changes that can be made to that company.

Consulting in such a manner presents an enticing prospect for many people who have practical experience working in a certain area of business. Moreover, it is projected that more and more companies are going to be seeking consultants to help manage how they navigate the ever-changing landscape of the global market. While adapting to a changing market is essential for a company to survive, far too many face challenges that they are unfit to meet.

As a management analyst, it would be your job to step in and help create a proactive plan for how a company can adapt the way they do business to their market. Some companies are in such need of this sort of assistance and advice that they are willing to employ a management analyst full-time. Others opt to work for a company that hires out management consultants. This option can provide a great deal of job security for those looking to fill this sort of role.

It should be fairly clear to see why an MBA or an online MBA is necessary for anyone looking to become a management analyst. Through earning your MBA, you learn a great deal about how various marketing fluctuate and what trends are developing in the world of business on a global scale. If you are looking for a specific concentration to go for, project management can be useful in this type of career path.

3.  Financial Analyst

Investing is a great way in which a company or individual can grow their wealth and diversify their assets. However, understanding the stock market or other investment opportunities is a difficult task. This is why so many businesses and private individuals seek the advice and guidance of a financial analyst.

Financial analysts make a career out of understanding the world of investing. Forecasting, predictions, and learning the nature of investing, in general, is truly a job in and of itself. Moreover, when it comes to the subject of wealth management, many people prefer to leave such important decisions in the hands of an expert.

While it isn’t entirely necessary to earn your MBA in order to obtain an entry-level position as a financial analyst, anyone looking to make the most out of such a career and even potentially go into business for themselves will need to do so. An MBA in finance is the most popular degree choice for those looking to become successful financial analysts.

The career opportunities available for someone who becomes a financial analyst are varied. A large company might employ you to help manage their assets and discover better forms of investing, or you might work with private individuals who seek to diversify their assets and grow their personal wealth. Some financial analysts opt to work as consultants, a path that can offer a great deal of flexibility when done correctly.

4.  Marketing Manager

By now, it should be fairly evident that any career path that requires you to act as a manager becomes much more attainable when you make the investment in yourself to earn an MBA or online MBA. If you wish to take a career in marketing to the next level, earning an MBA with a concentration in marketing is going to be incredibly helpful.

It is no secret that so many businesses are facing far more competition in the market than ever before. As more and more markets expand globally, the level of competition is only expected to rise. For this reason, the demand for those who are skilled in marketing and advertising will also continue to go up.

Some companies that operate on a smaller scale might seek to bring in a marketing manager as a consultant to advise on best marketing practices and develop and manage a marketing campaign. However, larger companies and corporations will more than likely seek to employ a marketing manager full time in order to oversee all aspects of marketing their business.

A good marketing manager will have a firm grasp on the key areas of marketing, such as inbound and outbound marketing, as well as online and more traditional forms of marketing and advertising. They will also be able to work effectively within the budget that a company has for marketing efforts. Being able to identify and reach a target audience in the most effective and affordable manner possible is the name of the game for any marketing manager, and those who earn their MBA will have a wider skillset and understanding of how to achieve those goals.

As a marketing manager, it might also be your responsibility to manage a marketing team. This is another area wherein your MBA will come in handy as you will have taken courses on how to manage and lead a team of workers. Ultimately, working as a successful marketing manager can be an incredibly challenging yet rewarding position.

5.  Operations Manager

Throughout the hierarchy of a company, you will find a variety of titles that include the word “manager”. These positions are generally the sort that an operations manager would be eligible for. As an operations manager, you would be responsible for overseeing a particular area of a company’s operations on a day-to-day basis.

A key aspect of being an operations manager involves managing employees. You will need to have above-average communication skills as well as the ability to lead a team effectively. Operations managers generally create schedules for workers and ensure that those schedules are adhered to. They delegate responsibilities and assign work to the individuals on a team who are best suited to a certain task.

All of this and more falls under the umbrella of responsibility of an operations manager. Moreover, such jobs require that you have the ability to understand your employees’ strengths and weaknesses and know how to motivate people best to get a job completed. A successful operations manager will be able to accomplish such daily tasks while also keeping an eye on the bigger picture at play.

Often, an operations manager will be forced to make some difficult decisions throughout the course of business. However, a person who is properly prepared to assume such responsibility will be able to keep the best interest of their employees as well as the company at large in mind while they take control of the various situations that can arise at a business.

6.  Health Policy Analyst

It is no secret that the worlds of healthcare and government are often intertwined. In order to ensure that the two worlds are operating effectively together, there is a growing need for health policy analysts. These are the individuals who have experience and firsthand knowledge about the world of healthcare and who choose to take that expertise to the policy side of healthcare. They can thus help to bring about positive changes and better outcomes for patients across the country.

While health policy analysts are typically government employees, their job is to evaluate current healthcare policy to see how it might be developed and changed in order to ensure the best possible outcomes for patients. As the natural go-between for healthcare and government, this is no easy task. In serving such a role, however, you can help to identify those areas where the government is falling short in its duty to serve the patient and propose practical and realistic improvements in those areas.

Many people who become health policy analysts start their careers off by working in the field of healthcare. By earning an MBA or online MBA in healthcare management, they can effectively that experience into the realm of policy-making so as to help make the necessary improvements to the system.

The demand for health policy analysts is expected to rise as medical technology and developments are bringing about longer life spans for many Americans. These individuals are going to continue to need top-notch healthcare, and a health policy analyst can help to create a better healthcare system wherein this is certain to become a reality.


Kokou Adzo is the editor and author of He is passionate about business and tech, and brings you the latest Startup news and information. He graduated from university of Siena (Italy) and Rennes (France) in Communications and Political Science with a Master's Degree. He manages the editorial operations at

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