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A Conversation with Greg Rogowski – Founder and CEO of Mining City

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Greg Rogowski Mining City

Greg Rogowski has been the CEO of the Mining City platform and is always on top of all the latest blockchain news

Greg Rogowski began his career in the media industry. After graduating from Warsaw University with a degree in Marketing & Neophilology, he worked for prominent European media brands such as Radio Zet, Agora and TVN. He also worked as a Brand Manager in Ubisoft and as National Marketing Director at TVeez in Panama. Altogether he has more than fourteen years of experience in management and marketing.

The combination of Greg’s professional expertise and a fascination with blockchain technology led him to start mining Bitcoin. His initial curiosity set him on a path to eventually developing one of the world’s largest crypto mining communities - Mining City. This innovative and inclusive crypto mining platform brings together people from all over the world who want to combine their strength to mine Proof of Work cryptocurrencies. Since the project launched, he has travelled the world helping to spread the world about the merits of cryptocurrencies.

Greg has always been interested in science and art, which complement his creative and innovative business approach where abstract and lateral thinking is required. He shares his genuine interest in classical music and cars with enthusiasm for blockchain and cryptocurrencies in his private life.  He is a native Polish speaker but he also speaks English fluently as well as intermediate French and Russian.

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Greg Rogowski and learn a little more about his vision for the future of blockchain and for Mining City.

Can cryptocurrency work collaboratively with the traditional financial system? 

Most definitely, yes. It is already happening. Recent announcements from VISA suggest that they will soon be accepting cryptocurrency as an option for payment settlements. And PayPal has now fully integrated cryptocurrency payment options into their platform.

Cryptocurrencies are also becoming the go-to method for sending money internationally. Global remittances companies are incorporating cryptocurrency due to their cheaper cost and efficiency compared to traditional methods.

What do you think is the best use of blockchain technology right now?

I think the finance sector is currently benefiting the most from blockchain technology. For example, decentralized finance is the hottest trend in crypto right now. Utilizing the decentralized and trustless features of blockchain technology to provide financial freedom and new opportunities to everyday people is revolutionary.

However, in my opinion, the absolute best use of blockchain technology will eventually come from its use in things like maintaining health records, supply chain management or even voting.

Once the technology is fully embraced in such areas and people use blockchain to streamline and tamperproof all areas of society, is when we will see most benefits.

In the wake of many high-profile hacks and token thefts, what steps are you taking to improve safety and security?

We have an experienced and highly qualified security team at Mining City, which oversees all operations on the platform and ensures the safety of our users’ funds. We use cold wallet storage for the majority of funds and take no risks when they can be avoided.

On the Mining City platform, all users can enable two-factor authorization for their accounts. It adds an additional layer of security to protect their funds even further.

We also make sure to choose reliable companies to team up with, like our major strategic partner, MineBest.

What’s one trend in the blockchain crypto space that really excites you?

I think the rise of full cross-chain technology. After many years of progress in the crypto space, it is currently still not possible to interact with a blockchain if you don’t hold the native coin.

But the emergence of solutions such as those presented through the Polkadot and Cosmos platforms means that it will soon be possible to make cross-blockchain transfers of any data or asset.

Users will likely soon be able to use their preferred cryptocurrency in every circumstance. And it will even be possible for data taken from a private blockchain and be utilized on a public blockchain.

How does Mining City make money?

We provide access to hash power. We’ve noticed that the community of people who want to mine their cryptocurrencies is expanding. At the same time, individual mining has become a hard thing to do. This is due to an investment in relatively expensive equipment. Electricity prices are not an ally either. In addition, due to the technologically complicated process of crypto mining, it may turn out that all the effort will not bring results.

That’s why, in 2019, we created the Mining City platform, which allows participants to purchase a mining plan and start mining the cryptocurrency of their choosing. We provide people with the much-needed hash power. This is happening through shared mining equipment located in an off-site data center.

I know that it all may sound simple and obvious, but at the beginning, it was rather a challenge to intrigue people with something very technical and virtual. It demanded from us a massive effort to build a community involved in blockchain, mining, and cryptocurrencies.

What is the most challenging decision you had to make in the last two months?

The most difficult decision made recently concerned certain personnel moves within the organization. As these things go, we had to confront a difficult harsh reality and suffer the consequences. Luckily, the outcome was better than we had hoped, but the decision itself was incredibly difficult to make.

The COVID-19 pandemic broke out in early 2020. How did it affect Mining City?

It is important to remember that a pandemic is, first and foremost, the tragic fate of many people who had to face this force. From a business perspective, there are several approaches here. There are companies for whom the reality caused by the pandemic has been a shock. Some have chosen to run for a digital transformation. And finally, there are ventures like ours that had to switch their operations overnight. Instead of face-to-face meetings, we had a conference via ZOOM and instead of handshakes, we had teleconferences. It turned out that we lived up to that. The organization is growing, and new members are joining the community.

How is Mining City going to change in the next two or five years?

I would like to see an organization turn cryptocurrency knowledge into a compelling product. This will not be possible without an engaged community that, with the right tools, will join the market development itself. I believe, deeply, that an ally for the mass adoption of crypto will be the presence of large, severe institutions and the more frequent use of cryptocurrencies during payments and transfers. Soon the whole world will see that crypto is a trustworthy asset.


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