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Here’s Why You Should Consider Outsourcing Database Administration

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Today, technological advancements have made data very important in the daily running of businesses. Things like analytics, ML (Machine Learning), AI (Artificial Intelligence), eCommerce, and online transactions, among others, require a database for successful operations.


Unfortunately, most database tasks with these processes are not only labor-intensive but also require knowledgeable, experienced, and extensively skilled personnel. This is something that most businesses, especially the small ones cannot afford. 


The good news is that businesses do not have to hire such personnel. They can outsource their database administration requirements to third-party companies at a much cheaper price. 


What are some of the reasons that make outsourcing database administration better?

High Efficiency and Low Cost

Today, businesses are implementing different measures to help them reduce operational costs while at the same time improving performance. The main reason for outsourcing among businesses today is cost reduction.


When outsourcing database administration, you will be saving money that goes into hiring new database administrators, training them, and onboarding them into your organization. This money can be used in enhancing other areas of your business.


In addition, you will be outsourcing to a database management company that has the experience and the required knowledge in the industry. This means that their qualified consultants will help your business achieve high efficiency with database management.

Flexibility Around the Clock

Operating a business means that you are ready to run into difficulties and problems at any time. Technology keeps on changing and a slight delay or slow response can hurt the operations of your business. You need to avoid downtime at all costs.


With outsourced database administration, you are assured of support around the clock that comes with no interruptions. This is not affected by where you are or time zones. You will also have access to a team that is ready to help and solve your database issues.


In addition, outsourced teams have access to some of the best tools to solve complex database performance issues. These tools might be expensive for a small business. Such tools ensure that your database is up and running and that any issues are resolved as quickly as possible.

Enhances Productivity

If you talked to multiple companies that outsource some or all of their work, you might be surprised that more than half of them do so to boost their productivity. The business world is bumpy, and businesses are bound to go through issues every time.


In situations where businesses experience rising demand for their services, their teams might be overworked. On the other hand, the teams will not be optimally utilized especially when the demand for services falls.


Outsourcing database administration eliminates this stress. Business executives and managers can focus on other areas of their business while their employees work on areas that matter the most. Their database systems will remain available all through.

Availability of Qualified Personnel

As mentioned above, professional database administrators do not come cheap. In addition, if you choose to hire those without years of experience, you risk losing money training them or even having a disruption of services due to their incompetence.


However, outsourcing database administration allows you to work with a team of qualified and talented personnel that know and understand what they are doing. These people will make sure that your services operate without any interruptions.


In addition, small businesses operate with limited or smaller resources. These resources are not adequate to ensure sustained business continuity. Outsourcing allows them to use industry-standard resources at no extra cost.

Access to In-Depth Data Analysis

Every business understands the importance of running a database that works and meets its expectations. However, do all businesses that run a database understand the data in the database and how it affects their businesses?


Well, the truth is that if you do not understand your data, then your database cannot help you in anything. Businesses need to understand this data and generate reports and insights into the performance of their processes.


Outsourcing database administration comes with solutions that help business owners understand the data in their databases. These solutions offer expert analysis that helps businesses plan for the future, analyze profitability, and improve operations.


Other benefits you stand to enjoy with outsourced database administration include allowing your business to keep up with emerging technological trends, helping with decision making, allowing you to focus on business objectives, and minimizing risks among others. 


As you can see, the benefits of outsourcing database administration can help businesses, no matter their size, to grow and be more productive.


Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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