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Between 2020 and 2021, the number of homeschooled kids increased by 63%, and when it dropped between 2021 and 2022, it was by only 17%. Currently, 4% of children are homeschooled, and if you read this article, it means you harbor the idea of making your child part of that 4%.

Most parents want their kids to do well in core subjects like math when homeschooling. Complex subjects need to be taught by professionals, especially if you want your child to use common core principles. And that is why Brighterly offers online math classes for kids from grades 1 to 5. But first, what is Brighterly?

What is Brighterly?

Brighterly is an online platform that offers math tutoring online to kids from different grades using fun videos and games to enhance the teaching process. Each level contains modules the tutors will break down even further to help your child understand math better. The platform’s professional math tutors have experience teaching children, and when you sign up, the most suitable tutor is responsible for increasing your child’s math knowledge.

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What to Expect from Brighterly’s Homeschooling Service

Brighterly’s homeschooling service is among the best in the country. You can expect some perks and standards when using Brighterly for homeschooling, and they include:

Integration of the standard schools’ curriculum

When choosing a service provider to homeschool your kids, pick one that doesn’t ditch the standard educational curriculum children follow in school. Brighterly creates lessons that build on the schools’ curricula, improving them. Following the curriculum ensures kids keep up with common knowledge while having an edge.

Common core math lessons

Common core math principles make math seem different from what it was; thus, some parents complain about the subject’s complexity these days and fear they may teach their kids the wrong things. However, Brighterly’s tutors use the common core math principle as they aim to help your child understand how to apply math concepts in real-life situations.

A smart approach to using fun videos and games in math class

Kids have a short attention span and often need something spellbinding to keep their focus. Brighterly’s tutors understand this, so they use math manipulatives, videos, games, and colorful worksheets to teach. As kids enjoy these games and videos, they inadvertently learn essential math concepts. These worksheets are printable, so you can use them to practice and get involved in your kids’ homeschooling sessions.

One-on-one tutorship

Homeschooling your child using this tutoring method ensures no gaps in your child’s learning system. It beats sitting in a room with 20 students struggling to get a teacher’s attention. In case of homeschooling, kids will have a one-on-one interaction with their tutor, which makes learning more effective.

The assigned Brighterly tutor is focused on your child for the whole teaching period, so they can tell when a kid does not understand any concept. Walking hand-in-hand with a tutor will help a kid be more confident in learning and focus in class. The approach can also uncover childrens’ strengths and weaknesses, which the tutor will relay to you.

A flexible scheduling system

For most parents, the major benefit of homeschooling is spending more time with their kids, which means getting involved in classes to understand a kid’s educational growth. But sometimes, parents are too busy to get involved in the entire process, even though they want to. Brighterly offers a flexible schedule that parents can design to suit their own needs.

With Brighterly, you get the chance to be fully involved in your child’s homeschooling while having time to work on other things. You do not have to shut down an essential aspect of your life or day to join your child for their math lesson on Brighterly. You can schedule classes to match your free time, which is excellent for parents that work remotely.

A unique opportunity to monitor your child’s learning journey

An essential aspect of homeschooling your child is tracking their growth against specific metrics to ensure they are not behind their peers who follow the traditional schooling method. Brighterly provides reports at the end of specific periods to show how well your child has excelled in math. The tutors also highlight a child’s weaknesses so you can plan a path to improvement.

One of the good things about traditional schooling systems is that the end of the term usually comes with a reporting system that shows you how your child fared. This report lets you know the areas your kids need to improve and think of the ways you can assist them. This approach will help you prepare your kids for the next term.

Even though the traditional school system of providing end-of-term results works, it doesn’t suit some parents. If you are too busy to dedicate entire days to reviewing your child’s performance, you’ll prefer an alternative. A system that lets you monitor a kid’s progress and make regular byte-sized adjustments throughout the term will be the best.

With Brighterly, the reports come in as your child’s learning progresses, so you get first dibs on where to help them improve.

Strategies that encourage kids to learn at a convenient pace

The major disadvantage of the traditional learning method is that it pressures kids to learn at a specific speed. Some kids will learn math concepts quickly, while others will take their sweet time to assimilate each idea. In a system where teachers have a curriculum to finish just in time for examinations, some students will inadvertently be left behind.

Therefore, some kids may feel like they are not good enough because they learn slower than their peers. Other students’ brains may have developed to the point where they think the pace at which the lessons progress is too slow for them, so they want a challenge. With Brighterly as your homeschooling companion, your kid can learn at their personal preferred pace.


Homeschooling with Brighterly is a real game-changer in a world where everyone seeks to improve the standard educational system by any means. Parents often want the best for their children, especially regarding primary education. Signing up on Brighterly and registering your kids for the classes will ensure they get the best education possible.


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