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How Color Affects Your Perception of Food

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Color is the first thing that attracts people when it comes to food. Generally, people associate some colors with a certain type of food from birth. A good example is pepper that are usually known to be red when ripe. Also, food like vegetables and fruits’ ripeness are determined by the colors they show.

When a food color doesn’t match our expectations, it has a psychological effect on us. Some firms deal in the transformation of colored food into high-performing solutions for a variety of nutrition applications. Let’s look at some impacts that color has on the perception of foods.

The Psychological impacts of color on food

Does the color of food affect how humans perceive flavor? Yes! That’s why Exberry​ ​​​has taken it upon itself to transform highly colored food to excellent food applications. However, some factors can affect the eating experience:


Individuals make certain assumptions about their meals’ taste using color. Many believe that when an apple is red, its taste will be sweet. Even when the flavor tries to meet individual expectations, the brain doesn’t know the difference. This is because it has been ingrained in many people that a bright red apple is mature for consumption.


Many people consume little or more food, depending on its color. Using the analogy of white meals like popcorn, which many consume mindlessly. Research also shows that the color of a plate can determine how people eat.


People sometimes associate brighter-colored meals with good flavor and a balanced diet. This is particularly true about candies and fresh food products. When an individual finds the color of the food appealing, they enjoy the food more. It’s more of a psychological effect because they are attracted to the color of the food.

Food choice

People are usually attracted to foods with attractive colors than those with bland colors. That’s why meals in white, pink, red, blue, and other bright colors are more in demand. However, when foods with bad quality and sour appearance won’t sway customers.

Perspective of various Food colors

Color plays an integral role in how people choose meals. Here are how these colors are viewed it comes to food:


Red colors are always associated with an appetizing meal. Much research has said red meals trigger people to consume more. It has been argued that red means fruit or means it’s ripe to the East. Also, it is said that red fruits are sweet and rich in flavors.


Blue-colored foods aren’t common except for foods such as blue carrots, pea flowers, and blue grapes. While it is not yet understood why blue meals are rare, some have argued that they suppress appetites.


With many food consumers aiming for sustainable feeding, green is known as a natural and healthy diet. Green color meals are usually veggies and fruits. They are associated with freshness and a balanced diet when it concerns nutrition.


People living in western countries associate orange foods with autumnal cultures. There are orange dotes such as squash, pumpkin, and candy corn. Orange is associated with vibrancy, and foods such as juice are known to give good vitality.

Unconsciously, color affects how food is viewed. Green, red and yellow colors are associated with ripeness and healthy meals. People also tend to eat more foods that they deem healthy based on these colors, irrespective of how they really taste.


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