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How image-to-text helps increase your productivity at work

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We all know that modern tools have allowed an increase in productivity in most occupations. Technology has improved time efficiencies such as travel, communication and workflow.

Another example of technology that is useful for most of us is the image-to-text converter. If you are new to the image-to-text converter tool and its benefits, then this article is for you.

What is an image-to-text converter?

The image-to-text converter is a useful online tool for converting printed text to editable text. This online tool is based on different algorithms while some websites like Prepostseo also use artificial intelligence to have better precision.

Using these algorithms and some other technologies, the image-to-text converter compares your image with the items in the database and finds the most similar characters.

Later, it shrinks these characters to make the words exactly as shown in the picture. Below we have explained how an image-to-text converter can increase your productivity.

  • Accelerate professional conversion of PDF files

There are many tools that deal with PDF files, especially when one thinks of the impact of transmitted material.

Having files in electronic format simplifies storage. But working with PDFs is a gradual process when keyword research isn’t a native feature.

Here is a good illustration of how an image-to-text converter with specific functionality can be particularly useful for a specific market. This tool has helped healthcare providers find PDF articles in Chrome and use OCR technologies to convert them to an editable format.

Users have to fill in the data of PDF files and do it fairly quickly without sacrificing quality. For example, if a person needs to convert the 10,000 PDFs every day, while the regular recording was 10 pages long, the image-to-text converter can be a handy tool.

With OCR, it would only take a few seconds for a single paper to be converted to digital format. When considering adopting OCR technology, business leaders should identify complicated tasks and use OCR to perform those tasks.

• Elimination of problems related to documentation of travel expenses

People who travel often need to keep an eye on receipts related to their travel needs. When traveling for a business, they must manually post these receipts on a site controlled by accountants.

The problem arises if the figures are in different currencies and when individuals take good care of admissions of investment documents outside of their regular working hours.

• Better paper handling

The OCR allows the office team to export information from printed statements as well as the OCR application detects that text to the web page and transforms it into an electronic format, thus allowing better management of invoices.

This allows men and women working with invoices to have all the essential information in one area and they no longer need to worry about dropping paperwork. OCR technology makes it possible to search for keywords within the scanned material.

  • Making Google Drive more user-friendly

This saves you time when checking payment-related details, for example, what a customer has purchased and whether the exchange has taken place.

These benefits help avoid significant amounts of manual research and minimize errors that can occur when users enter data by hand and also create errors.

  • Improved insurance claims and policy processing rate

Many business processes can be too complicated; therefore, it can be quite difficult to streamline them without the help of technology such as image-to-text converter.

With this conversion tool, the user can create simpler data entry and organize the data appropriately. A fantastic example of this is that an international insurer who later, realizing its inefficiencies stemmed from oversight, started using an OCR tool to make improvements.

Prior to using OCR, the company experienced about 24,000 data capture delays or slowdowns per month, and these issues led to an estimated $ 100 million reduction in revenue each year.

After using the OCR tool, the policy and complaints processes have improved dramatically, making each more efficient. This prompted the company to deploy OCR technologies in different sections as well.

Making Google Drive more user-friendly

A lot of people are associated with Google Drive and how it can support their workflows, especially if they are going paperless.

It is possible to store the files obtained in Gmail messages directly on Google Drive and you do not need to print them. In some cases, many OCR solutions require technical tools.

However, if users only need to perform basic OCR tasks, they can be managed through Google Drive. The platform comes with a feature that can turn PDFs and photographs into text displayed in Google Docs.

One of the downsides of this tool is that it won’t keep any formatting like footnotes and graphics. But it will transfer attributes like font type and dimensions. This allows users to edit Google Docs text without relying on a separate image-to-text tool.

A good example of this can be if someone wants to make edits to your PDF of a full restaurant menu, then they could do so with support for this feature and by editing the Google Docs material.

If a person wants to import an email registration image, for a trade show, presenting multiple data, the OCR recognition of Google drive can help transfer this contact information in a digital format.

Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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