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How technology is impacting sales and marketing

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If you are running a business in this era, using technology tools in marketing and sales is something you can’t run away from. You can use technology tools to reach your target customers, get new customers, and retain the previous ones as well. There are also sales training software platforms that you can use to help your sales team develop more skills through data-driven training.

With technology, a lot of the ways we used to do marketing and sales have generally changed. In this article, I will dive into the aspects of marketing and sales that have been streamlined by technology.

Getting deep insights into customer behavior

Having information about who your customers are and their behavior is one of the major advantages of using technology over traditional methods of sales and marketing. This information can be used to decide on the approach to use while selling your services or products. So, businesses with more insights about their customers will always have more efficient sales and marketing campaigns.

Social media now plays a vital role in sales and marketing campaigns.

One of the major sources of customers in this era is social media, so any business that wants to thrive in these times has to up its social media game. Brands with a bigger audience on social media often find it cheaper to run sales and marketing campaigns than those with a small number of followers.

The way we acquire sales skills has changed.

A couple of decades ago, acquiring sales skills was usually done by bringing in sales experts to your organization to train your team. However, today there are sales training software that organizations can take advantage of to equip their sales team with data-driven training. This kind of training is even more convenient because it doesn’t involve making appointments with sales experts.

Some of the sales and marketing tasks can be automated

The process of doing sales and marketing involves lots of repetitive tasks like scheduling sales calls, analyzing customers’ information, sending follow-up emails, etc. However, most of these tasks can now be automated through many sales/marketing automation software apps on the market today.

Automating such tasks helps organizations win back time to focus on strategy and tasks that require critical thinking. This approach improves the efficiency of sales/marketing teams and the general profitability of the organization.


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