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How to a Repair Word Docx File

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Working online comes with many benefits, but with a variety of challenges, too such as new and complicated software, errors in data sharing, and the risk of file corruption – all that could make you long for the days of using a simple typewriter. Fortunately, learning to use Microsoft Word online is well worth it, thanks to benefits such as the ability to work remotely, share data across the world, and collaborate online with colleagues from anywhere.

To mitigate your risks, you need to learn how to recover corrupted files, using a tool such as Online Word Repair. Here is all you need to know about how to repair a Word Docx file!

How to Fix a Corrupt Word Document (365 .docx)


Losing a file can be frustrating and it can cost you valuable time trying to repair it. Files may be damaged for a number of reasons it may be because of a broken HDD, an incorrect recovery from the Recycle Bin, or even just from your computer falling asleep.


We have been looking for how to restore a Word file for a long time, and after a lot of trial and error, we have come to a conclusion. There are several options that could work for you to recover your files.

  1. The Microsoft Word Recovery Tool

This tool enables document repair software built into Microsoft Word, originating in 2007. Due to being proprietary software, it is a safe option that allows users to restore lost files and fix broken ones. To use it, you will start by opening Microsoft Word, then doing the following:

Step 1: Select “File” in the top left of your screen and select “Open” from the drop-down menu, or use Ctrl + O.

Step 2: Find the selected file and click on it.

Step 3: Look at the “Open” button and click on the small downward arrow next to it. From the menu, select “Open and Repair.”

This is an easy way to fix a file that should usually work. But, if not, there are a few other options.


  1. Unsaved Document Recovery

All Word software dated 2003 to the present includes an Autosave feature. If the file has been corrupted since then, it might have older unsaved files within it. To recover these files, you’ll want to follow these steps after starting Microsoft Word:

Step 1: Click on “File”, then click on “Info” from the drop-down menu.

Step 2: Next, go to “Manage Versions” and click “Recover Unsaved Documents.”

Step 3: You’ll see all previous Word Autosaved files there – find the document you are looking for, then click “File and Save as” to move it to a new location.

Something to note is that it may not show the most recent version of the file before the problem occurred. This step also may not work if you closed or restarted your computer.

  1. From Any File Text Can be Restored

One of Microsoft Word’s features is the option to recover text from any file, even corrupted ones! Using this option won’t restore images or any formatting you used, but it will get back any text.  Start by opening Microsoft Word, then following these steps:

Step 1:  Like you would using the repair tool, select “File” in the top left of your screen and select “Open” from the drop-down menu or use Ctrl + O.

Step 2: Find the corrupt file and highlight it by clicking it.

Step 3: Click on “All Files,” which opens a drop-down list. Find and click on “Recover Text From Any File”.

Step 4: Click on the HTML file and open it.

Step 5: Save the new file.

The file will be processed and will display all textual content. There may be lines that do not make sense, but they can be ignored.

  1. Use Notepad to Open

A Notepad is a simple and easy option to recover text if trying the above options doesn’t work, but you’ll lose all images and formatting by using it. The reason Notepad can work when all else fails, is that it uses a basic processor that can access the text of a document while bypassing the document’s structure. There are two ways you can use it.

Step 1: Find the corrupted Word file on your hard drive, and right-click the file.

Step 2: The “Open With” menu will appear. Select “Default Program” and then left-click Notepad to open the file.

Another thing you can do to ensure that your computer uses Notepad to open this type of file next time is as follows:

Step 1: Scroll down to “Other Programs” and click on the down arrow which opens a menu of available programs.

Step 2: Find and click on Notepad in the menu.

Step 3: Be sure that all written boxes are unchecked and click “Always use the selected program to open this kind of file”.

 Step 4: Click “OK

Finally, using either option, open the notepad window where you will likely see a few error messages. Copy and paste the text from the Notepad into a new document to then continue working on it.

In summary, you have a variety of different options for how to fix a corrupt Word document (365 .docx), but if the first two options aren’t working and you don’t want to lose your file’s formatting and images, you may want to try using a website specialized in the service.

Method 1: How to Recover Corrupted .doc Files Online

If you want an easy-to-use site that fixes your files for an affordable price, Online Word Repair Service is a fabulous option to choose! Recovery Toolbox for Word is a Bulgaria-based file recovery and repair website that has operated across the world since 2003.

To repair a file using this tool, begin by entering your email, then clicking the “Select File” button.


Find the file you’re looking for, left click it, then click “Open”. This not only works for files on your computer’s hard drive, but if you need to know how to recover a corrupt Word document (365) from a flash drive, you can use this tool for that, too.


Once you’ve entered the required information, the site will begin repairing the file, showing the screen below.

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When the repair process is complete, you will be brought to a screen to preview your file, download a DEMO file, and/or proceed to your purchase.


After previewing the file, you can then click “Next Step” and be taken to a page to make your purchase, costing $10 USD.


After making your payment, all you have to do is wait to be sent your file (which should come quickly).

This is an easy solution if you’re trying to figure out how to recover corrupted .doc files online when you want to keep your file in its original state – while only having to pay a small fee.

Method 2: How to Repair Your RTF File

Another option is using OnlineFile.Repair to recover your corrupted files. It has an Online RTF repair tool that can recover your files for $10 USD. Similar to the Recovery Toolbox for Word, you’ll select your file and enter your email as shown in the picture below:


Clicking “Next Step” will then bring you to the file repair screen where the site will repair your file.


After finishing the repair, you’ll be brought to the preview and payment screens – you will have the option to preview the file, download a DEMO file, and make your purchase. The pricing is $10 USD like the Recovery Toolbox for Word. After your purchase, the uncorrupted file will be sent to you.

This Online RTF repair tool works very similarly to Recovery Toolbox for Word, and is another good solution.

Method 3: How to Recover a Corrupted Word File (365) Online

A third option to repair your word document is by using, which follows a very similar process as the other two methods. Begin by selecting a file and entering your email.


After that, you’ll be brought to a page where your file is repaired.

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Next, when the recovery is complete, you’ll be brought to a page previewing the file, and will be provided with the opportunity to download a DEMO file, or, pay $5 USD to get the repaired file.


After paying, you will be sent the new file. This is a slightly cheaper solution than the other two options and another good choice if you’re wondering how to recover a corrupted Word file (365) online but lack a decent internet connection.

Another Option for How to Fix Corrupted .doc Files (Encoding Problems)

Recovery Toolbox for Word offers a great file repair solution allowing you to access software that can be used any time, even if you’re offline! Download it to get permanent, offline access for only $39 USD. The price is excellent for repeated access and you only have to pay $10 USD per file. It can save you massive amounts of money and time switching to Recovery Toolbox for Word‘s offline solution with prices beating those of other major data repair companies – such as,, and – without sacrificing quality. Here are the steps for downloading and using it:

The link above brings you to the page shown in the image below. You’ll have the options to either “Repair Online” (bringing you to the first solution explained above), or click “Download” which begins a download of Recovery Toolbox for Word’s offline option. For this particular solution, click on the “Download” button.


The installation file will then appear at the bottom of your browser window. When the download is complete, click “Open”

Clicking “Open” will make the standard permissions message appear, since it is triggered by the attempt to install new software. Click “Yes” to allow the download to continue. You will then get the option to select your language. Scroll to your preferred language and click “OK”. You will first be shown the License Agreement. Read through it, then click “I accept the agreement”.

You will then be asked to choose the file location. It will likely default to the right location, but it’s worth checking to be sure it ends up somewhere that’s easy to find. You will then be asked if you would like to create a desktop icon or quick shortcut – both make it easier for quick access.

After going through the options, you’re ready to continue. Check “Launch Recovery Toolbox for Word” and click “Finish” when you’re shown the screen below.

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Now you’re at the stage where you see how to fix corrupted .doc files (encoding problems are fixable!), which is quick and simple to do. You will see the screen shown in the image below, where you can choose the file you’re wanting to recover (it must be a .doc, .docx, .dot, .dotx, or .rtf file). Important: This also works if you are wondering how to recover a corrupt Word document (365) from a flash drive.

After selecting your file, click “Analyze”.

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After selecting the file, you’ll be asked for confirmation. Click “Yes” to proceed.

It will then recover the data for you, and if you’re using it for the first time, you’ll see the following question pop up above the recovered data:


You’ll get the choice to open a DEMO file to get a preview of your work (note: it will replace most of the text with “demo”), or buy the full version for $39 USD. After finishing the recovery you’ll be able to see your file. Click “Finish” to download your recovered file.

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With your recovery finished and payment made you can open your new file and continue from wherever you left off!

What Should You Do if You Need a Text Recovery Tool for Word 365 Files, or a Complete Word File Recovery Solution?


You may be wondering what the best of your many options is due to their many similarities. provides a decent service for the standard cost of $10 USD, but lacks the offline options of and lower prices of For this reason, it’s ranked in third place. offers the cheapest prices, but it does not have the versatility and many years of experience that make Recovery Toolbox for Word stand out from the crowd as your best option. Also, remember that not only can the Recovery Toolbox for Word software act as a text recovery tool for Word 365 files, but it can also recover your entire Word file, including formatting, etc.

With nearly twenty years (two decades!) of experience, Recovery Toolbox is far from being a newcomer. Becoming universally available in 2003, the software development, distributor, and ISV vendor company offers data-sharing solutions that are tailored to the needs of both enterprises and individual end-users. Recovery Toolbox has been endorsed by more than one hundred thousand customers, including a multi-national team of software engineers. It specializes in creating innovative, practical, easy-to-use tools for data backup, recovery, and repair. Recovery Toolbox is an ISDEF member and a leading company in its industry – its history of top-quality services makes it one of the most trusted data care companies globally.

Are You Thinking, “Can I Recover an Encoded Word Document”?

If you’re stressing out about an important file that’s become corrupted, worry no more! Recovery Toolbox for Word is the solution you need. Whether your file is an essay for school, an important write-up for work, your resume, or your book manuscript, our tool can save the day!

And don’t forget that when you’re looking at the question of “can I recover an encoded Word document”, Recovery Toolbox for Word has both an online and offline version of our simple-to-use, effective software. This means even if your internet is unreliable or too slow, our offline version has you covered. Try our tool today!


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