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How to Bypass Facebook Restrictions Abroad

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It is critical to understand how to unblock Facebook restrictions if you find yourself in a region where the world’s most popular social media service, with over 1 billion customers, is restricted. Perhaps you haven’t even heard about Facebook restrictions, which is natural if you live in a region that is naturally unregulated when it comes to the internet and all of the services, and platforms contained within.

But, if you are having trouble accessing Facebook, connecting to friends and family, and all the rest, there is good news for you! The good news is that subscribing to one of the many modern premium VPN offerings is going to make all of that disappear!

What is meant by this? Essentially, a premium VPN is going to make it seem as if there are no restrictions at all, even if you continue to find yourself in such a region.

What is Facebook Blocking?

A Facebook restriction simply means that you find yourself in a region where the service is blocked for several reasons. This may include the fact that you are in a country governed by a totalitarian government where a “liberal” platform may be blocked for the purposes of “national security.”

This may also mean that the country you are in filters the Facebook platform for political, religious, or social reasons. Whatever the reason may be, the regulatory body of a country (the one which filters the internet) can block you from accessing any platform they want if they are given that order.

Technically, any domain can be blocked when a regulatory body “blacklists” IP addresses belonging to social media networks or anything else for that matter.

Here are some countries or regions that block or filter Facebook: Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, and China. The former two are understood to be religiously motivated to block Facebook while the latter (Turkey and China) filter Facebook to prevent citizens from accessing political ideas or free thought that is deemed as destructive to the state.

This type of thought is harbored in extreme nations such as North Korea, for instance. Restrictions on social media platforms usually go hand-in-hand with restrictions on free speech too. There are several more countries that block or restrict Facebook in some shape or form, and it is both impossible to list them all, while that list is not definite and continues to change.

What is a VPN?

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a cybersecurity software that can be downloaded on any platform and on any device that supports an operating system (OS). The technology has trickled down from Microsoft’s PPTP technology from the 1990s. In essence, a VPN reroutes your entire internet connection by encrypting it and replacing your IP address with another physical IP address run by the VPN provider.

This way, you are both fully protected and fully anonymized (again, we must stress the premium VPN here.)

In this case, what is most relevant for you to know is that you need to install a premium VPN on your laptop, smartphone, desktop computer, tablet, etc. This is essential if you want to unblock Facebook if you are in one of the affected countries listed above.

Do not worry, as we have selected the top VPNs that can de-restrict Facebook even if you find yourself in the harshest zones in the world. This curated list will also help you secure your connection against hackers and any eavesdropping or tracking that may occur in the process.

This is especially important if you are a journalist, or are gathering information of some kind as you want to remain as anonymous as possible. Not just that, but even if you are a regular citizen, remember that you should always uphold your right to security and privacy.

How to Bypass Facebook Restrictions Abroad

Bypassing a restricted or blocked Facebook is quite simple, but there are two key elements to this. One is that you need a privacy-conscious browser that will allow you to anti-fingerprint your browser as well as properly clear your history before and after you browse.

To do this, first of all, you need something like the Brave browser or use Mozilla Firefox in its incognito/privacy mode (do this for Brave, too). Secondly, you need a premium VPN. Which one? Well, NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and Surfshark have proven they are worth their salt when it comes to unblocking facebook and keeping you secure.

Surfshark, for instance, has proven that it can bypass social media restrictions in Russia. ExpressVPN has 3000 servers for you to flip through, while NordVPNs security is second-to-none.

Whichever premium you choose to subscribe to (for a few dollars a month, that’s it) you have to remember the primary step without which all of the below will fail. That is, download your premium VPN before you are in the restricted country, because you may not be able to download the VPN in the first place.

Otherwise, you could use a temporary web proxy service (available online free) just to download the VPN of your choice. Now, the steps you need to take are the following;

  • Subscribe to one of the above VPNs and download the software onto your device
  • Install the software and allow the required permissions and configurations
  • Select to connect to a VPN server that is outside of your current region (closer geographically will be faster)

That’s it! You will see that Facebook works now! This is because you are on a completely different IP address and the internet regulatory body of the restricted region that you are in cannot tell that you are modifying your IP address.

If the blockage reappears, simply clear your browsing history in the browser, connect to a different country, and try again. Remember to check if VPN usage is legal or not in your region because it is possible that you will get in trouble with the authorities if they find you are using a VPN (if you are not careful).

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