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How to Bypass iPhone Unavailable/Security Lockout

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A precautionary feature set for iPhone users turns into a dilemma when too many incorrect password attempts are made. Usually, this happens because the phone is in a pocket or because of typos. However, a lock screen comes up at too many incorrect attempts. Below is a simple solution regarding how one can deal with an iPhone unavailable bypass via UltFone iOS System Repair?

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Part 1 What Is the iPhone Unavailable/Security Lockout Screen?


iPhone Unavailable or “Security Lockout,” if shown, means that you cannot use or unlock your device. Your device might have been locked due to many unsuccessful password attempts.

It was far more common to make wrong Passcode attempts if you had forgotten your iPhone’s screen-lock password. In such times, the iPhone’s security function is enabled to protect data after numerous failed passcode tries. If you repeatedly enter the wrong pin, the security measures will be even tougher to get past.

After these attempts, users would see pop-ups like “iPhone unavailable, please try again in 5 minutes,” “iPhone inaccessible, please try again in 20 minutes,” and “iPhone unavailable, please try again in 1 hour” may appear. However, even then, if one cannot come up with the correct password, a failed password entry will finally show the message “iPhone Unavailable.”

This is where the iPhone unavailable bypass has been activated.


 Part 2: Why Is My iPhone Saying iPhone Unavailable Try Again in 15 Minutes?

“iPhone Unavailable” indicates that you’ve put the wrong password too many times and your phone has been locked. As a safeguard, you would be locked out for a minimum of five minutes if you input the incorrect passcode seven times consecutively.

At the same time, it is not very common (as no one makes that many mistakes); if you happen to put the wrong code around 15 times, you can expect the iPhone to be locked for around an hour.

That is not the only scenario, though. A majority of iPhone users, or any phone for that matter, tend to keep their phones in their back or side pockets; as a result of too much pressure from the clothing and the body, tons of incorrect unlocking attempts are made without the person’s knowledge. After this, it is very common for the users to face the iPhone unavailable bypass dilemma.



Part 3 Why Should We Bypass iPhone Unavailable via UltFone iOS System Repair?

The majority of iPhone users have chosen the setting where the data will be removed completely from the iPhoneafter a certain number of incorrect attempts. If you have forgotten your password and need to get rid of the iPhoneunavailable bypass, your best and safest way to move forward is by using UltFone iOS System Repair.

When it comes to repairing apple support problems, UltFone iOS System Repair is the preferred way to go because of how easy it is to use. With a user-friendly interface, it can be downloaded to Windows and deals with many Apple dilemmas.

From a frozen iPhone, one with a white screen, to a disabled one, and even ones stuck in reboot loop, all can be fixed through UltFone iOS System Repair. The biggest concern for iOS users is using tools that eventually erode all their data. This isn’t just restricted to online tools but also iTunes, etc., which would eventually wipe everything away. UltFone iOS System Recovery can efficiently help fix iOS systems without any data loss whatsoever.

Another reason why it is preferred by the masses to use UltFone instead of other tools is because of the ease of usage that comes with it. Unlike other tools and apps such as iTunes that require tons of technical expertise,  UltFone iOS System Repair can be used by those of you who aren’t even very tech-savvy. The entire process takes a couple of clicks and can be completed in no time.


  1. 1-Press to enter and exit recovery mode on an iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.
  2. No data is lost in resolving more than 150 different iOS system faults. Fix problems such as black screen, white screen, battery draining, among others, without data loss.
  3. It Helps reboot or reset iPod Touch/iPad or iPhone without needing a password, iTunes, or even iPhone finder.
  4. Without using iTunes, you can downgrade from iOS 16 beta to older iOS versions.
  5. The App is compatible with all iOS versions and iPhone models, including the most recent ones, i.e., iPhone 13 series and iOS 16 beta.



Part 4 How to Bypass iPhone Unavailable Screen by Using UltFone iOS System Repair?

Follow the three simple steps below to avoid the iPhone unavailable bypass error.

Step 1: The first step is to open the app and choose the “Reset Device” option at the bottom right of the main screen.

reset device

Step 2: Select “Factory Reset,” then click “Factory Reset” to download fresh firmware for your device.

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Step 3: Before resetting, you must now download the appropriate firmware package. Manually importing the firmware package is also an option.

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You may begin resetting your device after the firmware file has been downloaded. When the procedure is finished, restart your iPhone.

FAQ about UltFone iOS System Repair

  1. Is UltFone iOS System Repair free?

Exit Recovery Mode can bring your iPhone out of recovery mode 5 times for free. Free to try are Repair OS and Factory Reset iPhone. Pro versions unlock all of their features.

  1. Will iOS System Repair unlock iCloud?

No. UltFone iOS System Repair can’t unlock iCloud. Kindly download UltFone Activation Unlocker to activate iCloud-locked iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.

  1. Is UltFone iOS Repair safe?

You can safely download UltFone iOS System Repair on Windows or Mac. It works with iPhone/iPad/iPod touch/Apple TV. This software won’t harm your devices.

Closing Remarks

If you were looking for tips on how to bypass iPhone unavailable, this guide covers it all. Using an iOS device might be tricky. However, with tools and software like UltFone iOS System Repair, dealing with them is no longer a hassle. Try to keep an easy password so that you don’t forget it. Also, ensure you don’t leave it around for other people to grab and make incorrect attempts. Finally, keep your iPhone in your bag instead of your pocket.


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