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  How to distribute press releases in Germany

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 Get media coverage with press release distribution in Germany

 A quick and affordable way to distribute press releases in Germany: Online PR services

Press release distribution is among the primary means for companies to inform their target audiences of the latest developments about them in Germany. Online PR services, taking traditional PR operations to the digital and combining the services of press release writing, distribution, and media monitoring and reporting, offer an effective solution to companies wishing to be featured in the mainstream German media.


Press release distribution in Germany serves as a strategic communication method for companies operating or aiming to operate in the German market to build a brand reputation by regularly communicating with their target audiences. Press release distribution has an important role in many German companies’ corporate communications policies and enables them to deliver their messages to their target audiences through reliable media outlets in Germany.


According to the Digital News Report by the Reuters Institute, being one of the strongest economies in Europe, Germany has a population of 82 million and internet penetration of up to 96%. While television has been losing its grip among German citizens as a news source since 2016, online outlets, including social media, have been gaining popularity.


In other words, Germans have been increasingly depending on online news websites. The rate of Germans who use their mobile devices to check the news on a daily basis is found to be 71%. Among news websites, ARD News, Spiegel, t-online, Focus online,, stand out while prominent news outlets such as Deutsche Welle, Handelsblatt, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, and Zeit are also located in Germany.


In such a lively media ecosystem, companies see the distribution of press releases to news websites in Germany as an effective means of reaching out to the public. Companies that wish to gain visibility in these news sources through press releases in English or German work with online PR service providers that take PR activities to the digital. Thanks to online PR services, companies from all sectors can inform the public of the latest developments about themselves with newsworthy press releases written in German, and be featured in Tier-1 media outlets in Germany.


“Why is press release distribution in Germany important?”, you ask? Let’s see what the answers are.


Why should brands distribute press releases in Germany?

As one of the strongest and most stable economies in Europe, Germany offers a great working environment for the PR sector. Having the world’s fourth largest gross domestic product (GDP) and being home to 37 companies on the Fortune Global 500 list, such as Daimler, Volkswagen, Allianz, Siemens, and Deutsche Bank, Germany is also a great place for startups. This being the case, companies operating in or looking to move to Germany distribute press releases in the country in order to reach out to the public with high purchasing power.


Press release distribution in Germany offers companies the following:


  • Coverage on numerous news portals: Online newspapers or news websites operating in Germany, with their varying editorial lines, target different segments of the German public. As the press releases are distributed through media lists and DGAP, one of the leading news agencies in Germany, brands have the opportunity to be featured on many media outlets.

  • Brand visibility: While the initial outcomes of press release distribution can be observed as early as day one, the campaign takes an average of 1 month. Press releases written in German featured on the news websites and their social media accounts contribute significantly to brand visibility.

  • Strong relations with journalists and media outlets: Brands that regularly distribute press releases in German and English in Germany are engraved in the minds of journalists and media outlets. Thus, companies in Germany can position themselves as authorities both in their sectors and in the eyes of the media.

  • Brand reputation: Maintaining regular media visibility through press releases featured on reliable news websites also helps to improve brand reputation among the public in the medium and long term.

  • Astute crisis management: Things may not always play out well for brands. Press releases are among the most effective tools to share the developments about the company with the public accurately and quickly in times of crisis.


What is the most convenient way to distribute press releases in Germany?

PR agencies and PR companies in Germany provide the press release distribution service as part of their offers that require annual commitment and monthly payments. However, this requirement makes PR activities inaccessible for startups, SMEs, specialists, or corporates that only need press release writing and distribution services in Germany. Among the companies offering the press release distribution service at a more affordable cost, online PR service providers that operate on a pay-as-you-go model stand out. Online PR service providers bring together the services of press release writing in English or German, press release distribution, and media monitoring and reporting services in one package. Let’s take a closer look at what the leading online PR service provider B2Press offers:


  • Press release writing in German: The offers of the online PR services start with press release writing in German on behalf of the brands. Press releases written by editors who are native speakers can also be translated into English to be featured in English-speaking media in Germany, depending on the brand’s demand. Newsworthy and SEO-friendly press releases written in German in line with the journalistic standards in Germany are submitted to the approval of the client before distribution.

  • Distribution through a news agency: Online PR service providers, especially those working with DGAP, Germany’s one of the largest news agencies, can offer a wider distribution network. Since most news websites in Germany regard news agencies as the primary source of news, press releases distributed by such agencies are more likely to be featured on these websites.

  • Tier-1 Media outlets: Press releases distributed to news outlets such as Vereinigte Wirtschaftsdienste VWD, and DGAP News are sent to and as well. Also, through segmented media lists, press releases can be distributed to targeted journalists and sectoral publications in Germany.

  • Media monitoring and reporting: The last stage of the press release services provided by online PR service providers is monitoring and reporting the news in the German media. With the weekly and monthly media coverage reports, it is possible to clearly see the websites or printed publications where the press release was featured.


In short, B2Press offers pay-as-you-go press release distribution services in Germany, encompassing press release writing, media monitoring, and coverage reporting that help businesses achieve a strong media profile.

Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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