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How to gain many likes on the Youtube channels?

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Increasing the number of likes on YouTube will be a great start to increasing your channel’s visibility. If you want to promote your videos via ads and monetize your content, the first most important step is to work on your channel’s metrics.

In this article we’ll give you tips on how to increase your audience reach and increase the number of likes on your videos:

1. Make yourself known.

First, you need your audience to understand who you are and what you do on this platform. To do this, you need to properly introduce yourself and make yourself known. The audience needs to be interested in you.

If they understand who you are, there is trust and understanding between you and your audience. The best way to get a lot of likes is with your imagination and creativity. Another way is purchasing YouTube subscribers. The more people see your content, the more reactions you will receive.

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Record a video about yourself, introduce yourself, and tell your audience who you are.  You can fit all the basic information into your channel’s trailer, because the trailer will be immediately visible to anyone who visits your profile. It also helps newbies understand whose channel they are on and what your videos are about!

So feel free to introduce yourself in your videos explaining who you are and what you do.

2. Keep it consistent

You need to make a schedule for publishing on your channel. Decide which days of the week it would be more convenient for you to post new videos and make a schedule. It is very important to provide information gradually and consistently.

Your videos should be constantly on your channel. If you have a weekly column, try to always put up videos on your schedule. Don’t forget to make announcements, because people will wait for a new video to come out and visit your channel more often!

Consistency is also one of the ways to get the desired number of likes for your videos. Many users forget this rule and lose interest from their audience because of it. Teach yourself to constantly post content so your audience knows they can finally see your videos. This will help your audience stay on your channel.

3. Make your content quality.

To get the most likes on your content it needs to be quality. Audiences are most attracted to videos that are short, clear, and well produced. If your content is creative and high quality, your subscribers will be much more willing to like you!

Make your content unique. Come up with interesting titles for your videos. Try to differentiate yourself from other bloggers in your niche.

If you prefer the format of long videos, try to make them as interesting and interactive as possible. So viewers won’t be bored watching your video till the end, but it’s better to make content from short videos and try to dilute them with long ones sometimes. If you would like to make your content viral buy YouTube views !

4. Think about the design of your channel.

If you want your channel to get the maximum number of likes you need to set up and design your channel properly. The more creative and engaging your design is – the better.

5. Call your audience to action

If you want to see reactions from your audience, you can just ask for it! Call your subscribers to action. At the end of your videos, make sure to remind your viewers to Like or Subscribe to your channel. Tell your audience about your other social media accounts. Notify your subscribers in any way you can. Write about your channel’s news in the Community section of YouTube.


You can even hold contests or offer any bonuses for likes and subscriptions. Calls to action must be part of your marketing strategy.

6. Collaborate with other YouTubers.

To get more likes on your channel you need not only to communicate with your subscribers but also to create your own community. A great way to increase your YouTube reach is to interact with your audience.

Don’t forget about your competitors either. Offer collaborations and collaborations. This always piques the viewer’s interest. You can challenge your competitor to a battle in your videos. This way you help both your channel and the channel of your opponent. Try to interact in every way you can!

7. Use Your Miniatures

Thumbnails are small images of your covers that a user sees when they enter your channel. Make your thumbnails engaging and clickable. The most important thing is to make the user want to click on the image. If the user clicked on your cover, then you have 50% success, now you need to work on keeping them on your channel as long as possible.

Your thumbnails should be beautifully designed. Watch the quality. The more people are interested in your cover, the more reactions you will get!

Use a cover design program. You don’t need to have a professional education or look for a designer. There are many programs on the internet that allow you to create thumbnails on YouTube. At least take a look at tutorial videos and I’m sure you will succeed.

8. Optimize your channel

SEO should be your best friend if you want to promote your channel on YouTube. It’s through optimization that your videos end up in the top search queries. With SEO, your videos start ranking and climbing to the top of the recommendations. If your video will be in the first results of users’ search queries, the number of likes and subscribers will increase automatically. We have prepared for you a list of SEO tips that will help you quickly and easily optimize your video.

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The title of your video should always include keywords. It’s a must! Also, be sure to add them in the description of your video and in the hashtags. Thanks to them you automatically create relevant keywords and it makes it easy for users to find you!

To optimize your video description, try to make it no longer than 500 words. It’s better to make the main information short, clear, and understandable because if you make the description long the rules of SEO won’t work.

Your description should explain the content of your video and include keywords at the same time!

Plan the launch of your video in advance to get the maximum number of hits. The more people come to your channel in the first 2 days, the more your video will be ranked.

Pay special attention to your video promotion strategy. You can try to do it by yourself, but it’s better to entrust this task to professionals, that is SMM platforms like

To appear more often in search results and to get your video to Recommendations – use tags. Be sure to use keywords in the hashtag. This way people can easily find your video even by one tag!

Don’t forget to embed links underneath your videos. Thanks to the links you increase the chances of clickability of your videos. Also by the clicks you can evaluate the effectiveness of your and your channel and understand how many people go to your sites. This will allow you to increase the authority and positioning of your channel.

If you have your own blog, be sure to use it. Use your blog at the beginning of your channel, this way people will click through and read what you write there, and it is even better if you also put your videos with a transition to YouTube in your blog. With such feedback, you will definitely be able to increase the audience and the number of likes on your YouTube channel!

By doing this, you will be able to move organic traffic from one place to another. Another benefit of posting videos in your blog articles is that you’ll be able to increase your retention time on the page and earn YouTube viewing minutes.

Promote your YouTube channel on all the social networks where you are registered, ask your friends and acquaintances to repost and talk about your video. Encourage your audience to share their opinions and comments as well.

If you read the article to the end, be sure you know what you need to make your YouTube channel popular. Follow our tips and keep making videos. Good luck to you!


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