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How to maintain a composite deck

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If you have a traditional wood deck for your outdoor space, then you probably dread cleaning and maintaining it. On the contrary, if you have composite decking, you don’t even need to be concerned about cleaning your deck. Composite decks have become a popular choice for outdoor decks due to their excellent durability and low maintenance. With just simple regular cleaning, homeowners can ensure its longevity and maintain its attractive appearance.

Composite material has been carefully engineered to have a long lifespan and lower maintenance needs. But you still need to make sure that they can withstand the test of time. In other words, you must learn how to maintain a composite deck. we’ll go over how composite deck boards is cleaned as well as some maintenance tips. Following these precautions will help extend the life of your deck so you can better enjoy your outdoor space.

How to maintain a composite deck

Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential to keep your composite decking looking its best. Below are detailed steps for cleaning a composite deck.

Clean the deck surface

Remove any furniture, debris, and crumbs from the surface of your composite decking before beginning the cleaning process. Debris and leaves can be easily removed from the deck surface using a leaf blower. Ensure complete removal to avoid debris and leaves interfering with subsequent cleaning.

Removing dirt

Use a broom or garden hose to remove loose dirt, leaves, and other debris from your deck. For some hard-to-remove dirt, try using a professional composite decking cleaner.

Prepare a cleaning solution

Purchase a professional composite material cleaner. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and thoroughly mix mild soapy water with the deck cleaner. It is important to note that you must avoid using harsh chemicals or bleach. They can cause serious damage to the surface of the deck.

Scrubbing the deck

Divide the area and use a soft deck brush or scrubber to apply the cleaner evenly to the surface of the deck. Scrub composite decking gently to avoid serious scratches. Be sure not to use a sharp metal brush to clean, it will cause severe abrasion to the composite material.

Rinse thoroughly

Use a garden hose to rinse the surface of the decking, making sure to completely remove any residual soap and cleaner from the surface. Residual cleaners may leave a film on the surface of the composite deck, which can be worse or even lead to discoloration.

How to prevent stains and scratches

It is well known that composite material has excellent resistance to stains and scratches. But you still need to take the necessary steps to avoid damage and wear and tear on your deck.

Clean up spills

Promptly remove any spills and stains from the deck surface to prevent them from penetrating the surface. Also, use mild soap and warm water to clean the affected areas to avoid damage from seeping into the composite material.

Use appropriate cleaning tools

Avoid abrasive cleaning tools or harsh chemicals that can scratch or damage composite decks. A soft deck brush or gentle scrubber should be used during the cleaning process. Also, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for non-abrasive cleaners designed for composite decking.

Placement of protective pads

If you have heavy furniture, fire pits, or grills on your deck, placemats and rugs underneath them. The carpet is a good barrier against wear and tear and discoloration caused by heat and friction.

How to prevent mold and mildew

Composite material has a good resistance to mold, but in some cases, it can be affected by mold. Therefore you need to take some precautions to avoid mold growth.

Keep the deck dry

Make sure that the composite decking has a drainage system to maintain proper drainage. Ensure that the surface of the deck is well-ventilated to prevent moisture and humidity from collecting. Prolonged pooling of water and moisture may lead to mold and even severe rotting of the deck. Build trees and plants that shade the deck nearby; enough sunlight will help inhibit the growth of mold.

Regular inspections

Inspect your composite deck board regularly for signs of mold. Double-check corners, alcoves, and areas where air circulation is restricted.

Treating affected areas

If mold and mildew have appeared on the surface of your deck, then use a professional cleaner to clean the affected areas. Gently scrub the surface of the deck and rinse thoroughly to ensure that the surface is free of any mold.

Maintenance tips

In addition to regular cleaning and maintenance, we also provide you with maintenance tips for composite decking. Following the manufacturer’s instructions and maintenance tips will ensure that you use your composite deck properly and extend the life of your deck.

Avoid dragging heavy furniture

Avoid lifting heavy furniture or placing furniture cushions to prevent damage to your composite deck.

Protect from Sharp Objects

Composite deck boards have good performance and durability, but you still need to be careful. Avoid using or dragging sharp objects on your deck, they can leave serious scratches.


Regularly build up plants and trees near your deck to prevent leaves from accumulating on your deck and causing mold to grow.


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