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How to remove iCloud activation lock without password

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Security mechanisms like iCloud activation lock are very important for keeping iPhones and other Apple gadgets safe, and protecting personal data kept on them from malicious eyes. On the other hand, it’s entirely possible for legitimate owners of such devices to be hampered by the inability to get past the home screen without a password for iCloud. That’s why every iPhone user needs to know how to remove iCloud activation lock and be ready to do it if he is forced to.


There are numerous instances where iCloud activation lock can save the day, but it can also become a burdensome obstacle in other situations. Passwords occasionally get forgotten and/or wrongly written down by phone owners, and if this occurs with Apple ID passcode for the activation lock, the device and its entire content including contacts and apps will remain unavailable. Used iPhones or iPads are also frequently traded in the secondhand market, so it’s not rare for a buyer to receive a locked device and no password for it, or to get a password that doesn’t work on that device.

To prevent staying locked out of their phones for long, users need reliable methods for activation lock removal that are not dependent on having the Apple ID password. Fortunately, such methods exist but involve sophisticated software and may result in loss of data kept on the device. For this reason, it’s prudent to learn as much as possible about this topic and try to understand the major advantages and downsides of each method. Reading this article is a good way to start gathering information and making the preparations.

Part 1 – 2 Ways to Remove iCloud Activation Lock without Password

Many users are unable to get past the home screen because they don’t know the Apple ID password that was used to lock the device using the iCloud activation lock. While this is a serious obstacle, it is possible to get around it if you know the correct procedures and have the patience to implement them fully. We present two different options available to users who need to remove iCloud activation lock from an iOS-based device without having the password.

Method #1 – Using DNS Bypass

One approach to iCloud lock removal involves a DNS bypass, where an alternative path to a Domain Name System server is established to get around the lock. It involves changing the settings of the device to manually set the DNS address, thereby bypassing any lock that might have been in place. This method can be effective on any iOS device, but it’s relatively complex and requires the user to remember the exact procedure that involves several sensitive steps.

Step 1 – After turning the device on, immediately open the menu and choose your country and language, and click on Proceed button

Step 2 – In the Wi-Fi settings page that opens, click first on Connection settings and then on Forget this Wi-Fi network option

Step 3 – Once you are disconnected from Wi-Fi, cick on the ‘I’ symbol, and enter a DNS code for the region where you are located, i.e. for the Unites States.

Step 4 – Click on the Back button to return to the Wi-Fi settings page, and choose a network from the list of available options

Step 5 – Click on the Next page button and then Back again. This will open the iCloud bypass screen that you were trying to reach

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Step 6 – After bypassing the screen lock, you can set up a new password for iCloud and use your iOS device normally

In addition to excessive complexity, this method has a few other disadvantages. Most importantly, it relies on country codes that might not be universally available, so it can’t be executed at all in some locations. Even if you live in a country where this service is possible, there are no guarantees that the procedure will be successful with your device and you might end up wasting a lot of time for no reason.

Method #2 – Using AnyUnlock app

There is a specialized third-party tool that can achieve better results with bypassing iCloud activation lock than any DNS-based methods. Like its name implies, AnyUnlock by iMobie was designed to help users remove all kinds of locks from a wide range of devices, and it is fully compatible with iOS. While this software is effective and technologically advanced, it’s also very user-friendly and doesn’t require a high-level of computer skills in order to bring about the desired outcome.

The procedure for removal of iCloud activation lock from a device is relatively simple and can be easily performed within a couple of minutes. Here is the correct order of necessary steps:

Step 1 – Start AnyUnlock on your computer and choose the iCloud Activation unlocker tool from the home screen of this app

Step 2 – Connect the iOS device to the computer with USB cable and confirm it once the software recognizes it

Step 3 – Click on the Jailbreak now button on the Bypass iCloud Activation lock page, then on Start Now button on the next page that opens

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Step 4 – Wait for the jailbreaking tool to be downloaded to your device, then put the device into DFU mode and complete the jailbreaking step

Step 5 – Click on the Bypass now button to complete the procedure and gain full access to your device

Part 2 – How to Bypass Activation Lock With Password

Users who know the correct password can remove the activation lock with less effort. This can be accomplished with the Find My iPhone feature, which is a part of iCloud service and can only be accessed with a valid Apple ID. One of the biggest advantages of this method is that you don’t have to be in physical possession of the device in order to bypass the activation lock using this method, so you can remove the lock remotely when you loan or sell the device.

If you know the password and would like to use it to remove the iCloud activation lock from an iPhone or iPad, just follow these simple steps:

Step 1 – Log into your iCloud account with the correct Apple ID and password

Step 2 – Open ‘Find My iPhone’ tab in iCloud, and click on All devices

Step 3 – Choose the device from which you want to remove the lock from the list, and click on Remove from account to wipe its association with that iCloud account.

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iCloud activation lock can present a serious problem if you forget the password or buy a secondhand device that was locked by its previous owner. This problem can be resolved in several ways – a person with the password could do it remotely through Find My iPhone feature, you could set up an alternative DNS path, or you could remove the lock with AnyUnlock software. This article contains detailed instructions how to bypass the lock and change the password using all of the aforementioned methods, but it’s very important to execute them very precisely and in correct order. With some luck, you should be able to regain full control over your iOS device and the associated iCloud account, even if you never manage to find the password.

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