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How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously?



Instagram Stories

The temptation to keep tabs on your former friend, ex-partner, or workmate can prompt you to creep on their account. In fact, there are times when you just want to check out their story content secretly. However, clicking on their profile icon to view their stories will notify them that you viewed it.

Although that is not illegal, you want to view stories without the poster knowing that you checked their account. Clicking on the story directly puts your name on the list of viewers, something that you might not like because you want to handle your digital life discretely.

The article will tell you how to view Instagram stories anonymously. These suggestions apply to public accounts only,

Anonymous Instagram Account

Creating an anonymous account on Instagram can allow you to view people’s Stories without automatically notifying them. You can easily maintain two accounts on Instagram, namely, the original account, and add an anonymous one. Now switch between the two whenever you want to view people’s stories secretly.

Airplane Mode

The airplane mode makes it easy to view other people’s Instagram Stories without appearing on the viewers’ list. One advantage with Instagram is that it automatically preloads stories to facilitate instant viewing when you’re offline. Therefore, clicking on the airplane mode disconnects your data connection or Wi-Fi, allowing you to view stories without being seen.

The downside of this option is that the app might not preload all the stories if the user has posted them sequentially. Therefore you won’t view them on airplane mode or offline.

Third-Party Apps

Many third-party apps and websites can help you view Instagram Stories anonymously without logging in. The challenge is that some of these sites are not secure, so you must be careful when using them.

You can begin by putting the account handle on the site’s homepage you want to view the stories on Instagram. The only downside of this option is that it can only allow you to view stories on public accounts but not private accounts.

Insta-stories is one of the third-party sites you can use to peep into stories on public accounts without logging in. You just need to enter the user name and proceed to view stories in secrecy.

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