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How to write a business analysis essay: 5 main points to consider about the company

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how to write a business analysis essay

Are you a college student hunting out for help on essay writing? Essay writing, like any other form of academic writing, is a fussy old thing. It forms the mainstay of your university degree and helps you get one step closer to your final degrees, whether it’s Ph.D. or B.Sc. However, it is no surprise that many students find essay writing tedious, exhausting, and pointless, prompting them to question whether or not essay writing is necessary. Is it possible to apply essay-writing abilities in a professional setting? Without a doubt, the ability to write an essay is vital and one of the most significant and helpful skills one can master.

What is a company analysis?

A company analysis is a common task for business school students who study management. To make this paper useful, you should look the company over from several sides. Some mandatory sections will make this type of paper effective and written according to instructions.

Below you will find the main points to consider about the company. Include them in your essay to get high grades. Moreover, if the deadline is too close and you are not sure you will handle the business analysis writing assignment by yourself, go for a working alternative – essay writing services online. You can reach out to a writing service asking them, “Please, write my essay,” and professionals will resolve all your problems.

Describe the company briefly

Start conducting the company analysis paper with a brief company introduction. You will need to include into this section such vital essentials as their name, area, or areas of their business activity. It will help if you will incorporate into an introduction part information about founders and owners. Give some catching facts from their bio to recall the interest of the readership. This section aims to draw readers’ attention and make them read your paper to the ending.

Company conditions

After the first step, where you have been introducing the company’s main peculiarities, you need to describe its current state. It is better to do it chronologically. Begin with the flashback to company history. Mention the year of establishment and describe the overall company’s path through business, highlighting the main achievements. There might be some significant milestones in the company’s history. Such landmarks can be connected to substantial changes in the team and overall business direction. Mention the company reputation they have on their market.

Company SWOT analysis

It is time to analyze the company. We recommend you use one of the widespread and prominent marketing approaches that is called SWOT analysis. The abbreviation SWOT means such four indicators as:

  • S-Strength. This internal factor depends on the company’s approach to business. This indicator shows the company’s vital skills and underlines its excellencies—for example, good marketing strategy.
  • W-Weakness. This internal factor influences the company from the inside. This indicator shows the areas of development for the company. As an example, it can be a lack of proper databases.
  • O-Opportunity. A first external factor that influences the company. This is a blind area that the company does not cover but has all the abilities to develop in that area. For example, it can be new market areas or business diversification opportunities.
  • T-Threat. The other external factor that influences the company. These are the areas for the company to keep an eye on them—for example, some of the competitors or market stagnation.

This type of analysis is irreplaceable if you need to understand the status of the company. That is why when comparing two companies you can also use the SWOT approach to underline their peculiarities and distinguishes. Researching following SWOT, you will gain all the vital data on the company and even predict its future.

Look over the financial status

The easiest way to analyze the company’s management and strategy effectiveness is to look over its’ financial reports. Comparing economic indicators of several years in terms of the global economy, external, and internal factors, you will see the effectiveness of business. Pay attention to such indicators as the stock turnover ratio, the return of investment, etc.

Future of the company

Now when you have gathered all the relevant and actual data on the company according to the previous four points, you can finalize your essay with future predictions. Compare the impact of a company’s activity in terms of the market and compare it to competitors.

Wrap Up

When conducting a business analysis essay, you should consider five essential points to describe each side of the business It is vital to mention some catching facts from company’s history and briefly describe significant milestones. Mention its current place on the market. The effective method to use is the SWOT approach and comparing financial reports. Such a system allows predicting a company’s future.

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