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How Your Startup Can Go Completely Paperless

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Startup Paperless invoicing

Applying a paperless system in your startup business is entirely possible, and it’s sustainable. The truth of the matter is that doing away with printed documents entails a wide variety of benefits that some businesses may have yet to discover until now.

But if you’re among those who’ve decided to take the plunge, you’ll be able to see the positive effects of taking that route in your daily operations soon.

But first things first: going entirely paperless will require you to implement effective measures. Organization is essential, especially if you’re looking to shift to the system gradually. No one wants to lose important documents and data in the process, so you have to be extra careful when going digital. If your business is located in the Golden State, you can contact a California records management company that provides document scanning services. High volume imaging solutions can turn a massive amount of documents into manageable and searchable images, making it easier than ever for you to access all your files from your computer, tablet, or phone.

A paperless office will become a big advantage for your business as soon as you experience the many benefits that come with it. That being said, here are some of the ways your startup company can go paperless:

  1. Utilize Desktop Document Scanners

It takes a lot of time to access information in offices where the company’s records are printed and stored in cabinets or even boxes. Especially for establishments like law firms and financial institutions that tend to accumulate paper files, it could be more challenging for them to go paperless. However, they can move toward a paperless system by gradually scanning documents and applying digital workflows, too.

Fortunately for you as a startup business owner, now’s the perfect time for you to enhance the sustainability of your operations since your enterprise is still in its early stages. One way to do so is to deploy scanning infrastructure across your business. The conversion of physical documents to an electronic format can address many concerns and bring about a whole new level of efficiency. Your business can enjoy the following benefits of using a document scanner:

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  • No Need For Physical Storage

You’ll be amazed at how much more space you’re going to have once you stop storing printed files. Making soft copy backups can be done with the help of scanning devices.

  • Convenience

It’ll no longer be necessary for you to rummage through reams of paperwork in search of one particular file because all of your important documents can be searched, stored, and retrieved on a computer or even a smartphone. In addition, all the information about a file can be stored in one place with document scanning.

  • Reduced Chances Of Misplaced Or Lost Documents

In addition to minimizing the likelihood of lost information, scanning documents helps prevent lost business opportunities due to the company’s inability to access information in a timely manner.

  • Complete Accessibility

Today’s document scanners allow for the sharing of scanned files via multiple platforms, including email, the cloud, and third-party applications. This lets everyone in the company gain full access to shared documents.

  1. Use A Storage Service

Finding the right office and getting the necessary licenses are two important steps in establishing a startup. But if you want to go paperless, another crucial thing you have to do is to get a storage device or service for your digital files. After all, you still need to keep your documents in order to use them.

An ideal storage service would enable you to access and back up your files wherever you are. Fortunately, there are many cloud services with potential maximum storage capacities offered online for free or with minimal fees. Whichever service you decide to use, stick to it so that all your electronic documents are organized and stored on a centralized platform.

  1. Use E-Signatures In Contracts And Transactions

In a typical workplace, contracts and agreements are printed out before being signed. However, you have to stop this practice if you’re after paper-free operations. As a replacement for this expensive and rather time-consuming process, opt for electronic signatures.

You can apply the same tactic to your POS transactions as well. If you’re selling tangible products, acquiring e-signatures from customers paying via credit cards is more practical. For industries or companies that want to limit physical contact between people, e-signatures are a smart way to go paperless, and they allow business and customers alike to review and sign documents anytime, anywhere.

  1. Digitize All Business Processes

A digitally driven business strategy can increase your small business’ capacity and performance, resulting in better customer experience and engagement. Having paperless business processes may mean letting your customers purchase the products they want at any time of the day and pay for them online. You can also provide them with the means to contact and request assistance from your technical support or customer service team. Customer satisfaction is improved in both cases.

A paperless company can also benefit from digitizing its finances. Small businesses can start using digital receipts, which offer advantages to both parties. You save on the cost of paper and ink, and your customers will experience convenience because unlike a paper receipt, an electronic receipt will never fade or get lost.

Direct deposit is another paperless financing method. An electronic funds transfer is cheaper and more secure than writing checks, and it facilitates easy bookkeeping.


Savings in time and cost as well as the ability to store and back up data electronically are among the perks you can enjoy when you go paperless and digitize your business processes. In addition, making the switch to a paper-free office will benefit your employees, customers, and business as a whole. With the tips outlined above, you can start inching toward a paperless system and increase your efficiency at the same time.

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