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7 Tips To Help Find An Office For Your Startup

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Tips To Help Find An Office For Your Startup

Most new startups begin in a home office. In fact, some entrepreneurs operate their business virtually to save on the overhead costs and they often hire remote employees to avoid paying rent fees on office space. But as your business and team grow, you might want to seek out a place for your growing startup.

Whether or not you have a home office, having an office space dedicated for your startup can make a difference, especially if you want to provide a better workplace for your current and future employees.

If you want to find the perfect office for your startup, here are some tips that you might want to consider:

  1. Consider Location

If the office is located far away from where you and your employees live, then it would be inconvenient for everyone. So, what you should do is to map where you and your employees live and seek out an office that’s convenient for all of you to travel to regularly.

Basically, the most essential consideration in the process is coming up with a centralized location. If you make it simple for everybody to get there, you’ll retain your employees.

It is proved that the right choice of location impacts positively on companies’ further success both in the internal and external level. Therefore when looking for the next physical location of your business it is important to pay attention to its business potential and convenience. From this viewpoint office space rentals in NYC might be a beneficial option, as the city is among the top destinations to locate a business in terms of attractiveness as well as growth opportunities.

  1. Check The Building Amenities

If you want to save on startup office space, pick the one that comes with built-in amenities, such as snacks, free coffee, printing and office supplies, community activities, and outdoor common spaces. Still, remember that some big commercial buildings are extending similar benefits to their private tenants only.

  1. Find Your Perfect Fit

Maximizing the available space in your office is crucial, especially if you’re operating a newly launched startup with a tight budget. Fortunately, there are practical and straightforward strategies you can implement to optimize the limited space at your disposal. One such approach is to invest in space-saving storage solutions, such as shelves and used lockers. These lockers, being pre-owned, can be a cost-effective way to organize and store essential items while freeing up valuable floor space. Additionally, while it’s important to have amenities like top-quality ducted air conditioning, your primary focus should be on creating an environment that provides your team with the space they need to work efficiently and effectively. By doing so, you’ll foster a productive and comfortable workspace that supports the success of your startup.

If you want to upgrade to an improved and new office, size will be your key concern, particularly in terms of giving your startup time to grow. So, look ahead to the future of your startup and opt for an office that can accommodate your team over time.

Perfect Fit

  1. Ensure You Won’t End Up With A Bad Landlord

Once you settle with bad landlords, they can make your life and your employees’ lives miserable. To ensure that you won’t end up with a bad landlord, talk to some tenants in the building you plan to rent. In this way, you can assess if you’ll get a landlord who plays fair and professionally. Besides, you don’t want to choose an office with a landlord who never resolves your concerns.

  1. Check The Price Tag

A vital question to ask yourself is whether or not the cost is right for you and your startup. It may seem obvious, but it’s essential to feel confident that you’re not stretching yourself too thin on your rent. Ensure that the office space you like doesn’t slow your startup’s growth because of the price tag attached.

Consider the hidden costs that might be attached to your offices, such as internet access, parking, and some bills that might sneak up on you. To experience peace of mind that you’ve selected an affordable option, a perfect bet is to straighten any costs before signing on the dotted line.

  1. Consider Your Startup Culture

Your office must have the necessary space to accommodate breaks and other relevant team activities while making a positive and lasting impression with clients who’ll visit you. Although appearance might not be everything, they frequently count for something in the world of business.

  1. Think About More Than The Rent

Since an office space may have an impact on your employee well-being, never let rent drive your decisions. Better space has an impact on your company culture since it’ll promote creativity and inspires people to be more productive. It can also have an impact on your startup’s ability to retain and recruit talent.

Having an office that has amenities, like food service or fitness facility on-site, can help attract key employees. It’ll be worth an extra cost to have an office that’s professional, safe, clean, and well-maintained restrooms. While it means paying more, some companies see value in that decision.


There are many things to think about before investing in an office for your startup. Whether you’re planning to expand it or you just want a bigger space for all of your employees, it’s always best to prioritize your needs and don’t forget to keep the above tips in mind. With those tips, you’ll surely find the right one suited for your growing startup and your unique needs.


Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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