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HR Contract Management Software: How an HR Department Automated Employment Workflows for Scaling

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hr contract management software

When moving from a startup to a scale-up you need to automate as much as you can. The processes that were handled manually just yesterday become the number one priority for automation to keep your team focused on growth, not administrative tasks.

That’s what Liisi Kütner, a former Recruitment & HR Partner at Viveo Health, understood when found herself in the very middle of struggle: conducting multiple contracts and other legal documents on a daily basis while Viveo Health needed to accelerate the hiring process and build up Latvian and Lithuanian teams. Avokaado helped the company manage and scale its employment process from ca 3 to 10 closed hires per month by automating HR contracts creation, workflow and document management.

“I was actively involved in the recruitment processes while conducting multiple contracts for scaling the team, so the promise for some contract automation sounded like a heaven”,

Liisi Kütner, a former Recruitment & HR Partner at Viveo Health

Viveo Health is the frontrunner in telemedicine that provides an end-to-end platform to give customers instant access to the doctors (online and offline) that is covered by private health insurance.

The challenge: Increased volumes of HR documents and forms under time pressure

A regular hiring process at Viveo Health would usually include from 3 to 5 employment contracts or annexes to manage in a month. That’s a totally fair workload to handle manually. Though, due to rapid company growth and expansion to 5 foreign countries the hiring volumes got much higher – up to 3-5 candidates to close (and therefore contracts) a day.

Document collection from these new candidates was also not easy. At that moment Liisi was seriously considering hiring an HR/Contract Specialist who would take care of the document collection to complete their document checklists as well as drafting for new employees or figuring out how she could hand over some part of contract management to the direct or country managers.

Liisi Kütner comments on the HR documentation process before contract automation happened to Viveo Health“Usually, for me, during the high-volume recruitment periods, the main bottleneck used to be a contract drafting stage. A typical contract bundle consisted of 3-5 separate documents based on a role and included two languages as we hire internationally. So it meant a lot of copy-pasting of the same information again and again as well as playing around with the formatting. Personally, for me, it was a struggle to draft contracts between meetings and interviews when I had to switch from being in an interview mode to an eagle-eye contract writing mode. I must admit the mistakes were easy to slip in when rushing. At times, I used to take a separate day for contract management, but sometimes deadlines weren’t that generous”.

The solution: Document management software for HR

The fact was that Liisi had to stay focused on recruiting top talents and onboarding new team members – she could not waste her hours on document drafting and managing the further contract process flow.

To help Liisi stay focused Avokaado’s automated document generation took a chunk of her HR documentation process over:

  • Pre-approved templates: no need to start a document from scratch as automated templates cover all the possible alternatives in contract types and specific parts. Having all the logics and scenarios automated in a master template such as NDA makes contract generation more efficient and faster, especially when the employment contract is bilingual.
  • Mass-drafting: an employment contract bundle that consists of 5 separate documents (the main agreement, 2 annexes, an internal policy and tax-free income application) is now drafted with one questionnaire so Liisi gets 5 separate documents at the same time.
  • Automatic formatting: Viveo’s branding and style were added to the templates so it has totally Viveo’s look and feel on each document, automatically.
  • Document collaboration: A possibility to share the editing process with hiring managers as sometimes a new employee’s team lead adds the tasks to the contract before it’s sent out to be signed by the new employee, Liisi or management.
  • Document workflow automation: it was important for Liisi to have document workflow and movement on one platform that is super easy and logical. It helped get contracts executed right away – integrated electronic global signatures were especially important when hiring internationally.

“There were a few times I could start and finish drafting a contract with interruptions, it always felt it took 1-2 hours at least, if not more. It also depended on what information was needed to add and how quickly it was possible for me to get the information from the hiring manager or a new employee. Avokaado’s shared editing option solved this data collection bottleneck for me”,

Liisi Kütner, a former Recruitment & HR Partner at Viveo Health

In addition, Liisi mentions that it’s very important that a new user would be able to draft and process a document independently after having an onboarding demo. So, quick onboarding and a user-friendly interface are must-haves. That’s what brought Viveo Health to the results way faster.

The results: Time saved and accuracy achieved

HR document management at Viveo Health experienced a clear difference in time before Avokaado and after Avokaado:

  • Cost efficiency: there was no need to hire an HR/Contract Specialist anymore, moreover, with multiple users, such hr document management software gets even more cost-effective.
  • Saved time: it’s directly connected with the speed of document drafting and contract workflow management, especially when scaling a company.
  • Compliance and accuracy: automated templates allow working at the speed of thought, but without human errors as well as achieve a consistent contract structure.

“Thanks to getting introduced to Avokaado there was no need to hire another person anymore, at least not right away. With Avokaado, I could trust that the layout for the final contract is always perfect and I never miss a field to fill in or update in a contract. So simple. After the onboarding period with Avokaado the workflow on contracts got a sudden relief”,

Liisi Kütner, a former Recruitment & HR Partner at Viveo Health

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About Avokaado :

Avokaado is a pioneer in digitizing document workflows. Our team is an expert in building document management systems, template development and collaboration platforms. 👉 Request a demo and we’ll show how you can start optimize your contract lifecycle management today.

This article was originally published on Avokaado blog

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