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8 Valuable Ideas for Your Small Business to Thrive During Uncertain Times

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“Small business growth during tough times is the result of forces working together and integrating the right marketing strategies into the business plan.”

No matter how hard work you do, your small business sales and leads might suffer during tough times. But you don’t have to be disheartened as there is always a plan for difficult circlumstances. You can get ahead of your competitors, even in a challenging situation. From analysing your business model to wining your competitors’ customers, implementing a few ideas in advance can assist you as a small business owner to thrive during the uncertain times. Let us look at some of the valuable tips mentioned below in detail. 

 1. Optimise Your Business Model 

Your business plan is responsible for providing a shape to your startup financing. Therefore, during an uncertain or challenging situation, you have to optimise your business model. In this, you can ensure that your small business idea survives and thrives the unfavourable economic times. Thus, have a word with your current vendors, lenders, and employees and take their feedback. As a result, you can identify your business area of improvement and also the new opportunities. 

 2. Cut Down on Big Expenses 

Often, starting a new business causes big expenses. But, during tough times, it can be risky for your small business. Thus, try to cut down on large costs after knowing its source. Here performing a complete analysis of business spending can help you discover expenses irrelevant to your growth. These are the overheads that you have to eliminate. Eventually, you can use the saved money for your business development and growth. 

 3. Audit Your Cash Flow  

Cash flow is one of the essential elements that keeps your small business growing. However, there are many factors that impact the cash flow, especially during uncertain times. It includes natural disasters, the downturn in the overall economy, new competitors in the market and much more. Thus, audit your cash flow and try to maintain it by keeping a good relationship with your lenders, in case you need to borrow. Also, establish a clean track record with your bank for better chance at getting a business loan or other credits.

4. Empower Connection with Existing Clients 

It is the fact that retaining existing clients is easier than getting new ones. Therefore, during uncertain times, it is best to empower your connection with existing customers. You can establish a strong bond with clients by providing special rewards or discounts. Take time to call your customers and know their needs are being fulfilled or not. Then make sure you deliver what your clients require. Overall, building and maintaining your current customers’ connection is the magic mantra to survive in a tough time. 

 5. Revisit Your Marketing Strategies

Marketing tactics are the best when it comes to enhancing your brand name in front of potential customers. Thus, it is vital to review or revisit the marketing strategies you have integrated into your small business plan. Also, checking is essential because marketing strategies keep on updating. Implement the changes required or opt for the recent tactics that might help your small business growth like paid ads or mail marketing. You can even consult the best digital marketing agency for the advice and valuable tips on how marketing tactics can help your small business grow during an unfortunate time.  

6. Focus on Customer Service

One satisfied customer will bring two new customers for your small business. This tagline is relevant for every small business who is on their growing phase. You need new customers, and for that, the service you provide should be pleasing and worth the money. Take an oath of providing the best customer service and see the results you are getting. Every successful small business treats their customers like kings and queens during the uncertain situation. So, why not you? Just focus on providing satisfying customer service and get the best outcomes. 

 7. Look for New Business Through Social Media 

Social media is one of the powerful platforms when it comes to small business development. If you are unaware and not utilising social media channels for promoting your business, then read and learn about new tools. Once you know about the different social media tools and their benefits, you can target the right people and connect with those who require your product or service. From Facebook advertising to hosting live-streaming events, all are the ways to engage with your customers. 

8. Analyse Your Competition and Win Their Customers 

One of the valuable ideas that you can consider for your small business to survive during a troublesome time is analysing your competitor and win their clients. Research your business rivals and observe what they are doing for business growth in a challenging situation. After that, make a plan on what you can do to entice their clients to convert into your customers. See their advertising strategies, content quality on the website, and then implement accordingly to generate leads. 

The Final Words 

Starting a small business is never easy. Even growing and sustaining it in every situation is more complicated, especially during the hard economic time. Most of the business owners get into stress and depression when they see their business is going down. But as it is said that with every difficult situation, there comes a solution. So as that, implementing the above mentioned 8 valuable ideas can help ensure that your small business can survive tough times and even generate profits. All you need is to analyse the things properly, look at which tactics are working for your small business, and search for new ways to increase sales.  

Kokou Adzo is the editor and author of He is passionate about business and tech, and brings you the latest Startup news and information. He graduated from university of Siena (Italy) and Rennes (France) in Communications and Political Science with a Master's Degree. He manages the editorial operations at

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