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Improve User Adoption with Digital Adoption Platform

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The tectonic shift in the nature of the workplace due to digital transformation, more so in the wake of the pandemic, has created an unprecedented need for employees to handle several point solutions required to perform their jobs.

Although expected to instill efficiency, introducing several digital solutions as an integral part of the work hasn’t received the desired response. According to the recent Gartner survey, 60% of workers said new software had occasionally or frequently frustrated them within the past 24 months. Additionally, 40% of users have resisted using applications after a negative experience by using minimal features, avoiding or delaying use.

The imperative to use Digital Adoption Platforms (DAP) in organizations has been to remove this impediment and avoid employees disengaging from technology or underperforming in their designated roles. Application leaders are thus turning to digital adoption platforms as an integral part of their digital transformation strategy to bolster user adoption.


Probing Low User Adoption

Despite companies’ best efforts and extensive investment in in-classroom training, video-based training, and user manuals, many users do not regularly use digital tools to the desired degree.

Assistive aids like videos and manuals have proved ineffective and non-productive as users are continually disengaged from applications to gather appropriate information. Ineffective training methods and, most importantly, the lack of real-time support leaves users in a predicament trying to navigate through the application. Such workflow struggles impede the success of any digital transformation program.

Even after supporting employees with training programs are over, most tend to forget the important parts of the process involved in handling the application. Adding to the companies’ woes, people have the propensity to drastically forget most of the acquired knowledge over time when there is no conscious attempt made to retain it. It is thus imperative that users are continually facilitated and assisted to learn the tools and internalize the information.

How DAPs Can Positively Impact User Adoption

Digital Adoption Platform provides performance support at the moment of a users’ need to drive adoption of implemented technology. DAP supports users by providing just-in-time contextual guidance to enhance user productivity & better the experience. Digital Adoption Platforms guide users with step-by-step instructions and assist in executing multi-fold and complex processes.


Artificial intelligence (AI) for analytics in DAP forms a core component of optimizing user experience and gleaning insights on how users engage with the applications. Following are the key benefits of analytics in DAP and its role in improving user adoption:

  • DAP analyzes clickstreams to understand how long users take to execute tasks and where users get stuck or abandon the process completely. It also provides the ability to track improvements in usage.
  • DAP analytics uncover insights on where users are dropping out of the guidance. This helps to understand issues in the process and provides valuable information to administrators to make corrective changes to workflows and optimize for better performance.
  • Using the trend analysis facility in DAP, administrators can avoid a fallout in usage and adoption.
  • Coupling DAP analytics with other corporate data, such as support tickets or satisfaction surveys, can uncover additional insights to adjust and provide better processes and information.

DAPs are loaded with walk-throughs, articles, GIFs, PPTs and videos directly relevant to the user’s role and wherever they are in the application. This relieves users from having to skim through unrelated sections of the knowledge base to find help and makes it easier to access all learning resources inside the application.

Digital Adoption Platforms also utilize gamification as a way to engage employees more effectively. They also have the facility to automate repetitive manual tasks that drastically reduce employee effort. This leads to improved productivity, better adoption, and a more satisfactory engagement.


Digital Adoption Platforms establish a guided workflow to encourage users to execute tasks consistently and efficiently. It offers validation and tips for end-users, concertedly guiding them through their daily tasks.

While DAP offers insightful solutions to understand where users are struggling and improve areas of friction, enterprises must examine business processes to simplify them and enable automation where the opportunity persists in achieving the desired outcomes.


Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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