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Improve Your Records and Decrease Clutter With Automated Payroll

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From simplifying the process of approving time sheets to allowing employees to access their payroll information, automating payroll can save time, money and stress. For employers, one of the most important benefits of automating payroll is the effortless organization that comes with it. Read on to learn more about how to improve your records and decrease clutter with Beti automated payroll.

Challenges of Manual Payroll

Traditional payroll is a complex system of calculations, records and manual processes. Doing payroll by hand requires a lot of labor from HR departments. This is why automated payroll is becoming more popular, the new normal for human resources professionals.

Doing payroll the traditional way requires tons of paperwork and manual filing. Especially for small- to mid-sized businesses, manual payroll comes with many challenges. The burden of payroll is placed on a small HR staff or sometimes other employees who are not experienced with payroll. Some of the biggest challenges of manual payroll are clutter, disorganization and improper record-keeping.

All of these issues can continue to worsen over time and cause problems internally. Disorganized records create a hassle for HR departments and reduce employee satisfaction. For example, when tax season comes around, it may be difficult to find the proper documents an employee needs to access. Because of the huge mess of paperwork and filing errors, it may take hours of time to find misplaced documents.

Clutter and record-keeping issues can also cause external issues. Legally, businesses are required to keep their employees’ payroll records for a certain amount of years, per the IRS and U.S. Department of Labor regulations. If a lawsuit is filed against your company, proper record-keeping is essential. Imagine what can happen if you don’t have (or can’t find) the correct documents.

How Automated Payroll Can Help

Automated payroll is a simple solution to reducing clutter and establishing good record-keeping practices. Here is how it can help your business.

Decrease Clutter

Moving away from relying on paper and manual record-keeping systems drastically reduces clutter.

Going from paper to digital storage will eliminate physical clutter. Even more so, it will automatically keep files organized and easily accessible.

Digital storage is the logical solution for keeping the vital employee payroll records you need. You will no longer need to sort through file cabinets or clean out old records since they will all be archived online.

Improve Record-Keeping

Automated payroll generates records for you and keeps them in the right location. Without any labor on your end, the program organizes files by time and employee name. You’ll no longer have to worry about physically storing or managing these important records.

All of the necessary payroll information will be kept in one place, available to access at your fingertips. This drastically simplifies tax filing and payroll data analysis.

Automated payroll has plenty of perks that can give companies relief and peace of mind. For the busy HR professional, messy paper trails and disorganized files are a nightmare. Choose to improve your records and decrease clutter with automated payroll.


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