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Is Cryptocurrency a Stable Enough Investment to Rely on for Retirement?

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People have made enormous amounts of money in years, months, or even weeks by investing in cryptocurrencies. In a way, cryptocurrency investment guarantees one of sizable returns, having considered all the underlying factors. This is because, since the inception of the first digital coin, the Bitcoin, in 2009, many people have splashed their fortunes in this investment with the hope of taking home high returns after a certain trading duration. Cryptocurrency trading brings high profits and losses in equal measures. This article analyzes this investment’s viability for retirement, based on various factors, as discussed in the following sections.

Cryptocurrency Today

There are several types of cryptocurrencies in the market today. However, Bitcoin stands as the most embraced coin by many individual investors and companies, currently with an estimated market value of $116 billion. Although this value has seen fluctuations over previous years, people are increasingly pegging their future on cryptocurrency investment.

Several other cryptocurrencies are currently emerging and being introduced in the market, fiercely rivaling the Bitcoin. Examples of these alternative altcoins are Lightning Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. There are faster transactions at reduced fees with Lightning Bitcoin, while Litecoin supports a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading. The technology infused with Ethereum enables its traders to use it in crowdsourced projects.

These factors, coupled with the Bitcoin market stability, drive more people to consider investing in cryptocurrency, even for a period extending into retirement. Many believe that these coins’ popularity implies their future stability in terms of ensuring financial security in retirement days. However, several factors have to be critically analyzed before taking such a financial step, as explained in the following section.


As much as risk-driven investors are attracted to cryptocurrency investment due to its price volatility. This factor equally robs other people interested in making long-term commitments using their capital. Bitcoin and other altcoins have been in the market for a considerable period now. They invoke equal degrees of fear and excitement to potential and seasoned investors. Depending on the amount of investment, the near future could come with a substantial fortune or an empty account due to the fluctuating nature of the cryptocurrency market prices.


Cryptocurrency is pretty everywhere, thanks to advancements in technology and the internet. This means that buying coins is simply a matter of acquiring a digital wallet, which takes a few minutes of verification procedures. Similarly, mining coins only requires a mining rig. Considering these factors, investing in cryptocurrency has become easier for many people anywhere globally, especially with various coins.

Investment Period

How long one is committing its capital in cryptocurrency largely depends on individual financial goals. However, there are other external factors, especially regarding the future of cryptocurrency. Economists share contradicting ideas on whether a cryptocurrency will be accepted as a mainstream means of payment shortly. In case this happens, the values of the coins will rise significantly, facilitating the introduction of a new way of spending. However, this is merely a speculation, which brings many to the consideration of investing in cryptocurrency for more extended periods extending into retirement. An analysis of the following factors should aid in weighing the viability of this consideration.

Retirement Investment

When considering investing in cryptocurrency for retirement, it is wise to analyze the following factors before deciding.

Long-term Growth

When closing into retirement, one should consider making long-term plans, including investment. This is where all factors regarding the line of investment chosen are put on the table and analyzed carefully. History may prove of help at this stage, as people want to examine investment plans’ historical financial stability. However, even with an ocean of historical facts on the S&P 500 and other related stock companies, investors find it challenging to establish a comparative analysis of crypto investment in the mainstream, especially on a long-term basis. Therefore, it could be risky to commit one’s money for a retirement investment in cryptocurrency.

How Consistent Are They?

Life in retirement requires a regular stream of income to cope with the problems associated with ripe age and family emergencies. Therefore, while investing for retirement, a consideration should focus on the regularity of the returns in the form of income, which currently does not guarantee the cryptocurrency investment. The coins, including Bitcoin, do not offer regular dividends, nor do they guarantee interest to investors, and the interest growth rate is not steady enough. Therefore, investing in cryptos for retirement would prove detrimental to financial stability.

Coping with Risks

People heading into retirement should ideally plan on minimizing the levels of risks to be encountered in their financial lives. Investing in cryptocurrency is a healthy move, especially when there have been considerable returns in the previous trading. However, when nearing retirement, putting all the investment money in cryptos in the hope of better yields is financial suicide. To avoid such risks, consider investing in multiple assets, in which when one fails, the other sustains the retirement lifestyle. Investing in cryptocurrency should be cushioned with other possible streams of income to minimize the risk of losing all the capital and retirement savings due to the fluctuating nature of the digital currencies market prices.

The Bottom Line

Cryptocurrency is currently being embraced by the millennials and adults in equal measures as one sure way of making substantial returns in shorter periods. Many are considering committing to this investment for more extended periods, even into their retirement. Although crypto’s future is speculated to be promising, the coins’ market price volatility puts a question mark on such a move to turn out financially rewarding in the retirement days.

This article has discussed factors in contradiction of relying on crypto investment as the sole source of income in retirement, let alone making one rich. However, when coupled with other investment programs, cryptos are a sure way of building and strengthening one’s financial portfolio, becoming a better supplement to income in retirement life. In case you want to invest, learn about the best cryptos, check Instant Loan and get started.


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