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Is Using Random Password Generators Safe for My Company?

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Is Using Random Password Generators Safe for My Company

There are a plethora of random password generators in the market today, and most individuals have turned to them to create passwords for various websites. Unfortunately, most of them still are not very sure whether these online password generators are secure.

Are the passwords generated truly randomized? Maybe they are random, but is using a random password generator safe for your startup security?

Now, the short answer is simply that it’s safe to use password generators for general purposes. For instance, it’s way safer to have your passwords created by a random password generator than using easy-to-crack passwords. However, digging deeper, the longer answer could be more complicated.

The Benefits of Password Generators

There’s no denying that random password generators, such as this password generator or this one here, can help you come up with strong passwords. In fact, some of these password generator tools give you the power to customize the length and characteristics of your password.

Moreover, all the password generators are available for free, meaning you’ll be creating as many passwords as you like without getting into your pocket – unless some have advanced versions that might ask you to subscribe, which is rare.

Furthermore, some password generators are open-source, and that they run on your device and not within the browser. For those folks that always require new passwords often to protect access to the most sensitive programs as well as managing several different passwords at a go, then password generators tools are the most appropriate.

Moreover, they create lengthy passwords that even you cannot be able to memorize. Therefore, it’s easy to say that they are one of the best means of coming up with strong and secure passwords.

So, does that mean that password generators are indeed the way to go for creating passwords?

Unfortunately not, for instance, once the tool has generated your new password, you’re only required to copy it and then paste it on the relevant place. Therefore, it means that there’s no way that you’re going to save the newly generated password – unless you store it in your browser.

Risks Associated with Password Generators

There’s a major concern with password generators; there’s no guarantee that the company behind the password generator will or not know your generated password. That means you might be thinking that your password is only known to you but instated, it’s in the records of the parent company.

The password generator could use the HTTPS communication protocol, just like other secure sites. Still, it might be far less superior from the rest, like, for example, the bank-level encryption. Therefore, it means that in case the password generator tool’s site is compromised, then all the passwords that you might have created using the tool could be stolen and then decrypted easily.

In fact, even some password managers do not advocate that you use the online password generator tools to create your password for places that contain highly sensitive data. Therefore, that one alone should be a clear indication that the risks associated with these online random password generators are something that you should about.

But since the generated passwords are strong and secure, how about you keep them safe?

How to Keep Randomly Generated Passwords Safe

One thing is for sure; randomly generated passwords from these tools are robust and hard-to-crack. Therefore, it means that they’re the sort of passwords that you need to keep your several websites safe.

However, it doesn’t mean that you must stay away from online password generator tools with the concern already in place. All that you have to do is to keep the generated passwords safe.

So, how are you supposed to do that?

It’s quite simple! All you have to do is to ensure that you only surf the websites in incognito mode. The other method is to simply come up with a complex but easy-to-remember type of password.

Furthermore, there’s an easy route that you can follow, which is ensuring that you use only password generators that are provided by the same company that develops password managers. Remember that password managers always guarantee the safety of your passwords.

Moreover, such password manager providers offer all the advantages of the regular online password generator, such as customizable strong passwords. Furthermore, they as well guarantee that neither the internet service provider (ISP) nor the software developer will be able to know the kind of password that you might have created.

Therefore, it’s highly recommended that you use password managers as the programs also work on an array of platforms, and they include an inbuilt password generator. Moreover, they store all your passwords securely in the cloud, meaning you don’t have to memorize them one by one. Furthermore, they encrypt all the data you enter; hence, they add an extra security layer that random password generators won’t provide.

Bottom Line

Although online password generators are never truly random, the chances of someone guessing the password created are incredibly slim. Therefore, it can easily be said that using a random password generator is generally safe. However, given the concerns, you might want to consider a password manager.


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