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Hyundai e Canoo verso il futuro: La produzione di veicoli elettrici

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The carmaker Hyundai and startups Canoo join their energies on developing a fully electric platform that will be based on scalable skateboard design designed from the start-up and therefore, will be used by future electric vehicles produced by South Korean company.


Hyundai will be able to reduce costs for the development of electric models, thanks to the start-up and to allow the transfer of these savings to consumers. Hyundai Motor Group R&D Head Albert Biermann said:

We were very impressed with the speed and efficiency with which Canoo developed its innovative EV architecture, making them the perfect engineering partner for us as we transition to becoming at the forefront of the future mobility industry. We will work with Canoo engineers to develop an affordable Hyundai platform concept that is self-contained ready and fit for mass adoption . ”

Canoo’s boss Ulrich Kranz , on the other hand, stated that:

We have worked diligently to develop a bold new electric vehicle and partnering with a global leader like Hyundai is an important moment for our young company. It is a real honor for us to help the Korean automotive manufacturer explore EV architecture concepts for their future models.

Canoo will provide engineering services in the field of electric cars thanks to which it is becoming increasingly popular and becoming a guarantee for the sector; already last September 2019, it unveiled its spacious electric van which will hopefully be built in 2021.

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