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Leaflet or flyer: which one to choose?



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To promote their products and services, companies communicate about their offer using different communication media. These differ according to the nature of the commercial event: fairs, exhibitions, gala evenings, festivals, etc. However, certain communication media – particularly from print – remain timeless and are suitable for all kinds of advertising campaigns; these are the flyers and leaflets.

What are the differences between the flyer and the leaflet?

A flyer is an informative document – small in size most of the time – used to promote an event. It is also called advertising leaflet, paper leaflet, prospectus, etc. It is found a lot in advertising campaigns intended for a large audience because of its affordable printing cost. As for the leaflet, as its name suggests, it is made up of folds and therefore of shutters which allows, in particular, to integrate more elements on the advertising medium and better organize its message to convince.

Uneven lifespan

These two media have a common objective: that of informing your prospects for a limited time. Nevertheless, the flyer will have a shorter lifespan than the leaflet. Indeed, less robust, flyers are generally small so that they can fit everywhere. The aim of the leaflet is to provide more information on its activity, its brand, etc. Thus, it is generally larger and thicker and must be particularly attractive to the target.

Therefore, these two advertising media do not have the same impact; in this sense, they can quite combine or complement each other.

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