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We talked to Mark E Rousso, from Rousso Law PA, a boutique Real Estate and Corporate Law Firm

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Interview with Mark E Rousso,  from Rousso Law PA, a boutique Real Estate and Corporate Law Firm with offices located in North Miami, Florida has more than 20 years of experience advising investors, buyers, sellers, and corporations in the USA and Latin America.

1. Why did you decide to go into law school?


Mark E Rousso : I was a computer science and math major in college but by sophmore year I knew that my future would not be in the computer field. I am more of a people person and did not enjoy being behind a screen or working with flow charts and the like. While thinking through things that I could possibly do I came across an article that discussed different career paths available to law school graduates and my interest peaked. That night I discussed it with my dad who was vehemently against me going to law school. He felt that there were too many lawyers and I wouldn’t find a job. His insistence that I not do it coupled with my stubbornness and will to prove I could be successful at anything I put my mind to is what pushed me into taking the step and going to law school.

2. Did you ever have doubts about your career path?

Mark E Rousso : Early on as an attorney working for a small firm I wondered if the legal profession was a good step for me. I got an offer to go back to a prominent school in the north-east to get an MBA and I considered it. Once I crunched the numbers it dawned on me that going back to school for an MBA would set me back multiple years on reaching my financial goals, so I continued on my career path and never looked back.

3. Did you have a mentor?

Mark E Rousso : I wouldn’t say I had a mentor per se. There are many people I looked up to but not one in particular. I looked up to people that as myself came from a humble background and fought their way up the ladder of success.

4. Which business leaders do you admire most.

Mark E Rousso : As I said I admire self-made people. To that end I look at people like Sergey Brin and Jeff Bezos. Both of them started from modest places and both are now amongst the most successful people in the world.

5. How do you see your industry evolving in the future.

Mark E Rousso : Law has always been very paper intensive. That is changing. Today with electronic communications and storage, there is less need to keep hard copies of documents. It has become even more apparent today in the day and age of covid that people prefer to sign documents electronically and not show up to closings in person if it can be avoided.

6. What motivates you.

Mark E Rousso : Growing up in a poor household motivated me to do all I could to be successful and provide a comfortable home for my children. I made it a primary objective to make sure that my children not feel how I felt growing up.

7. How do you unwind.

Mark E Rousso : I am an avid runner and also enjoy spinning and weight training. I also enjoy reading. Reading allows me to enter a different universe as created by the author.

8. Any advice for our readers.

Mark E Rousso : If you put your mind to doing something nothing can stop you other than you.

Mark Rousso is using his extensive experience in the Real Estate industry in order to create a smart and open approach to offer quality, expertise, and professional attention to his clients, and with much confusion in today’s economy, having a lawyer you can really trust is one less thing to worry about.


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