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Mastering Your Role in CS:GO: Which Skins to Choose and How to Use Them

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According to Dot Esports, up to 1.5 million people played CS:GO in 2022. Such a great number of gamers causes the desire to stand out from the crowd. With original skins, you may do that. Furthermore, unusual items can improve self-confidence. This will be especially noticeable in csgo source 2, where the skins will become more detailed, but players will be able to evaluate this a bit later. Now let’s figure out which Counter-Strike: Global Offensive item is best for your role and skills in the game.

How to Develop Your CS:GO Style Through Original Skins

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Experts recommend considering players’ character features when they develop or improve their unique appearance in the game. For example, decisive and venturesome gamers are advised to choose skins in red as well as violet shades. Confident ones should pick CS:GO inventory in orange colors. Those with nerves of steel are recommended to select items in gray and blue tones. Finally, creative players may choose skins in violet shades.

Try to Match Your Items in Color

The rulers of the Achaemenid Empire had a special squad in their army called the detachment Persian Immortals. It was the most effective military unit in the army. Persian Immortals wore luxurious clothing, each element of which had a carefully developed design. They believed that nice clothes scared enemies on the battlefield. That’s because soldiers in such clothing seemed bolder and more majestic.

So, try to select skins having similar color combinations and designs. This way, you’ll not only show your unique taste to everyone but also scare opponents. Moreover, players having well-chosen items gain more respect from their team members. And this, in turn, may boost your ongoing CS:GO squad role. Thus, you will definitely obtain more responsible combat jobs and consequently gain more fame.

Which Skin Print to Choose

Ancient armies frequently chose different animals and mythical creatures to highlight their honor. For instance, one of the main standards of the Roman legions was the Aquila (eagle). And Ancient Egyptians considered Sekhmet, the creature with a lion head, the goddess of war. So, if you want to feel the primal spirit of war, pick, for example, weapons with tiger prints, images of serpents, etc.

If players really enjoy destroying enemies in CS:GO, they can make the gaming process even more fun. In this case, pick skins with prints based on famous characters. Furthermore, the CS:GO inventory menu offers items with inscriptions. Such skins will encourage you to fight even more selflessly.

Choosing CS:GO a Skin Depending on Its Level

Players may get items with the following float values:

  1. Factory New — these are skins that haven’t been used before. Typically, skilled gamers own such items. However, newbies can also buy them on marketplaces like DMarket.
  2. Minimal Wear — commonly, there are few differences between these items and Factory New ones. Minimal Wear skins are cheaper, though. So, players may safely purchase skins with this exterior if they don’t strive to save funds but still want their CS:GO inventory to look new.
  3. Field-Tested — such items are probably the most commonly used ones. They have favorable prices but at the same time look almost perfect. Both skilled and novice players use them.
  4. Well-Worn — these items commonly have visible traces of use. Consequently, their prices are lower. Skilled gamers choose such skins when they want to get rare CS:GO inventory at a good cost.
  5. Battle-Scarred — such items are perfect for newbies. That’s because the aforementioned skins usually cost up to several USD. They’re very different from the Factory New ones. Battle-Scarred items are still good to start your CS:GO path, though.

So, as you can see, even players with small budgets may get original, nay, rare skins if they find desirable items of corresponding float values.

Choosing CS:GO Items Depending on Your Role

Here, players should consider the following things:

  1. Entry Fraggers have to shock competitors. So, experts recommend these players choose skins with vibrant shades.
  2. In-Game Leaders are advised to select items having neutral designs. That’s because such a player is the brain of a whole team. And too bright shades may distract In-Game Leaders.
  3. Support players are recommended to use moderately-shaded items. Their skins shouldn’t be more eye-catching than the CS:GO inventory of Entry Fraggers. Otherwise, they will be under intensive fire.
  4. AWPers and Lurkers should pick skins with low-key designs. That’s because such players typically have to destroy competitors quietly from covers.

You may find more information about items for players of different roles in blogs (for example, on


Choosing a suitable skin is an incredibly important process for CS:GO players. Items with the right designs will help you gain respect from teammates and become more intimidating to competitors. Experts recommend picking skins while considering your team role and personal character features.

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