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5 Smart Reasons to Use Mobile Messaging for Enterprise Businesses

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Consumers increasingly rely on mobile devices to communicate with businesses as the world continues to navigate the new normal brought on by the pandemic. For instance, instead of visiting a business or approaching a store staff in person, customers now use their mobile devices to find out more information about a product or service a brand offers.

It’s also true when it comes to getting updates on certain items’ availability. With online purchases exceeding USD$2.4 trillion in 2020 and a large part of it attributed to mobile, it’s safe to say that mobile messaging has never been more important for consumers and enterprise businesses alike. (1)

How’s mobile technology keeping up with the trend?

The good news for enterprise businesses is that mobile messaging never stands still. It keeps evolving and bringing new compelling ways for brands to reach their customers, thanks to an effective mix of technological innovations and creative platform or app implementation.

Today, mobile messaging providers like allow business owners to centralize their mobile marketing campaigns and programs, creating a seamless user experience. Business messaging also provides business enterprises with transactional notifications and advanced automated artificial intelligence (AI) tools, like chatbots. Business owners can even expect 24/7 customer support from mobile messaging apps or platforms, which has been significantly lacking in the past.

Here, we’ll deep dive into some of the smart reasons to start using mobile messaging if your brand hasn’t done so yet.

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1- Consumers expect brands to optimize their communications for mobile

Mobile-optimized communications are integral for enterprise businesses’ digital presence nowadays. That’s because consumers have shown a preference for mobile commerce. In fact, 63% of smartphone users are more likely to buy from brands that offer them relevant recommendations on services or products they may be interested in using mobile-optimized channels. They’re also more likely to return to websites optimized for mobile. (2)

Such an expectation for mobile communications among consumers boils down to one thing: they want to communicate however and whenever they want. Their patience for restrictive hours of operation and hold music has dwindled.

In other words, they want, more than ever, to be the ones to call the shots. Mobile messaging makes it possible for them, making them feel empowered by putting the products and services of any business at their fingertips. By leveraging mobile messaging for your enterprise business, your customers won’t have to jump through hoops again just to connect with your sales or customer service reps.

2- Mobile messaging allows enterprise businesses to reach the most people

When marketing a product or service, every enterprise business’s goal is to reach the most people possible. Of course, websites, blogs, email, and other communication channels allow brands to supply prospects and customers with information. Still, few compare to mobile messaging regarding the number of people that can be reached, considering that the number of smartphone users worldwide was already over 3.6 billion last year, and experts expect it to reach 4.3 billion by 2023. (3)

Add the fact that mobile messaging is concise, has a prominent position on a consumer’s phone, and makes timely delivery possible, and it’s not hard to see 90% of mobile messages are read within three minutes of being received! (4)

Furthermore, enterprise businesses operating in the US will be glad to know that 80% of smartphone users in the country actually check their devices within 15 minutes of waking up. (4)

At the end of the day, mobile messaging allows brands to connect with more people, giving them more chances of converting prospects into paying customers.

3- Customer engagement happens with less friction when done through mobile messaging

Engaging prospects and customers also become more straightforward through mobile messaging. That’s possible thanks to smartphones’ popularity among consumers nowadays. In fact, compared to email and social media, the response rate of mobile messages is 209% higher! (5)

The easier engagement with mobile messaging is true whether you’re sending out an outbound message to a customer to remind them of a product or service promotion or receiving an inbound message from customers who want to book your service or purchase something from you. Also, you can build stronger relationships that can help fuel higher revenue and brand loyalty since information exchange between your customers and your brand happens on their preferred channel.

4- It will save enterprise businesses a significant amount of time

Thanks to features that automate data collection and information sharing, such as chatbots, enterprise businesses’ operations also become more efficient with mobile messaging.

Here’s a closer look at two of the essential automation features of most mobile messaging platforms:

  • Chatbots: Bots can route customers to the appropriate customer service agent or sales rep, depending on their specific needs. Chatbots can even guide customers in every step of their journey-from initial contact with the brand to final feedback after buying a product or service.
  • Snippets: Snippet is another automation feature that’s making the customer experience better while saving time for enterprise businesses. Snippets are actually pre-built responses to common customer questions. Customer service agents and sales reps can access them with a few keystrokes in most mobile messaging platforms. With these, agents and reps don’t have to retype the same answer to recurring queries from prospects and customers regarding a specific product or service. They can even be fully customized to suit an agent or rep’s unique workflow!

5- Mobile messaging makes it possible for enterprise businesses to keep all essential customer information in one place

Most mobile messaging platforms or apps can also serve as a single messaging thread for dealing with prospects and customers. For that reason, finding relevant customer information becomes much simpler. Instead of digging through multiple email chains, sales reps and customer service agents can just open a specific messaging thread and quickly obtain the details they need. Simple.


Those are only some of the reasons enterprise businesses should jump into the mobile messaging trend if they haven’t done so yet. A couple of years ago, industry experts said that mobile would be the next big thing in marketing. Well, it’s here now! Failing to leverage it for your enterprise business will only result in your brand getting left behind in the increasingly competitive market.

However, keep in mind that not all mobile messaging platforms are created equal. So, do your own research before dipping your feet into the mobile messaging waters.


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