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Monopoly Go’s latest digging event: Everything you need to know



Monopoly Go's latest digging event

Monopoly Go’s latest digging event is a celebration of the platform’s first anniversary. Ever since being launched by game developer, Scopely, in collaboration with Hasbro, the mobile phone app has proven to be a hit with gamers worldwide and the latest digging event proves that its success is down to simplicity.

The latest digging event is called ‘Anniversary Treasures’ and the concept is very simple – collect shovels through the main game and then dig for rewards. The more you dig, the more you will win.

Monopoly Go's latest digging event

Monopoly Go’s latest digging event: How to win

In order to ‘win’ on Monopoly Go’s latest digging event, Anniversary Treasures’, players must complete 20 digging levels. Each level will require users to hunt for treasure with each one requiring a bit of luck in order to complete in the shortest amount of moves possible.

The digging events follow the same premise as the classic game, battleships, where you have to select a random square on a board and hope it uncovers part of the treasure. Once you have found all the hidden treasure on a particular level, you will move on to the next one.

Each level has its own reward for completion with the end goal to complete all 20 levels and take home the biggest prize – more on that shortly.

Anniversary Treasures: How to find shovels

To be able to complete Monopoly Go’s latest digging event, you need shovels and plenty of them. It’s going to be impossible to complete without regularly picking up a healthy amount of shovels.

Side games

The two main ways to pick up shovels is by progressing in the games’ two side games. At any one time on Monopoly Go, two side games will be taking place – one on the top bar and one on the sidebar. The sidebar game works by giving players points every time they land shut another player down or complete a game heist.

After users reach a certain amount of points on this sidebar, they will earn shovels in addition to other prizes such as free dice and stickers. The top bar game follows a similar premise except users have to land on certain squares to rack up points for this one.

At the moment, users have to land on squares on the monopoly board that contain a balloon icon. These balloon icons represent points that go towards them earning rewards along the top bar. Again, shovels for the digging event are currently a part of these rewards so play the main game as much as possible, land on balloon squares and take home some shovels.

Quick wins and free gift boxes

There are also some other ways to earn shovels, without having to do too much. Each day, Monopoly Go provides users with an opportunity to earn some ‘quick wins’. These quick wins are completed by doing simple tasks such as passing Go, upgrading a landmark or simply just rolling the dice five times. While the digging event is active, shovels will be rewarded for quick wins.

Another easy way to collect shovels is to collect the eight-hourly prize at the top of the game. This box can be opened three times a day and within it, you will usually find dice and stickers. However, while the digging event is active, shovels will also be included.

Monopoly Go’s latest digging event: What you can win

In total, there are plenty of prizes up for grabs during Monopoly Go’s latest digging event, Anniversary Treasures. There are 20 rewards to claim in total and 5,250 dice to claim, as well as a brand-new anniversary shield and plenty of cash. The list of prizes for each level is as follows:

  • Level 1: 50 dice rolls
  • Level 2: Cash
  • Level 3: 100 dice rolls
  • Level 4: VAULT: 200 dice rolls, cash, two-star sticker pack
  • Level 5: Cash
  • Level 6: 200 dice rolls
  • Level 7: Cash
  • Level 8: 300 dice rolls
  • Level 9: VAULT: 400 dice rolls, cash, five shovels
  • Level 10: Three-star sticker pack
  • Level 11: 250 dice rolls
  • Level 12: Anniversary shield
  • Level 13: 350 dice rolls
  • Level 14: Four-star sticker pack
  • Level 15: 400 dice rolls
  • Level 16: Tiara icon
  • Level 17: 15 shovels
  • Level 18: 500 dice rolls
  • Level 19: Cash
  • Level 20: VAULT: 2,500 dice rolls, cash, wild card

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