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No Money No Problem: Best Online Business Opportunities for Stay-at-Home Mom

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Stay at home mom

A stay-at-home mom can start a low-cost online business by turning their hobby or expertise into a lucrative career. Such businesses allow a mompreneur like you to set your own hours, work with or without a college degree, start with little or no upfront capital and generate a decent income.

These online businesses give you an opportunity to be your own boss, work on your terms, become financially independent and still take care of your kids and household chores.

Here are some incredible small online business ideas for stay-at-home moms. These business opportunities will help reach your financial goals while still at home and working less.

Accounting: Offering accounting services to businesses can be a very lucrative job for stay-at-home moms. Actually, your home becomes your accounting office and you completely do everything virtually. This is a perfect fit for individuals with an accounting background or those willing to train and get accounting certification.

Affiliate Marketing: Women like talking about products they are passionate about such as skincare, baby bath or cookware. Affiliate marketing is a perfect opportunity for women because it allows them to promote products through their website, blog or video. The brand will give you an affiliate link which you will add to your content. So when a reader clicks on it to purchase a product, the company pays you a commission. Affiliate marketing allows you to earn passive income even when you’re sleeping or on vacation.

App Development: A mom skilled in mobile technology can start an online business for designing apps for clients. The number of apps has grown in recent years and this trend is expected to continue going into the future. So you can start creating and selling apps in the mobile marketplace.

Baby Planner: This involves preparing new expecting families for parenthood by helping them plan for the baby. It involves helping them set up a baby room, shop for newborn clothes and baby products as well as prepare for the big day. Professional baby planners tap into their experience to guide new moms into parenthood at a fee. The good news is that you can offer these services online due to increased access to the internet and electronic devices.

Baking Business: A home-based baking business can be fun to start. Simply market your birthday cakes/cupcakes, biscuits, pies, cookies and other baked goods on social media, to your family, friends, neighbors, etc. Additionally, you can perfect your recipes and designs using YouTube videos and create a social media profile where you share beautiful pictures of your products such as wedding cakes, graduation cakes and more.

Blogging: Starting a blog is easy because you write about your passion and share your projects, ideas, and recipes with others. The blogging world has an array of niches, so you just need to focus on one. Still, you can create multiple income sources such as sponsored posts, display ads, affiliate marketing and brand partnerships.

Bookkeeping: Are you good with numbers? Bookkeeping is a perfect home business for such a mom. Every company regardless of its size must have a bookkeeper and so you expect your bookkeeping business to continue to thrive as the demand continues to grow. Actually, bookkeeping is dubbed recession-proof business in today’s world.

Bridal Consultant: A mom that is detail-oriented, organized and loves weddings can start a home-based bridal consultant. Planning and managing huge events such as weddings can be challenging for many working women and so working with a bridal consultant can help alleviate extra stress prior to the wedding. A bridal consultant will handle tasks such as securing the venue, scheduling catering appointments, organize dress fittings and more.

Business Plan writer: Many people dream of becoming their own boss because offers them freedom and flexibility. As a result, self-employment is on the rise in recent years. Still, many people have the knowledge needed to create a product or service but they may lack the know-how of how to get started or run the business. So by becoming a freelance business plan writer allows you to help entrepreneurs realize their dreams.

Career/life Coach: Many people are searching for what is best for them and someone to help them get through the rough patches. Becoming a career and life coach allows you to help individuals choose the right career path for themselves, get a promotion or retrain.

Children Book Writer: If you love children and at the same time are passionate about writing then you can start an online business as a children book writer. With Kindle and iPad, you can write good stories and sell them on a platform such as Amazon. You can get started by testing your story ideas using eBook apps available on iPad and Kindle and publish them afterwards when you become popular.

Craft Business: Making jewellery, baskets, home decors, sewing, knitting at home can be fun. You can turn such a hobby into a business and thanks to the internet you can sell your crafts through platforms such as Etsy and Shopify. Still, you can display them on Facebook or create your own website for this creative project. Since these items are sold at a good price, you can make good profits enough to cover your artistry, labor and time spent making them.

Consulting Business: Are you an expert in a given field such as culinary, business, digital marketing or more? You can use this special knowledge to make money from people who need your expertise. Additionally, you don’t have to start from scratch because you can use your existing network of contacts to jumpstart your career. To get started, apply for a special license or certification, create a consulting website, start cold calling, cold emailing, or advertise your services on social media.

Copywriter: Content marketing is the main thing now as companies try to create awareness about their brand, products and services. So a stay-at-mom can start a freelancing business if she clearly understands grammar rules, SEO, digital marketing, etc.

Digital Marketing Manager: The demand for digital marketing managers will remain high as long as online businesses keep on exploding. You can make a decent income while still at home if you are conversant with SEO, and different digital marketing strategies.

Edit Podcasts: Podcasting is growing thus the demand for podcast audio editors. A mom with audio production experience or one that can learn quickly has an opportunity to make passive income here.  Still, you can upgrade your skill by watching videos online and practising. Next market yourself on freelance marketplaces such as Fiverr or join Facebook groups to interact with potential clients and podcasters.

Event Planner: If you love throwing parties and are organized then an event planning business is ideal for you. As a result of the health crisis, most events are held virtually. However, companies and people hosting them need help with planning the event, coordinating presenters and participants, among others.  Still, you can help organize small home-based parties for working parents, or corporate and business event planning which are set to go back to normal as people gets vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Fashion Stylist/Image Consultant: A mom with a knack for styling and fashion can become a fashion stylist to celebrities or working-class men and women. Many people will appreciate your sense of fashion when attending a corporate event, interview or photoshoot.

Flip Items for Profit: This is a good choice for couponers and deals hunters. You can purchase items at ridiculously low prices through couponing and sell them again at a profit. A good example is Rob and Melissa Stephenson founders of Flea Market Flippers who purchased items from flea markets and thrift stores and resold them at a higher price thus making outsized profits.

Freelance Writer: A stay-at-home mom can find writing jobs online as long as she has a computer and internet. Writing doesn’t need exceptional talent but having it can greatly help. With research skills, decent writing and marketing skills you can begin your freelance writing business right at your house. Get started today by creating an account on freelance sites such as Freelancer, Upwork, Guru, Fiver, etc.

Graphic Designer: The job entails creating materials such as posters, brochures, logos, flyers and more. The demand for graphic designers is high as many users turn to the internet for recommendations or search for services. So you can use your knowledge to create materials that advertise their brands. The advantages of being a graphic designer is that you work entirely from your home, communicate with your clients online, hold your own hours, choose your projects and set your own rates.

Grant Writer: There are several community organizations and schools that need funding to manage programs and initiatives. So you can help them write grants and in return make some big bucks.

Health Coach: A stay-at-home mom serious about wellness and health can become a coach. You can help others take control of their health as well as make more informed decisions using different mediums. For instance, you can create a website, social media accounts or YouTube channels.

Host Spare space on Airbnb: You can turn your spare room into a money-making machine by renting it out to tourists and other guests. While Airbnb requires capital, the amount needed depends on what you want to achieve. However, it can still function well after a few repairs, amenities and maintenance. To get started, check out YouTube tutorials on how you can list your space on Airbnb to earn residual income.

Nutrition Consultant: The majority of women are well-versed in nutrition however, some of them have no time to focus on it due to their busy schedules at the office. This can a great online business opportunity for stay-at-home moms with a nutrition degree and passionate about using their knowledge to build a flexible business.

Offer Cooking classes: Step in and teach fellow women how to cook. You can either create videos and sell them online or offer real-time training programs on YouTube, Facebook and more. Many people are willing to learn and try new tricks in the kitchen. Alternatively, you can offer meal prep services. This involves preparing meals on order and delivering them to your customers. You can create your website or market your healthier meals on socials.

Online Fashion Boutique: Do you have a strong fashion sense? If so, you can buy and sell clothes online. One advantage of an online fashion boutique is that you need an inventory because you can dropship items. Getting a resale or wholesale license and even incorporate your business can help you sell your product globally.

Personal Trainer: A mom that is passionate about fitness can turn this into a side hustle. You can create videos or offer online classes via video conferencing tools such as video chat, Skype, Zoom and more. Additionally, you can start your own blog where you upload fitness and workout tips. Such a platform can help you get clients who need personalized workout plans.

Press Release Writer/Public Relations: A mom that is passionate about writing and has a flair for marketing can become a freelance press release writer. This will help companies keep their customers informed about their corporate affairs such as the release of new products, new appointments, mergers and acquisitions and more.

Print on Demand: This is a low-cost business that you can do from home. It involves creating designs and printing them on merchandise like mugs, bags, shirts and caps. Print on demand is not a time-consuming business because you only manage the design part while suppliers print the merchandise and ship it directly to the customer. Therefore this business opportunity doesn’t require stock up on inventory, and the process is automated to save space, time and money.

Proofreading: Do you have an eagle eye for errors in an article? If yes then proofread is the perfect business idea for you. Great proofreaders can quickly spot errors on the menu in a restaurant or on a publication. There are several companies offering proofreading jobs online, you can prepare a perfect pitch and send it to these potential clients. M0ms without any professional proofreading experience can invest in a proofreading course to help them land gigs faster. Your rates will considerably increase as you gain credibility and experience as a proofreader.

Sell Digital Products Online: This involves selling printables, digital downloads and courses online to make extra income. You can turn to YouTube to learn more about starting a digital product business and get started with $0.

Sell eBooks: Are you an expert in a certain field? Sharing your knowledge with others can help make passive income. The advancement of technology has grown the number of e-readers such as Kindle of Amazon and so you can write and publish your own eBooks at the comfort of your home. You can also ask a friend or spouse to look it over, critique it before putting it up for sale.

Selling on Etsy: Selling items on Etsy is an excellent option for a mom who doesn’t want to create a website. The platform has systems and has already a built-in audience making it easy to sell products online. Digital products are some of the things you can sell online.

Selling Online Courses: This is an excellent opportunity to share your expertise or skill with your audience. There are many online learning platforms where you can upload your written course or video. These are Teachable, Thinkific, Udemy, etc. Creating a course is easy because you’re in charge of the creation part and you’re sharing what you already know, thus it will come out naturally.

Social Media Influencer: It’s a perfect fit for social media persons with a large following. People spend a significant amount of time on social networks like TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. On the other hand, brands turn to these sites to promote their brands, products and services. So companies will be ready to use you to market their products to your audience even if you’re not a celebrity. In view of that, you will be expected to create content to encourage interaction, connection and spread brand awareness. Some of the brands you can work with as a stay-at-home mom are cooking, baby caring, makeup, exercise, cleaning and more. Still, you can make money from views, ads and sponsored posts.

Social Media Manager: Companies and people are on social media and it has become part of them. Actually, social media marketing is effective yet less costly than other methods. However, some of these businesses need assistance to manage their accounts. A stay-at-home mom can help brands generate content and video to post on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook, engage with users and reply to their comments. To get started, create a profile on platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork.

Stock Photographer: This is an opportunity to sell pictures through online stock photography platforms like iStock or Shutterstock. You can get started by choosing a specific genre like corporate photography, travel, food, nature or fashion. Next, capture unique objects or moments and sell these photos online.

Travel Agent: The opportunity involves providing recommendations for various destinations, handling logistics such as bookings, transportation, excursions and accommodations for a single or group of travelers. You can turn this into a full-time business by building your client base and partners.

Tutoring: It’s easy to start private tutoring if you’re a former teacher, educator or you love children. Having a teacher certification or teaching experience can be added advantage. However, you can teach other disciplines that don’t require formal education requirements such as languages like English, Spanish or French (for native speakers), music, dancing, art, cooking, knitting and more.

Virtual Assistant (VA): The demand for VA is on the rise as internet marketing is booming. Being a remote worker that assists companies to complete their daily tasks can earn you a decent income. These tasks include scheduling appointments, answering customer queries, managing social media, email management, designing graphics, generating content and so on. This can be easy if you’re an organized person, self-starter, keen on detail and willing to learn.

Web Designer: There is increased demand for websites because of the growth of eCommerce, startups and small businesses. Also, there is an increased internet usage and access thus giving you an opportunity to design and build websites because not every person is tech-savvy. Indeed, you can begin by creating website templates and upgrade to building an entire website.

YouTube Channel: Moms that love creating video content can establish a business based on this passion. YouTube has billions of monthly visitors, so you can piggyback on this large audience and generate a decent income. Like other mom YouTubers, you can create content around topics such as family, parenting, lifestyle, health and food. This will help you access other income-generating opportunities on YouTube such as sponsored videos, and ads.

Different Business Categories for Stay-at-Home moms

The digital era provides a wide range of activities that moms can do at home while raising their children. Here are different business categories:

Product-Based Businesses: This is where you produce an item and sell it to customers as a digital or physical product. You don’t have to produce every item for you to start an online business. Instead, you can cut costs by marketing other manufacturers’ products and ask them to ship to your customer after a sale. On the other hand, you can create art, jewellery, or clothing to sell on platforms such as Etsy. This means you will handle the shipping part or outsource it. Some of the digital products in high demand are eBooks, website design templates, workbooks, printable calendars, email templates, meal plans, logo and so on.

Service-Based Businesses: This is where you complete a project or perform a task for someone else. In other words, you do it for them. Take for example designing a website, logo, app, bookkeeping, virtual assistance, tutoring, offering fitness classes, life coaching or creating meal plans. You can create a website or profile on socials to advertise your services and engage with your customers.

Freelance Business: Contracting work for others is another potential business opportunity for stay-at-home moms. Such contract jobs include online tutors, proofreaders, editors, graphic designers, writers, influence marketers, data entrists, virtual assistants and photographers. You can get such jobs on freelancing websites such as Upwork, Fiverr, PeoplePerHour and more. Indeed working with freelancing platforms allows you to test the waters and ride on their customer base. Still, you can jump from one industry or service to another at ease and without making an upfront investment.

Why Online Business is the Best for Mompreneurs

1.    Saves You More Time

Working at home is especially desirable for moms who desire to pursue a career and still raise stay at home to raise their children.

Fortunately, there are endless online business opportunities and so you can entirely from home and still make a decent income.

Such possibilities keep you free from long commutes, thus giving you extra hours to raise your kids and earn money. So a stay-at-home mom can take her kids to school, prepare meals and assist them with homework without worrying about asking for permission from their boss or about schedules.

2.    Flexibility

Working online gives you an incredible amount of flexibility because you have to stick to a specific schedule such as report to a specific person, place and time. Instead, your family is your priority and so you create a schedule that is favorable for you and your family.

Take for example this schedule. You drop your kids off at school in the morning, come back home to throw in a load of laundry and clean, work for some hours, run a few errands or meet up with a friend, come back and prepare dinner, work for a few hours before pick up your kids in the evening, spend time with your kids as they do their homework.

Actually, the online business allows you to adapt your work schedule around your family without asking for permission because you are your own boss. Also, you don’t have to work on weekends or late at night to meet any deadlines.

3.    Choose Your Business Based on Your Passion

You can use your special talents and gifts to get started. For instance, are you passionate about music, creating art, making jewellery, cooking, playing a certain musical instrument or still do you have training or a college degree in a particular area? If so, then you can start your online business based on your passion or expertise.

Indeed, most successful businesses are those aligned to the founders’ strengths and talents. So being by listing your gifts, hobbies or expertise as well as a potential online business you can start using them. You can also ask your family, friends, former coworkers about what they think you are good at. Next begin honing the skill using online courses or YouTube videos.

You will realize that you can start virtual homeschooling resources or reading programs to help children especially if you were an early childhood educator or a teacher. Another highly organized mom or one that loves schedules can become a virtual assistant.

Online businesses for stay-at-home moms are limitless and you get to choose what you want.

4.    Low Start-up Capital

Most businesses require a huge upfront investment however most of the stay-at-home moms’ online businesses require low to nil upfront investment. For instance, selling products on Etsy does not require an inventory because you can liaise with a supplier who ships products directly to your customer after a sale.

Additionally, you’re not limited by geographical boundaries and so you can teach Chinese children English through Skype or Zoom as well as sell you products or services across the globe.

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