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Offices exposed to the sun: How to protect your employees?

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Solar radiation

The sun’s rays are known to be good for your health but to a limited extent. Their effects are not always beneficial or pleasant. A day at the office in bright light and great heat is far from motivating for employees. It can even be bad for your health. So, it is important to find the best solutions to protect them.

What is the health impact of being exposed behind glass?

Solar radiation has many benefits for human health. They allow us to fill up on vitamin D, for example. However, they are not always so beneficial. They cause skin burns, especially when they are too intense. They diffuse UVA, UVB and UVC which each have their own degree of danger. The former, which constitute 98% of the light rays reaching the Earth, is the softest of them. Only 30% of UVA penetrates the skin. If you are behind glass, their impacts are reduced. The level of protection will depend on the thickness of the glass.

The UVB is the most dangerous, even if they represent only 2% of the rays that cross the ozone layer. They are the cause of sunburn and the degradation of skin tissue. They attack the skin, despite the presence of glass, as thick as it may be. Admittedly, its effects are less consequent, but they can always favor the appearance of erythema, in particular in the case of prolonged exposure.

The sun’s rays can cause more serious problems, such as a weakened immune system. In this case, it is possible to easily catch infectious skin diseases. The onset of leucitic as well as cancer, such as carcinoma and melanoma, are other impacts of sun exposure. In all cases, the application of sunscreen is recommended. For maximum protection, consider sticking an adhesive textile on your window.

bureau vitré textile adhésif rayons uv

What solutions for comfort?

Not only can the sun’s rays have negative health effects, but they also affect your comfort. So, it is important to find possible ways to avoid them.

Blackout adhesive textile

This is a solution intended to replace traditional blinds and adhesive films. It combines the advantages of blinds, films and fire curtains. The blackout adhesive textile is made of polyester and has the advantage of being both aesthetic and practical. Its cutting being simple to operate, it adapts to all types of glazing, whatever their size. It has a raster texture which facilitates the filtration of solar radiation. If you paste this adhesive textile at the level of the openings of your offices, you will ensure your personal comfort and that of your collaborators.

This accessory also preserves your privacy. It is transparent, but it protects you from prying eyes. This is because no one can see your office from the outside. This particularity constitutes, for him, an advantage that allows him to stand out from other blackout films. It is important to note that it undergoes heat treatment at the time of manufacture, which allows it to block solar radiation. It is also able to withstand moisture. At last, it is customizable. You can print it according to your needs. You can use it as an advertising medium. This will ensure your visibility if you glue Squid adhesive textile on your windows, for example. At the same time, you help protect the environment, because its manufacturing method respects ecological standards.


For several years, blinds have been among the most popular accessories to protect against sun rays inside. Venetians, boats, pleats, reels or bands, attract users. They allow you to play with the intensity of the light entering the office and reduce the heat. They are easy to install and are compatible with all types of glazing: vertical or horizontal.

They incorporate a technology that facilitates their handling, but they do not fully offer the expected comfort by users. They can obstruct the view from the inside. You have to manipulate it to see what’s going on outside of your office. Aesthetically, they are easily integrated into the decoration.


They are other options to ensure office comfort when the sun hits. They exist in several models: Venetian, bronze, UV stop, or white sandblasted. Each of them has its own level of protection. The former is the most advantageous from an aesthetic point of view, while the second is more efficient. As its name suggests, the third is the most effective in reducing the effects of waves scattered by solar rays. It even protects tapestries, textiles or leathers from depigmentation.

The main thing in common between these films is that they preserve your privacy during the day by playing on the contrast between the interior and exterior brightness. However, they become translucent again as soon as the sun goes down. At this time, you need to line them with blinds or curtains.


For years, curtains have been the most popular accessories in terms of UV protection from the sun. Currently, they exist in more innovative versions: those that are treated to withstand the highest temperatures. These curtains give you optimal protection once they are deployed. They put you protected from the dangers of solar radiation and your office is cool even during heatwaves. On the aesthetic level, they stand out from the others by their elegance. They are an important decorative element in themselves. In addition, they exist in several colors, which facilitates their choice. You can find curtains that can match the color of your walls and the rest of your décor.

They still have two drawbacks. First, they don’t always let light through, which can obscure your desk. Second, once they’re opened, they obviously let in ultra-violet rays. To ensure their effectiveness, you must pair them with other solutions. Combine them with the effectiveness of an adhesive textile on glazing, for example.

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