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There are different styles or approaches to reciting the Quran called Qiraat of the Quran. There are a total of seventeen of these Qiraat, but the Muslim Ummah recognized ten of them as authentic.   These Qiraats have their own special approach to recitation and rules of Tajweed. Muslims should join the beautiful journey to learn Qirat online.10 Qirat Online Course is for people who want to learn a specific Qiraat or more than one of the ten Qiraats of the Quran and make their recitation melodious and amazing!

Meaning of Qirat

In Islam, qiraat refers to the many legal regimes of the Holy Quran. Each Qiraat has its own pronunciation. Qiraat is also a disciplined structure of Islamic studies that deals with these styles of recitation. The various Qiraats of the Holy Qur’an testify to the fact that the Qur’an is a revelation from Allah (SWT) and has been preserved throughout the ages because all these Qiraats have been recited by a legitimate and direct chain of narrators back to the Prophet Peace Be Upon Him.

Importance of Qiraat

Qiraat is extremely important because of its heritage. We must learn to complete at least one qiraat out of ten because it is the most perfect way to recite. Reciting the Quran with qiraat is important because it helps us connect with the Quran on a deeper level. It gives the mind and heart a sense of peace and tranquility and can help cleanse the soul. In addition, reciting the10 qiraat of Quran is seen as a way to seek spiritual enlightenment and maximize the guidance we can seek from the Holy Qur’an.

Why to learn online Quran qiraat course?

Several factors make a student to learn 10 qiraat of Quran.

Ijazah teachers

Learn 10 Qiraat Quran online with teachers from the guardians of Ijazah. Online teachers are well educated and graduated from famous Islamic universities. Years of experience in the field have given them the ability to teach comfortably. Local Arabic tutors are also fluent in English, so they can communicate well with parents and students. They have learned from several scholars and have a good understanding of the subject.

The flexible curriculum and schedule

One of the main things that set ten qiraat Quran courses apart is that it strives to make online learning as easy as possible for all students. It allows you to change our opening hours at any time of the day according to your needs and you can study in the comfort of your own home. You can study with us without disturbing your daily routine.

Free qiraat lessons

Students can take free Qirat lessons online with a trial version of the course, you can familiarize yourself with the teachers, class environment, and course content for free before you decide to continue with the courses. We keep it sharp and transparent with valuable students and their guardians.

Versatile study material

In the course learning is made fun and easy with interactive sessions that include audio-video assistance, presentations, and Qiraat course books, all available to you only in the Qirat course. The online team is always ready to help you with any questions and takes your suggestions, reviews, and comments very seriously.

Course features

Here are some features of our Qirat classes to teach you how to recite Qiraat.

Certified teachers

Qualified and professional teachers for students are selected. Each teacher is not only qualified but also experienced.

Online one-on-one sessions

Online Quran qiraat course offers one-on-one interactive video sessions to help you and your family get the best learning experience possible.

Free trial

With the course trial, you can evaluate the instructors and the course content for free so you can decide if you want to continue with the courses.

Graduation certificates

At the end of the course, students receive a certificate of successful completion of the course.

Online classes every day (24/7)

During the courses, students are scheduled according to their convenience so that they can fit online Quran learning into their daily lives with ease and hassle.

Excellent course materials

The study material is carefully selected to achieve the best results. All materials are selected by Arabic speakers and Quranic scholars.

What will you learn in this course?

Students learn 10 Qiraat Quran with tajweed. They can choose from the following ten Qirats:

  • Qirat Naafi’ Al-Madani (Madinah)
  • Qirat Ibn Katheer Al-Makki (Makkah)
  • Qirat Abu Amr Al-Basri (Basra)
  • Qirat Ibn Aamir Ash-Shami (Syria)
  • Qirat Asim al-Kufi (Kufa)
  • Qirat Hamzah Al-Kufi (Kufa)
  • Qirat Al-Kisaa’i (Kufa)
  • Qirat Abu Ja’far Al-Madanee (Madinah)
  • Qirat Yaqub ibn Al-Basri (Basra)
  • Qirat Khalaf Al-Bazzar (Baghdad)

Goals of learning Qiraat

Learning Qiraat is indeed a noble task. There are several goals based on which the online 10 Qiraat courses were initiated.

Five main purposes of learning Qiraat are

  • To allow the preservation of the Holy Quran is wonderful, the Qur’an has not mentioned a single contradiction despite the multiplicity and abundance. They all reinforce each other.
  • To familiarize the learner to all the verses so that the person after learning ten Qiraat will be able to recognize every verse along with its associated knowledge and meaning
  • It enables the student to become aware of many sciences such as the science of Tajweed and to know the narrators of the science and the chains of transmission of the narrators.
  • Helps to find meanings and derive legal decisions
  • To know the peaks of eloquence and clarity, because in the abundance of meanings, there is one stanza with many ambiguous pronunciations.

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