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How to Get Free Pokémon Go Fake GPS Joystick Hack iToolPaw iGPSGo App for iOS/Android 2023

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With the continuous rise of Pokémon Go’s popularity, many players are exploring various methods to amplify their gaming experience. The use of fake GPS joystick apps is one such way. In 2023, there are numerous options for such applications for both iOS and Android users. This article introduces the process to get and use these apps and addresses some common queries related to them.

Part 1: Free Download Pokémon Go Fake GPS Joystick Hack App for iOS – iGPSGo

iGPSGo Pokemon Go Location Spoofer iOS Features:

  1. Dynamic Joystick Navigation: An intuitive joystick interface to explore the Pokémon Go world from your couch.
  2. Custom Movement Speeds: From leisurely strolls to swift runs, select your character’s speed.
  3. Location Saving Option: Instantly revisit favorite spots without manually searching.
  4. Privacy Mode: Lessen detection risks with a privacy mode of operation.

How to Use iGPSGo Pokémon Go Fake GPS Joystick App:

  1. Acquisition: Visit the official iGPSGo website or approved iOS stores to download the app.
  2. Installation: Follow the installation process and launch the app.
  3. Permissions: Grant necessary permissions to allow the app to interface with Pokémon Go.
  4. Game On: Start Pokémon Go. The joystick should now be visible on your screen.
  5. Navigate: Utilize the joystick to roam, adjust character speeds, save spots, or activate stealth mode when needed.

Part 2: Free Download Pokémon Go Fake GPS Joystick Mod APK for Android – iPogo

iPoGo Features:

  1. Smooth Joystick Controls: Experience effortless movements within the Pokémon universe.
  2. Direct Teleportation: Zip to any desired location in a blink.
  3. Path Customization: Plot specific routes to simulate genuine travel paths.
  4. Auto Catch: you can use auto catch feature to catch pokemon easily.

How to Use iPogo Pokémon Go Fake GPS Joystick Mod APK:

  1. Fetch the APK: Head to the official iPogo website or verified APK platforms for the download.
  2. Setup: Once downloaded, initialize iPogo and grant it the required permissions.
  3. Joystick Up: With the game launched, the joystick feature becomes available.
  4. Play: Roam with the joystick, use teleport, create genuine-looking paths, or activate the AR mode for a richer experience.


Can you get banned for using Pokémon Go fake GPS joystick hack?

Yes, using fake GPS joystick hacks violates Pokémon Go’s terms of service. Players found using such tools risk temporary suspensions or even permanent bans.

Does GPS joystick work on Pokémon Go?

While the GPS joystick apps allow users to simulate movement in Pokémon Go, it’s essential to use them with caution due to the risks associated with violating the game’s terms.

Can you still use joystick on Pokémon Go in 2023?

As of 2023, while there are tools available like iGPSGo and iPogo that offer joystick functionalities, it remains crucial for players to understand the risks involved in using them.


While the appeal of using fake GPS joystick apps to amplify the Pokémon Go experience is undeniable, it’s essential to remember the risks involved. Players should always prioritize fair play and consider the community’s spirit. Pokémon Go, at its core, is about exploration and shared experiences. While third-party tools offer shortcuts, nothing beats the authentic thrill of the chase. Play safe and respect the game’s ethos!


Kokou Adzo is the editor and author of He is passionate about business and tech, and brings you the latest Startup news and information. He graduated from university of Siena (Italy) and Rennes (France) in Communications and Political Science with a Master's Degree. He manages the editorial operations at

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