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Best PowerPoint Pitch Deck Templates For Startups

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Best PowerPoint Pitch Deck Templates For Startups scaled

Many large enterprises, well-known in the industry, have relied on constructing a pitch deck from scratch on their own at the outset of their journey.

Since they didn’t have enough facilities in conventional times, but thanks to the internet, we can now access templates and can analyze all of the pitch decks for a great deal of inspiration.

A well-established pitch deck template can help you express yourself more clearly, resulting in a successful business. In this article, we’ll provide you with the best PowerPoint Pitch Deck Templates for your Startup. However, if you aren’t aware of how to put everything together to form a solid persuasive presentation, then customizable pitch deck templates in SlideModel will assist you to begin with. But before we move any further, let’s look at what a pitch deck is.

What is a Pitch Deck?

A pitch deck is a set of slides that helps you convey a captivating tale about your company to your potential clients. Pitch deck is also known as investor or startup deck.

The process of obtaining funding entails multiple steps. The very first step of the ladder of success is a solid, insightful pitch deck. The fundamental purpose of a pitch deck is to pitch shareholders with a concept that arouses their interest and encourages them to interact with you further.

Elements of a Solid Pitch Deck includes :

Though each pitch deck template is unique, but the following are some crucial data that must be present in yours:

1. Introduction:

The first slide of your pitch deck should introduce and explain your business in easy-to-understand language. It would be great if it entails a distinct value proposition.

2. Problem:

The pitch deck should describe an issue that the company’s target market is experiencing. This data will show why your service or product is essential in the market.

3. Target market:

Every business caters to a distinct audience; your target market should be highlighted in your pitch deck. In addition, include details about your company’s competitive environment and the potential opportunity to flourish in it.

4. Solution:

This slide should entail how your firm addresses the challenges that are being experienced by the target market. Of course, the easiest method to convey this knowledge is to tell tales about how your customers have elevated their lives using your products. Then, support those claims with images and descriptions of the products.

5. Traction:

The idea behind this slide is to alleviate potential investor’s fears of risk. Thus, display sales and business support growth to validate your business model. This slide can provide a basic bullet-point summary of benchmarks like user count, annual revenue rate of return, and profitability.

6. Marketing and sales strategy:

It’s essential to describe how your product would be promoted and distributed to its target market. Shareholders will be using this data to assess a firm’s market knowledge and how the marketing strategy contradicts its competitors.

7. Competition:

This slide should incorporate information about the characteristics that distinguish your service or product from other organizations or about the alternatives available in the market. You can get all this information through your competitive study.

8. Team:

The team slide will highlight the knowledge and capabilities of the management team in marketing and selling a product. The team slide will highlight the knowledge and capabilities of the management team in marketing and selling a product. Next, list down the main team members and explain how their knowledge and expertise can assist the company in achieving its goals.

9. Financial Health:

Investors often want to evaluate the company’s economic stability over a period of 3 to 5 years. This would include income statements, predicted growth, and details on the business model itself. Data visualizations, including pie charts and bar graphs, are more successful in presenting data than simply listing figures.

10. Use of funds:

Entrepreneurs usually overlook the need to include this slide in their pitch deck. It’s critical to present the money required to support the idea, as well as how the funds will be used to aid the organization in achieving its objectives. This demonstration will help investors gain trust.

Best PowerPoint Pitch Deck Templates:

Customizable templates that businesses who have just started their journey are as follows:

1. Executive Pitch Deck PowerPoint Template:

Executive Deck PowerPoint template efficiently presents a corporate overview introduction and the core of your business proposal. In addition, it provides organized formatted slides, which will best serve the purpose of visually communicating with the clients. The layout and infographics helps you provide concise and clear details of various status reports and plans.

Pitch Deck

2. Animated Tabs PowerPoint Template:

Animated Tabs PowerPoint Template presents navigational tabs which can help you in context comparisons during corporate presentations. Utilizing this template, the presenter can easily switch subjects owing to the interconnected slides. Moreover, all the slides in this deck include animations that aid in presenting a smooth transition from one topic to the next.


3. Pegasus Pitch Deck PowerPoint:

Pegasus Pitch Deck PowerPoint provides you with 14 innovative slides to present your business plan. These slides aid you in explaining the initiative through aesthetically engaging content, utilizing the several diagram designs available, including a timeline, circular, and pyramid shape model.


4. Startup Presentation Template:

Startup Presentation Template entails 8 slides that incorporate geometric forms and trendy clipart icons, giving a hint of creativity in professional business presentations. Furthermore, there are concept illustrations for the business strategy, plan, and analytics in the PowerPoint presentation. These slides may help you present innovatively and efficiently the problem annotations, proposed solutions, team description, and global market reach in your business presentations. You can also try these visually appealing free PowerPoint templates.


5.  Professional Business Slide Deck PowerPoint Template:

Professional Business Slide Deck PowerPoint Template supports the idea of statistics reporting, growth, and a successful firm. This infographic template includes everything you’ll need, including tables, a PowerPoint matrix graph, timelines, and much more. As a result, employing these patterns can aid in portraying numerous models and concepts.



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