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Revolutionize Your Produce Packaging with NNZ’s Versatile Mesh Bags

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Diverse Applications for Various Produce

These mesh bags are ideal for packaging a range of produce, including cabbage, carrots, leek, onions, potatoes, and sprouts. The versatility of these bags ensures they can handle different types of agricultural products with ease.

Woven Mesh Bags: Strength and Automation Compatibility

NNZ’s woven mesh bags feature a wicket top laminate, are L-sewn, and are available in bales. They can accommodate weights ranging from 2.5 to 50 kg and offer the option for labeling. These leno bags are designed to be compatible with automated packing lines, with various mesh weights, thread sizes, and weaving patterns to choose from, ensuring the right strength for your needs.

Knitted Mesh Bags: Flexibility and Customization

The polyethylene knitted (Raschel) mesh bags provided by NNZ are supplied both on rolls and as single bags. With the capability to pack weights up to 25 kg (rolls) and 50 kg (single bags), these bags also offer the option for handles and printed labels. The range of mesh types and netting weights allows for customization based on the specific requirements of your products.

Monofilament Mesh Bags: Tailored for Hard and Soft Produce

NNZ’s woven monofilament mesh bags are best suited for packing hard products like firewood, nuts, shellfish, and chestnuts. In contrast, their knitted monofilament mesh bags, being softer and more supple, are more appropriate for items like bulbs and potatoes. This differentiation ensures that the packaging is as per the nature of the produce, maintaining its quality and integrity.

Mesh Baler Bags: Enhancing Production Efficiency

The mesh baler bags are specifically designed for the transport of bagged products like onions. These bags come with a drawstring at the top, making them perfect for easy palletization. Available in 30 and 50 pound sizes, these bags are made from polyethylene mesh material, allowing the products to breathe from the packing house to retail. The use of rollstock baler bags can significantly increase the speed of your production line, reducing the need for a pack-off table and cutting down on hand labor costs.

Branding and Customization

NNZ’s mesh bags provide an excellent platform for branding and marketing. The option to include custom labels and printed designs allows businesses to enhance their brand visibility. This customization is not just a functional aspect but also a marketing tool, enabling producers to distinguish their products on retail shelves, creating a strong brand identity.

Eco-Friendly Image

In today’s market, where consumers are increasingly eco-conscious, using NNZ’s mesh bags can boost a brand’s eco-friendly image. These bags, made from sustainable materials, demonstrate a commitment to environmental responsibility, appealing to a demographic that values green practices.

Breathability and Freshness

One of the key features of NNZ’s mesh bags is their breathability. This is crucial for maintaining the freshness of perishable goods like fruits and vegetables. The mesh design allows for adequate air circulation, preventing moisture buildup and subsequently reducing the risk of spoilage during transport and storage.

Durability in Transit

NNZ’s mesh bags are designed to withstand the rigors of transport. Their strength ensures that the produce reaches its destination in optimal condition, thereby reducing waste and ensuring customer satisfaction. This durability is essential for maintaining the integrity of the produce throughout the supply chain.

Want to Buy Mesh Bags? Choose NNZ USA and NNZ Canada

When considering the best options for your produce packaging needs, NNZ USA and NNZ Canada stand out as the top choices for high-quality mesh bags. Their range of products, tailored to meet diverse requirements, highlights their commitment to quality, innovation, and environmental responsibility. Whether you’re looking for durability, breathability, or customizable branding options, NNZ’s mesh bags offer the perfect solution. By choosing NNZ for your mesh bag needs, you’re not just purchasing a product; you’re investing in a packaging solution that will enhance your brand, protect your produce, and appeal to eco-conscious consumers.


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