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Should Your Startup Work With Influencers?

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Startup Work With Influencers

The advent of social media not only brought about plenty of changes to our daily lives, but it gave rise to a certain kind of person we now know as an influencer. Influencers gain popularity by sharing their knowledge and expertise in certain niches online-and people listen to them, making them especially valuable tools for two-thirds of marketers.

A lot of companies have started including influencers in their marketing strategy, with every dollar spent on influencers providing an earned media value (EMV) of around $5.78. According to a report on Marketing Dive, some influencers provide as much as $18 in EMV. So if you’re a startup owner who wants to work with influencers and reap the benefits, here’s what you should know.

What are the benefits of working with an influencer?

It’s a good digital strategy for startups

Because influencers have a sizeable following, each post they make immediately reach a lot of social media users. If they use hashtags related to your brand, their posts will also be one of the top results.

Moreover, influencer marketing makes it possible for startups and small companies to start making a digital impact with no significant investments, according to journalist and blogger Andressa Griffante. Influencers already have all the digital tools and equipment that they need to create content, which is why it’s cost-effective compared to doing in-house marketing campaigns.

Influencers can help you earn the trust of their followers

Creators have strong ties to their fans, which is why people want to engage with them. In fact, Google’s article on YouTube influencers states that this strong connection makes some fans feel that content creators understand them better than their friends do.

Your startup gets to participate in this strong bond when an influencer promotes your brand. And because the audience is listening to an authority figure, they feel reassured that the product or the service will be worth their money.

What should you consider before working with an influencer? 

Choose an influencer who aligns with your brand

If you want to succeed with an influencer marketing strategy, you have to choose the best influencer for your brand. Petal Card’s guide to influencers highlights how there are generally three kinds of influencers. The first group comprises what’s known as “micro” influencers, or those who have around 10,000 followers, while the second group of freelancers are middle-tier accounts with over 100,000 followers. Last and most impressive of all are those that have garnered at least a million in follower count, and across these three categories are influencers that cover a variety of niches and sectors.

When choosing an influencer for your brand, it’s important to note that a bigger following doesn’t necessarily mean better results. You need to consider if their audience is similar to your target market, like if they have the same interests or location. In many cases, a micro influencer with the right market fit can do more for you than someone with millions of followers but not a lot of personal connection to your service or product.

Advertise in your consumers’ preferred platform

Instagram is usually the preferred social media platform for influencer marketing. A report by Business Insider states that 79% of companies tap up Instagram influencers for campaigns, while 46% go for Facebook and 36% promote on YouTube.

Your knowledge of your target market is important when it comes to choosing the correct platform. Based on their age, location, and preferences, some consumers would be more active on YouTube while some may spend most of their time on Facebook. Conduct research on your consumers and advertise your brand on the social media app that they most prefer.

Design and plan your campaign with the influencer

If you combine the influencer’s expertise on follower engagement and your knowledge of your product, you can create a campaign that will effectively persuade the influencer’s followers to take interest in your product.

Influencers are the ones who engage with their audience every day, so they know what their followers like. Try to ask if their audience is more active during certain hours or what kinds of topics they engage the most with. You should also consider promoting your product or service through certain formats that their followers love to interact with.


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