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Startups: two things that set it apart from other businesses

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Startups are businesses ventures that are different from mature companies. Here are two notable differences.


Startups are businesses established by entrepreneurs with creative minds. Innovation is what differentiate these businesses from their competitors.

You can position yourself as a pioneer in your field by bidding stagnation farewell and allowing creativity to dominate.

Here is an example of a digital startup.

Scrive, electronic signature and identifier

Scrive is a Swedish startup specializing in providing trusted solutions for businesses. The startup was founded in 2010 and has been positioned as a leader in the European market in terms of electronic signatures.

The company provides electronic signature and identity verification solution which helps to improve customer experience and data quality.

Its innovative solutions are available in over thirty countries. Its two flagship products are eSign for the validation of virtual contracts and eID HUB which is an authentication platform. Scrive’s solutions are intended for companies in various industries. Banking, finance, real estate and automobiles are a few of them.

Flexible management

Another advantage of startups is the adaptation to agile management. Startups are characterized by simplicity because they don’t depend on predefined laws or procedures.

Actually, some legislations have been drafted after the launch of some startups or the introduction of some technologies contrary to what happens with established industries.

For instance, some social media platforms allow their employees to dress in casual clothes when coming to the office while others work from home instead of from the office. They can even go to their workplace carrying their pet unlike what happened in the past.

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