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Teleworking: How to retain your employees through remote work




Many companies came up with a new strategy after the global health crisis and the restrictions linked to it. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, many companies closed their physical offices allowed their employees to telework.

However, working from home has its own challenges such as communication and interaction issues. Here are some of the ways that companies can benefit from teleworking.

Build trust

While many companies were against teleworking, most did not have a choice. However, they were driven by the government’s orders and many bosses decided to allow teleworking for business continuity. Initially, it was difficult to control the team because both managers and employees were working separately.

As result, employers had to start trusting their team and immediately employees began performing as expected when they felt valued, trusted and respected. They also began taking advantage of certain platforms which provides a host of solutions and personalized support to help teleworking teams carry out their projects successfully.

Support your employees

A team leader is a boss that gets involved in the company activities but not just issuing orders. Their role is to motivate the workforce, resolve conflicts, listen, give guidelines, and more…These roles are carried out respectively and with a lot of understanding.

It’s possible to do that even with the telework model. For instance, you can create a group chat and communicate with everyone, use it to distribute tasks, receive feedback and to regularly check on your team.

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