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The Best Way to Play Pokemon Go without Moving in 2022

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Undoubtedly, one of Niantic’s most popular games to date is Pokemon Go. Walking is one of the most important aspects of playing Pokémon Go because it is a location-based game. However, people have been curious about how to play Pokemon Go without moving away. Pokemon GO allows you to travel about without walking or exerting any effort. But do not fret. How to play Pokémon GO without really leaving your house is covered in this article. Let’s begin.

Can I Play Pokemon Go without Walking?

Yes, is the quick response to that. Many players have attempted to play Pokémon Go without moving since the game’s introduction. You must now be pondering whether it is feasible. The fact is that it is doable, but to avoid running into any problems, you must utilize third-party iAnyGo software for that reason.

How Can I Play Pokemon Go without Moving Anywhere?

Use a well-known location spoofing program if you’re wondering how to play Pokémon GO without relocating in 2022. You’re looking for a program that works well on both iOS and Android smartphones if you want to know pokemon go tips and tricks 2022. There are several possibilities, but you must still exercise caution while selecting one. You can also lose access to Pokémon GO if you use a dangerous third-party app.

How to Play Pokemon Go Using Tenorshare iAnyGo?

You can use a variety of expert software in this situation. However, we advise using Tenorshare iAnyGo to get the best results. You can use the location-spoofing app Tenorshare iAnyGo anywhere in the world. The iAnyGo software is quite helpful since it allows you to change your Pokemon GO GPS movement without having to leave your house. The fact that it does not require jailbreak access on your phone is one of its finest features.


To assist you play games like Pokémon Go, they provide players with a variety of adjustable route modeling possibilities.

Users of iAnyGo can import GPX files that they have obtained online.

No need for a jailbreak.

For subscribers, spoofing choices are limitless.

Runs on all current system versions and is simple to use.

You may replicate GPS movement for your Pokémon GO trainer using the 2-spot and multi-sport modes.



For the same license, Mac users must fork over far more cash than Windows users.

For Mac users, there is no lifetime license available.

Users cannot view their history using iAnyGo’s features.


Video Tutorial:


List the steps on how to change your location

Step 1: On your Windows or Macbook, first download the iAnyGo program. Install the program after it has been downloaded.


Step 2: Launch the application on your computer or Mac and then connect your iPhone to it.


connect your ios device to ianygo 1

Step 3: Afterward, select the Multi-Spot Movement option from the program’s interface. To go to the subsequent stage, press the enter key.

joystick movement interface 1


Step 4: This is the most important section. You must now choose a new location. Remember that the app has to be configured with many locations. A map will be shown on the program. You may set your travel distance, speed, and other parameters on the map.


change the direction of movement 1

Step 5: Start by pressing the Start to Move button.


Pokémon Go Tips and Tricks 2022

Fans now want to know more tips for playing Pokémon due to the ongoing popularity of the Pokémon Go app. Although the game may sound fun, discovering and capturing Pokemons, in particular, is challenging. But there’s a lot more to think about if you want to master the game. Here is some expert advice to help you master Pokémon:


  1. Build your XP first, then power up your Pokemon

Your odds of encountering higher CP Pokémon in the wild will rise as your Trainer level rises, and you’ll also be able to enhance your Pokémon’s combat efficiency. Particularly with the medal and time-limited Legacy 40 Challenge up for grabs. When your Pokémon XP is low, powering them up will cost you extra candy.


  1. Turn off AR mode

It’s simpler to catch Pokémon if you turn it off and play in the virtual world. The primary screen of the program, where the player character is pacing the map, is where you may initially switch off AR functionality. At the bottom of the screen, click the Pokeball button. After that, Settings will show up in the screen’s upper right corner.


  1. Travel far and wide to attend special events

Visit exotic locations and attend countless interesting events Some people might not be able to do this, but visiting as many locations as you can enables you to collect more varieties of Pokemon. The Special Event Pokémon will appear if you approach it by 40 meters.


  1. Discover your Pokemon’s types and battle advantages

Types of Pokémon There are certain kinds for each Pokémon creature and each of its moves. Each kind has various offensive and defensive strengths and drawbacks. Use Pokémon and techniques that have a type edge over your opponent when engaged in combat.


In this article, we discuss how to walk in pokemon go without walking. We discuss several tricks and ideas and suggest Tenorshare iAnyGo as the ideal way for you to spoof locations in Pokemon Go without really leaving your current location.

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