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Tools to Improve Revenue and Productivity of Sales Team

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Almost every other company struggles with the sales productivity aspect. This issue has aggravated due to the building pressure to meet the needs of the increasing revenue targets.

Today, organizations are aiming at growing their sales teams to chase more aggressive sales goals. However, the scaling of the processes, strategies, practices, and sales tools is done simultaneously. Therefore, the sales team’s productivity continues to go downhill with every passing year.

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This article will be focusing on some of the important tools available for sales teams to increase overall productivity for the long term. But first, let’s understand the idea of sales productivity and the common challenges of meeting the sales productivity goals.

What Does Sales Productivity Mean?

Sales productivity refers to the ratio of effectiveness or outputs to the ratio of inputs or effectiveness in sales. In other words, it indicates the maximization of sales results while reducing the resources expended like effort, cost, and time on sales.

Challenges of Productivity of Sales

Based on HubSpot’s research, on average, a salesperson spends only one-third of their day carrying out the actual selling. The rest of their working hours are occupied with non-revenue generating activities. For instance, generating emails, prospecting and researching calls, entering data, attending meetings, and carrying out administrative tasks.

Another research on sales states that mediocre sales experience can cost around 3% potential earnings per sales representative in B2B companies. It may seem small but could account for millions of revenue losses.

Key Aspects of Sales Productivity

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There could be several hurdles prohibiting the sales team from giving their best. However, some of the important aspects that serve as the foundational building block for improving sales productivity are mentioned below.

  • Concentration

The distractions diverting a sales representative from its daily goals may only increase over time. Therefore, eliminating such factors from the present focus or building a specific time for the tasks in the daily schedule can help concentrate better.

  • Consistency

An essential component of an organization’s sales structure is consistency. The same sales process must be followed in general despite being unique to each sales representative.

  • Pressure reduction

The sales field is competitive in nature and adds more pressure on sales representatives and their leaders and managers to perform and attain their quotas. Obtaining low performance increases the rush to achieve the set targets every month. Therefore, re-evaluating sales quotas to present the goals as challenging yet attainable.

  • Innovating constantly

Instead of holding onto what we are working on for the time being, focus on improving the progress. The sales industry is changing at a rapid rate. Any refusal to innovate oneself is significant and can hinder a sales representative’s productivity in the long run.

Benefits of Making Use of Tools to Accelerate Sales

  • Tracking sales

The tools help track the complete sales process, beginning from lead generation to closing. In addition, it provides data relevant to and beyond the basics such as conversion rates.

It offers an in-depth of which of the members of the sales stood out and information about the functioning of the team as a whole.

  • Closing quickly

Besides tracking sales, the tools help to speed up the sales process. When a company is armed with better data, they tend to understand the customers better and take the necessary steps to meet their needs.

The tools offer support to the sales team members through notifications on behalf of the team lead. In addition, it indicates that the lead is showing interest in their performance and sold products and services.

  • Scale via automation

Most of the tools to accelerate sales have added a form of automation. It may be something simple as dialing phone numbers for sales representatives to setting reminders to contact customers or follow-up on previously-made conversations.

  • Increasing productivity

All of the aspects mentioned above lead to the factor of increased productivity. Team members of a sales team save time by not engaging in repetitive tasks or on unqualified leads with no intention to make a purchase.

It reduces their workload, offering more satisfaction and time to prepare better to meet the needs of interested clients.

Important Tools for Boosting Sales Productivity

A major part of a sales team’s time is devoted to the administrative side. Hence, there is a dire need for the sales industry to implement tools for automating unproductive and repetitive tasks.

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Put things on auto-pilot to improve the sales productivity. Let’s run through some of the popular tools that can be used to accelerate the productivity of any sales team.

  • TimeDoctor

TimeDoctor is a trusted time-tracking solution for most sales teams. It has catered to over 10,000 customers across the globe. This solution can be used in conjunction with all other technology stacks to save time, improve productivity, and reduce the need to shuffle between applications.

Its chrome extensive with salesforce integration helps to track and manage salesforce. The interface allows companies to monitor how the sales representatives are spending their working hours. In addition, it helps to review tasks that a sales team might be working on.

Companies can use the tracking information in real-time to manage their employees’ time. In addition, the team leads can view timesheets and relevant reports that indicate the productivity of all sales representatives as individuals and as a team.

Not to mention, the web and app usage reports can be used to check the applications and sites accessed by employees during work hours.

SalesBlink is an all-in-one full-stack automated sales outreacht tool to engage leads. It is designed to find targeted prospects and launch custom outreach campaigns so that you get connected to promising leads.

At the prospecting stage, it helps find the contact details of professionals thanks to its vast business database.

For the outreach stage, it helps launch personalized, multi-touch sales sequences at scale. The outreach channels involve not just email but also phone and LinkedIn connections. You can use save email templates and personalize them to get traction. SalesBlink enables image personalization. You can personalize images at scale for your outreach emails. Also, it is possible to automate follow-ups and track opens, clicks, and replies.

There is a CRM system for the closing stage to manage clients and keep track of the complete conversation history. So you get all that you need for sales automation in one place, which helps save time considerably.

Another popular tool for tracking the time of the salesforce is Tracking Time. Keep the sales team in sync to increase overall productivity in the long run. This software tool offers a vivid image of the team’s work, enhancing the services available for project management.

With the help of Tracking Time, establish good habits amongst the sales representatives and reflect on the company’s culture. Then, track the project at hand with this time tracker.

Project tracking allows companies to streamline processes to understand which task precedes another, prioritizing accordingly. It also helps identify blockers, fixes the issues, mitigate tasks, and meet necessary sales deadlines.

In short, the time tracking tool helps to move the team and the project parallelly in the right direction. Besides, Tracking Time is known for its flexible reporting engine. It may include client billing, project budgeting, productivity analytics, payroll, amongst others.

Regardless of the report at hand, this tracking tool gets any company covered. In addition, one can monitor the team’s workload by overseeing every work in progress. Finally, it measures the productivity of a sales time and monitors them in real-time.

In short, the tool professionally manages projects, working hours, and tasks set by any company. It can be made use of on the desktop or remotely on the go. It also allows iOS and Android mobile apps besides web browsers and native Mac OS X applications.

The primary aim of this tool is for companies to work by project or an order, depending on the accuracy of the timesheets. For team managers willing to get a better grip on their projects. It records working hours with convenience and measures the sales productivity periodically.

It is an online sales training platform which helps in improving productivity, visibility and accountability, risk management, employee and customer engagement of the company.

Continuous sales training helps a business by educating its sales representatives and leads on how to improve the team’s ability to make sales more effectively.

After the training program, the sales team’s output should indicate the following results- sharpened skills of sales representative and developed communication skills for better customer engagement and improved rate of closing deals.

The company’s business doesn’t need to deliver sales training by investing in the development of a custom sales training program. Instead, it can all be carried out via an online sales training platform like Digital Sales Institute.

This online sales training platform can help sales teams reach their peak selling level through the knowledge offered on core sales skills training concepts. The internals and external sales training arms sales representatives with the product value proposition and sales skills to communicate better with clients.

It is a powerful tool capable of transforming sales performance with the help of visual presentations. Images can speak thousands of words. Visme is one such visual content creation tool suitable for bloggers, entrepreneurs, and marketers to create every visual for improving marketing campaigns.

It has an easy-to-use interface with a drag and drop tool, allowing users to create remarkable presentations and infographics in minutes. One can even create a compelling data visualization, an infographic report or resume, or even a product comparison with this tool. Choose from the thousands of professionally designed templates to create the best presentation for improving sales productivity.

A great advantage of working with Visme is that it can be customized to create any digital image available on social media platforms to banners, flyers, and posters. Furthermore, it can virtually embed any content to be included in the video, survey, or quiz form. Additionally, a personalized call-to-action button can be created for lead generation on the landing page and to improve sales.

It is essentially a referral marketing software that helps scale the sales team and leaves time for high-priority tasks to improve sales productivity. It works alongside a company to generate more customers through sales. The aim is to create a popular self-feeding program.

It helps the salesforce to automate tasks, support multiple shares, convert sales, align incentives in repeat. In addition, it integrates with third-party applications like HubSpot CRM, MailChimp, Zapier, Google Analytics, Shopify to help them generate better sales.

Keeping the customer in mind, the tool streamlines and standardizes workflows. It automates meeting requests, helping users schedule demos and relevant meetings more effectively.

In short, it helps users to gather crucial customer data and tailor the sales strategy to meet each prospect while remaining genuine and accessible to the customer.

It is generally observed that sales teams are short on time. This tool can help schedule meetings and save time while actively responding to customers quickly. In addition, this promotes team members to take on better responsibilities and step in as a backup without the need to overload the meetings.

Automating team scheduling allows Referral Rock to gather crucial information and adapt its approach to every discussion throughout the sales process. This helps the company’s sales team to improve their effectiveness and productivity for the long term.

  • Tudip

It is a It service company devoted to solving issues faced by any company’s sales team. Tudip offers world-class service and is known for its innovation, security, and integrity. .

Tulip offers dedicated IT solutions to sales teams that are business-centric solutions for the web and mobiles. The focus is on providing flexible, cost-effective, and personalized services to the clients. Some of the services offered by Tudip are product engineering, Cloud and DevOps, UI/UX design and web development, IoT, and quality assurance.

To Conclude

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Effective management of a sales team begins with focusing on performance metrics. Faster sales will ultimately lead to better company profits. Next, leverage the power of sales tools and software for managing and tracking the team and its progress on the field.

Due to the pressure to meet the exceeding quotas, several sales leaders and representatives within a team may struggle with productivity in sales. In addition, with the sales team transitioning to remote selling, the team managers have limited time to have face-to-face conversations with their representatives.

This may put more risk on sales than before. Sales executives must therefore focus on using the tools mentioned above to increase sales and productivity of the sales team.

Kossi Adzo is the editor and author of He is software engineer. Innovation, Businesses and companies are his passion. He filled several patents in IT & Communication technologies. He manages the technical operations at

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