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Top 50 Best Invoicing and Estimate Apps for iPhone and iPad



Invoicing and estimate apps

Creating and managing invoices as a freelancer or small business can be a big challenge because it’s hectic and consumes a lot of your time.  Unfortunately, it’s an unavoidable task because your business depends on these payments.

Invoice maker apps are designed to simplify invoice making process.  The App Store is brimming with tons of invoice and quote apps to make your life easier.  But not all invoicing and quote solutions are equal.  These apps are available for download based on your budget, how complex the invoices are, and any other special needs.

While there are thousands of invoicing applications for iPhone and iPad, the best ones cost you money.  However, are free invoicing and quote solutions that you can consider as well.

Let’s get started.

Invoice Maker: Estimate App: The app allows businesses to create invoices and estimates within seconds, anywhere, anytime.  You can use its built-in invoice template, customize it, save frequently-used line items, set up clients directly from your phone contact list, use a pre-built receipt template to generate receipts, deliver the invoice via email, or print.  Invoice Maker: Estimate App allows you to add notes and access advanced features when you subscribe.

QuickBooks Accounting: The invoicing app is one of the most useful applications for small businesses.  It offers many features, including a real-time dashboard to track expenses, payments, and invoices.  You can automate recurring invoices and integrate this app with your bank account.  Indeed QuickBooks Accounting app has an intuitive user interface and dashboard that allows you to track all your paid and unpaid invoices.  Another important feature is that this accounting app shows how your bills impact your business’s financial condition.

Invoice Simple, Estimate Maker: This invoice maker app is fast and efficient.  You can send estimates to your clients, track invoices, customize invoices, etc.  The app is designed to simplify the process of creating and managing invoices.  You can receive notifications through the app, which keeps you updated on the status of the payments.

Invoice Maker, Estimate Billdu: Professionals and small businesses use Billdu invoice maker to create estimates and quotes as well as convert them to invoices.  Its expense manager keeps track of your expenses and scans and adds bills.  You can add this multiple-user app to your account to synchronize and access the data on different devices.  It also highlights unpaid invoices to help remind clients and easily follow up on the payments.  The app has many useful features and unlimited customization options to help you create unique templates by adding signatures, company logos, etc.  Your clients have a chance to rate your work via the invoice.

FreshBooks Accounting: The app began as an invoice-making app before venturing into different financial services.  Even so, the invoice app offers top-notch features like invoice customization that allows you to add your company logo.  You can remind your clients about unpaid invoices from the app and request them to make payments.  You can operate your business from anywhere as long as you have this mobile phone on your iOS device.

Invoice2go: Easy Invoice maker: The invoice maker app allows you to create accurate invoices, track them and send reminders to aid early payment.  You can also take a photo of the receipt using your phone.  The app supports credit and debit card transfers, KashFlow, and Apple Pay payments.  The app has a clean dashboard that displays charts and graphs, allows users to generate up to 13 different types of reports like expense and sales and export expense and sales reports, and supports over 45 currencies.

Tiny Invoice – Estimate Maker: The on-the-go invoicing solution is ideal for freelancers, contractors, small businesses, etc.  The invoice app has several customizable templates to help create professional estimates and invoices with a few clicks.  You can create intuitive reports to track expenses and customize invoices and estimates with your business logo and signatures.  It also has tons of advanced features to manage payments.

Invoice Maker by NorthOne: The invoice maker app enables companies to create invoices in a few minutes.  This app is free to download and use and has no subscriptions or hidden costs.  You can also easily track overdue payments and send reminders with a few clicks.  Further, you can send it directly to the client from the platform and generate professional PDF invoices.

Wave Invoicing: The leading invoicing app is free and suitable for startups, consultants, freelance professionals, and small businesses with less than 10 employees.  The app simplifies the accounting and invoicing process and eliminates distractions when monitoring expenses, tracking payments, and managing taxes and employees.  Wave invoicing is compatible with iOS devices, and you can pay your team from any location worldwide as long as you have the internet.

Simple Receipt Maker App – Moon: The all-in-one invoicing and billing app for enterprises, consultants, contractors, and freelancers.  You can create and manage your invoices with a lot of efficiencies, generate business reports, etc.  Simple Receipt Maker is a reliable, fast, and highly convenient app.  It has multi-productive functionalities and cutting-edge features.

Invoice Maker PRO: The app is ideal for cleaners, construction workers, freelancers, small business owners, etc.  The easy invoice app enables you to create professional invoices in just a few steps.  So you can create, track and send invoices, quotes, estimates, POs, receipts, and timesheets from your iOS devices.  Invoice Maker PRO keeps your accounting and finances organized.

Xero Accounting: The app allows users to create invoices on the go, customize them with the company logo, set payment terms in invoices, create invoice layouts for future use and customize the fields.  You can use the app to accept payments directly from your client.  Include a “pay now” button to facilitate one-click payment to your online invoices.  The app lets you merge multiple invoices into a single PDF document and send it by email.  It also allows you to confirm whether your clients have viewed their invoices.

Invoice ASAP, Invoicing: Most businesses use Invoice ASAP because it’s the best invoicing and field service tool.  The app is loaded with valuable features.  It stores invoices and estimates securely on the cloud, syncs them with QuickBooks for PC, and allows you to customize them to look more professional.  You can also attach photos to your invoice when you use this app.

Zoho Invoice: This is the best invoice app for iOS because it offers outstanding invoice-creating, categorizing expenses, time, and bills tracking features.  Additionally, you can track the payment status of your clients.  Users with a non-accounting background can easily use the app because it has a user-friendly payment status.  Further, the app has a commendable invoicing feature that enables you to create and send beautiful quotes and invoices template that can impress clients.  Using AirPrint, users can download or print invoices and estimates in PDF forms.  Unlike other iOS invoice apps, you can use Zoho Invoice in different locations because it supports the creation of invoices in multiple currencies and languages.

Bonsai Time tracker & Invoices: The app was designed for contract workers, freelancers, etc.  Bonsai handles nearly all invoice-related matters, including expense management, time tracking, etc.  It offers a sleek, minimal, and easy-to-use user interface.  You can use the mobile app or the web to track time and expenses.  Additionally, you can send invoices and attach expenses and timesheets.  The platform allows users to invite collaborators and give them limited access and functionality in specific projects.  It offers a friendly dashboard where users can view and manage all account activity, including total expenses, income, profit, pending payments, overdue, etc.  You can find an event timeline on the dashboard that visually represents expenses.

Invoicera: Some users want to showcase their creativity when creating invoices.  The Invoicera app allows you to customize your invoice based on your business needs.  Its custom workflow management feature will enable you to set different invoice creation aspects that suit you the best.  The easy-to-use app lets users create accurate invoices in under 3 minutes using its pre-designed invoice templates and in-house approval process.  Further, you can review the status of your invoices in real-time as well as convert them into PDF files.

Indy Freelancer Tools: Small businesses and self-employed people use this all-in-one management software to manage their invoices.  You can easily create invoices and receive payments using the Indy Invoice Generator because it’s integrated with trusted online payment solutions.  Additionally, you can use the time tracker tool to link working hours to an invoice.  The app puts all the data in a single platform to help you in freelancing business management.

Spark Invoice Maker: The all-in-one invoice app has intuitive features designed to generate your invoice from your iPhone in a few minutes.  You can also create quotes and turn them into invoices.  Other features include building an item list, adding discounts, editing taxation, and changing currencies with a few clicks.

Invoicely: The iPhone invoice app gives you appropriately placed user interface buttons for the dashboard, bills, invoices, and reports.  You can manage inventory, including changing item details such as name, pricing, or quantity in real-time.  Also, transactions are connected to each employee.  This simplifies the commissions and reconciliation when using the app.  Therefore, Invoicely lets you create paperless transactions, give feedback in the form of analytics and reports, and keep track of finances.

Invoiceberry:  The app enables you to manage and accept online transactions through its end-to-end solution.  Invoiceberry has several billing models designed for all fast-growing businesses.  You can embed a simple checkout using a single JS line, generate optimized reports that give you in-depth insights, use payment options such as Amex Express, Alipay, Apple Pay, and Amex Express Checkout, as well as customize your payment forms.

Swift Invoice: The beautifully designed app allows you to create clear-cut invoices and estimates for free.  It has many features and is thus ideal for business owners, contractors, and freelancers.  With the Swift Invoice app, you can track your invoices, record expenses, and costs, manage the inventory, and add images, signatures, and notes.  You can also confirm clients’ balances or unpaid amounts and use the information to create client statements.  The app syncs data across devices; thus, you can download updated invoices anywhere, anytime.

Kashflow: The eCommerce platform helps individuals and companies to receive and make payments without revealing financial information.  It converts quotes to invoices and generates and sends customized invoices to customers.  Further, this online accounting software uses bank-level technology to secure transactions between vendors and customers.  You can make international payments and use the pre-built templates and customization option.

Invoice Ninja: Freelancers and business owners with complex needs can use this excellent invoice creation app to manage up to 100 clients and generate unlimited invoices.  The app has advanced features such as auto-billing, time tracking, and direct payment integration with more than 40 gateways.  Further, Invoice Ninja accepts deposits and partial payments, and you can serve unlimited clients on this app when you upgrade to $10 each month.  Other advanced features include access to a custom Invoice Ninja URL that lets your clients view and pay their invoices, up to 10 professional invoice templates, the option to create custom invoices, auto-reminder emails, etc.

Akaunting: The app allows small businesses and freelancers to create invoices, track expenses and handle their accounting needs from their browser.  It’s an open-source app you can download and host on the web server.  Some of the Akaunting notable features include inventory tracking for sales, billable expenses, unlimited clients and invoices, direct payment for invoices, dynamic reports, per-client discounts, complete accounting with transfers and deposits with bank accounts, etc.

Invoice Bee Estimate Maker 2Go: The free invoice maker app generates invoices and quotes and sends the invoices to the client via the app.  It has a page that is purely dedicated to the monitoring of invoices.  It organizes estimates, invoices, and client lists, making it easy to view transactions.  It manages third-party payments and allows you to include any fee on the invoice, and send friendly reminders to prevent overdue payments.

Invoice Maker $ Receipt Keeper: The app allows businesses to create and send invoices, track all paid, unpaid, and overdue bills, etc.  You can customize your invoices and send them on the go, create a template and add a preferred payment method.  The app regularly updates its exchange rates and previews all invoices before you click the send button.

Joist App for Contractors: The app estimates, invoice, manage projects, and collect payments from anywhere, at any time.  Joist app readily accepts payments online, which saves your time, eliminates unnecessary trips to the site, and gets you paid faster.  The app gives your client detailed and professional quotes, lets you customize client’s invoices with your logo, and send it with a few clicks.  Businesses can automate their bookkeeping by integrating the app with Quickbooks Online accounts, thus syncing joist jobs and clients.  Contractors can store their client data securely on one platform and access it from the web or mobile devices.

Square Invoices: Invoice Maker: Businesses of all sizes can use Square Invoices to send digital invoices and estimates, send reminders, track invoices, and accept payments from anywhere.  The app allows clients to pay online using their phone with Apple Pay, ACH bank transfer, Google Pay, credit card, or Afterpay to buy and pay later.  The Square Customer Directory lets companies know their customers better and manages their business from a single platform.  That means you can send professional estimates and contracts and use reporting and cash flow management tools to stay on track.

EasyInvoice: The all-in-one invoicing solution enables small businesses to create professional-looking estimates, invoices, and reports on the web or mobile.  Further, online invoices enable businesses to receive money on time and chase overdue payments.  You can select its ready-to-use templates and use your corporate colors to give the invoice a professional look.  Additionally, the app offers reusable estimates, invoice reminders, and a complete stock overview in one location.

InvoiceNow: It’s a simple and less costly mobile app that lets small businesses create professional invoices and estimates with just a few clicks.  You can select the customer, item, or quantity you want to invoice from a single screen in your app.  Also, the app allows you to add transaction dates, discounts, and taxes, while it automatically adds the rest for you.  Further, InvoiceNow has partnered with Stripe to enable its users to accept credit and debit cards, thus giving their customers extra payment options and improving the chances of getting paid on time.  The app lets you track your clients’ service appointments and turn them into invoices.

Street Invoice: The easy-to-use app allows businesses to create and send estimates, quotes, and invoices via email and text.  It can also send out automatic statements, thus saving time and getting paid on time.  Street Invoice wants small businesses to send their invoices with the same professionalism as established enterprises.  You can customize the invoice with your company logo, colors, purchase order numbers, tax rates, item list, invoice terms, multiple pricing levels, and more.  Additionally, you can access customized and printable reports and dashboards showing sales, profits, and receivables.

Bill Business Payments: The app enables companies to run their business with greater confidence and control by automating their payables, receivables, spending, and expenses.  It offers greater transparency into your finances which helps you make better business decisions and save time.  The platform accelerates the approval process by customizing approval policies, and approval workflows and bills get approved from anywhere.  Further, you can get paid through flexible payment options, including international payments, virtual cards, credit cards, ACH, wires, and checks.

Invoice Home: The app provides 100 beautifully designed templates to help you create custom invoices and personalize them using your logo, send them as a PDF via email or print, and receive payment via credit card, debit card, or PayPal.  The software saves customer data and documents on a cloud-based, more secure platform than storing them on an external hard drive or computer.

Housecall Pro: The app targets home service professionals who want to create estimates, send invoices, and get paid.  Housecall Pro improves scheduling, dispatching invoices as well as payment collection.  The solution reduces paperwork and admin tasks.  The easy-to-use app has the best features to help you manage your business efficiently.

Clio: This is legal software for clients, billing, cases, etc.  It helps you create custom bills or automate payment plans with a few clicks.  You can send the invoices to your clients via the secure client portal or email.  It instantaneously accepts eCheck payments, credit cards, and debit cards with click-to-pay links.

Time Tracker: eBillity owns this time tracking for client billing, payroll, and productivity.  You can convert the time and expenses into invoices in 3 clicks, customize them with your logo and colors, and send them from anywhere.

Marketing 360: The platform that lets businesses manage their invoices and subscriptions.  You can set up payments, link the app to your bank account, accept payments online, card-present payments or in person, create subscription plans, send invoices, and launch your online store.  Clients can pay you from anywhere when you use Marketing 360.

TimeCamp: The app helps businesses such as marketing agencies, IT and software houses, designers, and accounting firms with billing and invoicing, project budgeting, productivity tracking, attendance reporting, etc.  Its time tracker records billable time, turns the data into invoices, exports the document, and emails the clients.  The software allows you to manage unlimited projects, give access to unlimited users and integrate with over 70 other tools for better performance.  Managers can create accurate resource estimates of their projects.

Hubstaff: This productivity platform is ideal for businesses that want to track time, workforce, and project management.  You can integrate Hubstaff with more than 40 business apps and generate reports to see your company’s billable hours and their impact on revenue.

BigTime: This is an intuitive billing and invoicing software that businesses use to handle any situation.  You can leverage standard billing models and customize your project’s invoices with your logo, company colors, address, etc., or configure them according to clients’ needs.  BigTime integrates with accounting software such as Sage Intacct and QuickBooks.  Other features include time and expense tracking, project management and workflows, resource management, payment processing, reporting, analytics, etc.

Paymo: The app allows businesses to manage projects, invoice their clients, track work time, measure profitability, etc.  The invoicing software enables you to estimate like a pro and track billable hours and expenses.  You can convert your unbilled time into invoices and automate payments.  Also, you can customize invoices to reflect your brand better by adding your company logo add a personalized thank you note, which helps you to leave a lasting impression and stand out from the competition.  Still, you can edit existing temples with CSS/HTML.

Flowlu: The application helps businesses with financial management and invoicing.  It automates the estimate and invoice generations, provides analysis and reports, optimizes your expenses, manages multiple accounts, and increases your profits.  Other functions include customer relationship management, collaboration, project management, and more.

Avaza: The seamless, all-in-one platform enables teams to collaborate on projects, track time, schedule resources, manage expenses, invoice customers, chat, and more.  You can create professional invoices with a few clicks, convert estimates into invoices, customize invoice branding and format, get paid faster online and save time creating recurring invoices.

CosmoLex: The cloud software was designed to handle legal practice management, legal billing and payments, and law office accounting.  Its built-in payment processing, CosmoLexPay, makes it easier to get paid.  You can also improve your cash flow without compliance worries.  The app has no hidden costs or monthly fees and offers competitive processing rates.

Replicon: This is a unified time-tracking software that eliminates manual time-tacking.  It leverages technology such as AI, which tracks a hybrid workforce across all its work apps.  It also tracks project time to ensure accurate costing and billing.  Other features include real-time project updates, configurable data validation, GPS time tracking, invoicing, productivity dashboards, multi-currency billing, and advanced analytics.

ThryV: The small business management software is an end-to-end platform that enables service businesses to process ACH and credit card payments.  It automates recurring payments, QuickBooks integration, client-side convenience fees, automatically scheduled payments, etc.

Webexpenses: The expense management software automates employees’ expense tracking, invoice processing, reconciliation, etc.  The Google-Vision Powered OCR enables you to snap a receipt to build claims with a few clicks.  Your financial teams can use drag-and-drop reporting to manage expenses and increase visibility.  You can work seamlessly on the desktop or app and integrate the Webexpenses system with existing ERP to ensure seamless data exchange. Small businesses and accounting firms use the app to pay bills, collect payments, manage employee expenses, etc.  You can get paid fast through flexible payment options, including credit cards, virtual cards, wires, checks, ACH, and international payments.  Further, creating and sending invoices has been made easy.  You can choose a template, customize your invoice, send it by email on the spot, or schedule to send it late, reuse the template and track your invoices.

Powered Now: The app automates processes to eliminate paperwork.  It allows easy invoicing and quoting, processing credit and debit cards, handling expenses, purchasing orders and costs, and supporting Xero integration.  You can work anywhere because Powered Now is available as an app or online web.

Billage: The easy-to-use and intuitive app enables businesses to create invoices quickly and predict their cash flow.  The online, project, and client management software targets consultants, lawyers, agencies, and service companies.  These companies can connect the app with the bank and perform reconciliation quickly.


Why are Invoice Apps Important to Businesses?

Invoice-making apps help businesses manage their payments.  It enables them to create and manage invoices and track and send reminders to customers who have yet to pay.  Therefore, invoice apps are vital tools for companies of all sizes because they help them run their businesses smoothly.

Can I Use an Invoice as a Receipt?

No.  An invoice is a document businesses send to request payment for goods and services they supply.  It is therefore issued before payment is made.  On the other hand, receipts are given as a prod of the transaction after payment is received.


Businesses of different sizes can use reputable and professional invoicing and estimate apps for the iPhones and iPads mentioned above.  Since the list of these apps is endless, you must evaluate each before signing up.  Doing so will help you select the best invoicing and estimate app for your business.

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