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Top Lead Generation Tools for Agency Owners

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Top Lead Generation Tools for Agency Owners

For most agency owners and marketers whether small time or big time, generating leads is an essential aspect in increasing sales. From a marketer’s point of view, increasing leads means increasing brand awareness which is important if you want your products and services to get known by your target clients and customers.

Apparently, being able to build up your lead generation tool might be challenging but once you crack up the code, the results are rewarding. Not only will you have a better opportunity to be more selective on who you work with but you can also maximize your leads and profits.

Thus, in this article, we will be talking about some of the top lead generation tools that you can consider to convert more leads and hopefully more income.

What Makes a Good Lead Generating Tool?

A good lead-generating tool is a software that must be able to meet your goals and objectives in a cost-effective and less-hassle way. Thus, you must always check its usability whether you can use and share data through it on different platforms and landing websites.

Aside from that, you should also consider the pricing of your tool especially if you only have minimal assets. Ensure that you are getting all the features that you need with the amount you are paying. Still, keep in mind that not all software will continue to provide you with the same features. As time goes by, they will limit their features or most probably, they will raise the cost of their service to continue using them.

With this, you must see to it that you understand the pricing and the inclusion of the software so you will know how to manage your expenses as your business develops.

Different Lead Generating Tools

Today, due to the increasing competition among several industries, modern businesses have started to rely on tools to be able to generate leads from various channels. Thus, here are some of the top lead generating tools available in the online market.

Different Lead Generating Tools

Lead Data Collection

Leadfeeder is a visitor tracking software that allows you to track down which companies have visited your website (with their details and contact information visible), other page visitors and how long they stayed in your website, pages your visitor checked in before landing on your website, and many more.

Leadfeeder is mainly designed for digital marketers to generate leads. Their plan starts with $55 per month after 14 days of free trial.

Email Lookup Tools

Building up your prospect lists to market is the initial step towards targeting the right clients. is an email finding platform that does this. It is basically designed to automate your email lists and engage across  multiple channels.

It helps you source emails easily and be able to chain down emails, calls, social interactions, and tasks in various channels to reach a wide range of markets.

Sales engagement platforms

There are several sales engagement platforms and tools available in the online market that can help your sales team, but if you are an agency owner managing many clients at once, then AirborneApp is the way to go.

With Airborne, you can easily manage your business’s workflow in a snap. Juggling one client per client has never been easier and hassle-free with this software. You only need to log in and get your work done with just a click.

Airborne features everything you would need from automating your tasks, personalizing emails and LinkedIn accounts, creating global templates, managing multiple clients, and customizing rules to generating leads. This is why many winning agencies choose to work with Airborne – because it was designed for the needs of every client!

Social Media Forums

Whenever you have queries and concerns, one of the famous search engines that you can rely on is Quora. Quora is a huge social media forum that generally provides more insights than any other platform. It is where most people interact to create awareness of a certain product, service, company, or a certain topic.

Since Quora collects and retains previous answers made by the community members, it is helpful not only to the present questioner but also to future visitors.

Live Chat Software Tools

Live chat software allows you to engage with your prospective customers even when you are not present at the moment. It is important to note that most live chat software tools are found on the company’s official website. However, with the help of special software tools such as OmniChat, you can be able to do live chats on multiple channels.

Landing Page Lead Generation Tool

Landing page lead generation tools are useful when you are trying to lead your visitors to your page in the hopes of gaining more traffic. Thus, for most digital marketers, Unbounce is one of the most helpful tools that aid them to do this job.

Unbounce is a famous landing page creator that features pre-built templates. Here, you can duplicate your most famous landing pages easily in bulk without wasting too much time and effort.

Custom-built landing pages like Unbounce do not require coding skills which is why they are one of the best types of lead generating tools you could ever purchase.

Landing Page Lead Generation Tool

LinkedIn Automation

With LinkedHelper’s automation tools, you can be able to build connections, send email invites, and generate leads. The method is simple. You just need to combine your LinkedIn Sales Navigator with the LinkedIn Helper and you can already access many of its features which include:

  • Building of target mail lists
  • Building of an auto-mailing system to other LinkedIn Group Members
  • Being able to get several associates through sending invites personally to second and third contacts
  • Improving your profile by automation of target associates

Text Message Marketing Tool

We all know that everyone is into their cellphones nowadays and by far, SMS has the highest rate of engagement among other forms of media. Thus, text message marketing is one of the most popular and most effective forms of lead generation because it reaches your audience more easily.

Using the MobileMonkey OmniChat technology, you can better reach and engage with your audience in real-time. In fact, your response time in SMS is 90 seconds which is significantly faster than the average business email of 90 minutes.


These were the top tools we recommend that lead generation agencies owners need to be using. If you want to book more appointments, get more demo requests, and close more deals, check out the tools above.


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