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Top UI Trends to Improve User Experience



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The visual image on the site or in the mobile application plays an important role for the average user. Like fashion trends, each year website and app development experts focus on the hottest innovations. You can use these ideas for your own brand, as they have a positive effect on customer acquisition and satisfaction. If you are interested in designing websites that sell and are looking for a reliable UI & UX Design agency in San Francisco to bring your ideas to life, then this article is for you. You will learn about current UI and UX trends.

Top UI Trends in Web Design

In order not to lose customers, the reputation and profit of the company, as well as to maintain the image and increase sales, it is necessary to make a good impression on the Internet. One way to do this is to develop an interesting and beautiful portal interface. Let’s look at the best current trends that will allow you to achieve these goals.


Illustrations as part of the UI help to distinguish the product from its own kind. They can be hand drawn or digitally drawn. They can be done in 3D or two-dimensional. Of course, the aesthetics of the illustrations are also very different.

For static pages, it is recommended to use illustrations with motion design integration. Animated characters will help increase the level of user interaction as well as the level of interactivity. Ideally, characters should evoke emotions in the user and create a favorable impression.

The creation and placement of illustrations must be well-planned. Illustrations should enhance the user experience without slowing down the application or platform.

If everything is done correctly, the quality of the user experience will improve and the conversion rate will increase.

2.Motion and animation.

The addition of custom animations and transitions is part of a design trend dubbed Motion UI. Animation can be used to highlight navigation elements, as well as indicate their location and relationship. Animated transitions between different screens or sections can help users navigate an app or website better.

In addition, animation is used to tell the story of a brand or product. For example, an animation triggered by scrolling encourages the user to read the information further.

However, it is important to remember that the animation should be balanced, restrained, and maintain the functionality of the interface. Animation that is too intense or redundant can cause distraction and negatively impact the user experience.

2.Font emphasis.

The central place of typography in user interface trends is explained by the fact that it not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the site but also conveys meaning. In cases where the main purpose of typography is aesthetic, animation, rotation, twisting, and non-standard division of words into lines are acceptable. Designing with custom typography requires careful planning.

3.Dynamic color palette.

This idea involves an invitation for the user to change the color palette of the interface. The user can choose a palette with certain colors, tones, and fonts. This idea was first introduced by Google in the Material You solution.

4.Dark themes.

Dark backgrounds contrast well with bright interface elements such as text, images, and icons. This allows you to create a clearer distinction between elements and provide better readability of the content. In some cases, a bright white background may be dazzling or cause discomfort to the eyes, especially when the device is used for a long time.

In addition, this interface design model allows you to save battery power on mobile devices. Globally, the trend towards the spread of dark themes has emerged as a response to an increase in the time that the user spends behind the screen. When developing a site or application that requires the user’s attention for a long time, dark mode is highly desirable.

UI/UX Design Trends For AR/VR

Trends associated with the development of virtual and augmented reality technologies require non-standard approaches from interface developers and the rejection of standard user interaction through the screen.

Now in the field of interface development, this area is dominated by an approach aimed at maximizing the synergy of interaction with both the digital and the material world. Real-world elements that can be interacted with and that can be integrated into digital mechanics are fixed in the screen area. The user must be guided by the surrounding physical environment and position the camera in a certain way.

Interface Design For Foldable Smartphones

Advances in technology have breathed new life into foldable smartphones. An excellent example would be the Z-flip model from Samsung. Looking at them, other manufacturers hurried to compete in this market, which means that soon the competition will spread to the software area.

So far, there are no interface design trends for foldable smartphones, since there is no market as such. However, with the release of Android 12, Google set the boundary conditions and technical limitations within which the design will take place.

Inclusive Design

One of the tasks of interface design is to make it as accessible as possible, and also leave a positive feeling for a person after using a site, program, or application.

Currently, one of the trends in interface design has become inclusivity: language, race, and others. The main emphasis should be on benevolent neutrality and the absence of repulsive elements.

Unusual Images

The use of bright, unusual, memorable images was included in the list of interface design trends. The appearance of elements that blur the line between the imaginary and the real help to distinguish projects from others.

Final Thoughts

There are always new ideas and concepts emerging in the field of UI design, and every year new trends can emerge, which are reinforced by advances in technology and changing user preferences. If you are looking for a reliable UI & UX Design Agency in San Francisco that keeps track of design trends and creates new ones, we recommend that you contact Dworkz. Since 2004, the company has been providing design services for websites and applications that meet user requirements and contribute to sustainable business development.


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