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Virtual event: A perfect solution for large gathering during a health crisis



Virtual event

The health crisis surrounding COVID-19 continues to disrupt many professions. Social distancing is indeed very difficult to apply in certain trades, and this so in the event sector. The pandemic is still with us and so event agencies must be innovative in order to continue to organize events for their clients.

Fortunately, organizing events virtually is the only way of holding seminars, conferences and a large number of business events. Why so? continue reading for more information.

A continuing health crisis

Even with increased vaccination campaigns, physical distancing must be maintained to limit the spread of the virus. Most governments have not loosened the Covid-19 restrictions pertaining to large gatherings and even in most companies, their employees have continued to work at home in order to respect the social distancing directive.

Since the start of the pandemic, it has been difficult to organize events for clients, a conference, a seminar, a trade fair or even a grand prize. Indeed, the very essence of these events is to bring together a large number of people to help them interact and network. This was no longer possible and so event organizers had to switch to organizing virtual events.

The virtual event, an interesting solution in times of health crisis, and even after

With the health crisis, tools such as are the solution so that event professionals can continue to organize events for their clients. Digital solutions often provide answers to a wide range of problems in the world of business. The tools have made it possible to continue holding conferences, seminars or even fairs (and exhibitors).

With a good internet connection, a computer with a webcam an event organizer can successfully move the entire event online.

The video conferencing platforms have made it easy for a large audience to hold a meeting, display visuals, share screens, create breakout rooms, chat and more.

If the mission of event agencies is to organize a forum where different exhibitors make presentations, then the exhibitor webinar is the perfect solution because it’s a digital event where each exhibitor can be put forward and present their products, solutions or projects.

Event software is an efficient tool that offers interesting solutions such as the ability to register an event, generate a list of attendees, upload tickets or send invitations.

Organizing virtual events is now possible thanks to innovation and so event organizing professionals can now continue working for their clients during this health crisis.

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